What the postman brought me…

Over the past week I’ve been getting some great stuff from the postman! Now all my packages are in and I’m very pleased with my recent acquisitions.

On the top right corner you’ll see one of Sorceress Cagliastro’s Blood Sorcery Bibles. It’s one of only 30 hand bound, hand written grimiores explaining some of her techniques in blood sorcery and necromancy that she hints about on her show. When I first saw her talking about them Hela practically screamed at me “BUY THIS NOW”. I have to say after reading through it I now have a much healthier respect for what she does, and necromancy in general. The chapter on Self Vivisection alone made me realize this stuff is for the truly dedicated.  I’ll be slowly working through this material and taking it very seriously.

On the bottom right you’ll see my bobcat skull, which arrived broken in 3 pieces (thanks to Sarah & my friend John should he be reading, for suggesting the use of a hot glue gun). Now it’s all fixed up. I’ll be making this into a fetish for my familiar spirit, who we shall just call E. You see, E. has been one of my most treasured spirit companions who’s help I am truly grateful for. I’ll be painting up the skull to serve as a proper vessel for him in the near future to repay his efforts.

On the top left is my new crane bag (actually a black powder bag, “re-purposed”) with an elk horn button and below that is a matching elk horn riflemans dagger which will be my new ritual blade dedicated to Old Horny. I’ve been searching for a crane bag for a long long time, but nothing I saw “did it” for me. This pair really cried out for me to take them home. The best part is, the bag has a built in sheath to hold the dagger as so:

I got some ribbing from a friend about buying what amounts to a spiritual purse, but hopefully a spiritual purse with a 6 inch blade attached to it will be manly enough to ward off any would be hecklers. I’m hoping to make good use of both of them out in the field this spring, before I turn into a pumpkin on the Summer Solstice (ie, when the twins are due).

Just wanted to share, thanks for reading!

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10 Responses to What the postman brought me…

  1. Such droolworthy awesomeness! Glad you got your skull all fixed up too! I need to get a hot glue gun so I can fix up a few of mine.

    I’ve been listening to Cagliastro’s podcast when I package orders but didn’t know she had written books until reading your post – awesome!

    • Seillean says:

      Thanks! I had interestingly just found my hot glue gun a few days earlier, all packed away from long ago. Good timing 🙂 Thanks for the tip, it worked wonders.

      Yeah I’ve enjoyed Cagliastro’s podcast as well. I was very impressed by this book. I plan to get my feet wet with it at least, but it will be awhile before I’m ready for most of it, I’ll freely admit.

  2. Scylla says:

    That style of bag, oddly enough, is just about the most useful style possible. The rounded corners are very easy to clean debris out of, if/when something explodes.

    Lovely finds!

  3. Eardcwēn says:

    Oh, pretty new ritual tools! The dagger and crane bag are a perfect match! They both look practical and sturdy, too!

    • Seillean says:

      Thanks Eardcwen! Yeah that’s one of the things I liked about them both. Good sturdy leather and elk horn!

  4. Noni says:

    Oh wow. I especially like the crane bag, it looks snazzy with the elk horn button. 😀

  5. The Swamp Witch says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

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