Day 1: Why Druidry?

Why Druidry? That’s a million dollar question. I wish I could answer that, I really do, but everything I write ultimately falls short. In the end, it’s because its the path that feeds my soul the most and that’s really the best answer I can give. I’ve tried to leave, multiple times in fact, but something about Druidry, some undefinable quality I cant put my finger on always draws me back.  It simply feels like the place I should be and I’ve stopped questioning it. I often say I didn’t choose this path, it chose me. These days I don’t worry so much “Should I be a Druid” or not, but “How can I be a better Druid?”.

However, I can’t really answer sufficiently the question “Why Druidry” but I can answer what Druidry means to me so that is what I shall concentrate on in this post.

What is Druidry about to me then? What is it that draws me?

Druidry is a connection to the natural world and a recognition of it’s sacredness. To me the natural world is sacred and I experience divinity manifest through it. I recognize the realms of Earth, Sea, and Sky bound together by a unifying flame that runs through all beings. My worship does not take place at a designated indoor temple or at a specific time or place. With Druidry, no matter where I am my temple is no farther from me than the nearest door or window and I worship whenever my heart is moved to, even silently.

Druidry is a path of daily spirituality. To so many people “religion” is something you do occasionally, on weekends or during Sabbats or when around other religious people and left on the doorstep at all other times in favor of the mundane world. I believe that true spirituality is inseparable from daily life. There is no mundane vs spiritual, only Life. Every aspect of ones life can have a spiritual dimension no matter how small. Spirituality is not an escape from the real world, it  enhances and enriches it. Even if I do not perform ritual for months I am no less a Druid for it, as there are a million tiny things I can do throughout the day to remind me of the spiritual dimension.

Druidry is a personal path and life long quest. To me Druidry is not a religion of the book nor is it revealed by another higher spiritual power or earthly authority (even the various druid orders that teach it only have their piece of the elephant). It is a religion of evolving personal experience. My path is not your path, and to lavishly follow the words or truth of another would be debilitating. My own path is revealed continually as I actively engage it and as I learn from the natural world and my guides. My path is not static, it is dynamic and forever changing as I shed light on the darkness around me to reveal more of it, and as it in turn reveals more of me to myself. It is a life long quest, not a destination, just a love of the journey.

Druidry is a path of study. To me the Druidic path is one of dedication to continual learning. Learning and study is at the core of my Druid path. Science, religion, ecology, psychology, geometry, mythology, magic, politics, all of these things and more are avenues in which I have investigated in the study of Druidry. My teachers are books, other travelers along the path, personal experience, the gods and spirits, my adversaries, and myself. As a Druid I commit myself to a life of continual learning and study knowing that if I were to stop learning I would wither on the branch. Being a Druid is a commitment to a lifetime of learning for it’s own sake.

Druidry is about engaging the unseen world. Being a Druid is having a connection to the “otherworld”. I believe there is more to this world than is seen by the eye and that we can and should interact with this world. Druids traditionally were seen as intermediaries between this world and the unseen world and I seek to embody this in my own practice. Magic, spirit work, trance, etc all fall into this category. Not “real” you say? Reality is so much more flexible than what most people believe.  My reality is no less real to me than the physical world is to the staunch “realist”. There is no such thing as reality, only varying shades of perception.

Druidry is not a path of believing it is a path of listening. I listen to myself in meditation, I listen to the natural world around me in stillness. I know that belief is irrelevant, and I am aware that what I think or believe at any given moment is most likely not a product of my true self but a product of the temperature, hormones, chemicals I’ve ingested, whatever book or TV show I watched last, what ideas I have been exposed to, who I am trying to impress, if I am hungry or thirsty, if I am angry or content, dependent on my last meal or drink, or my stress level. Only by listening to my self in mediation or to the natural world when out in it can I realize my true mind and shut out these external influences.

These are just a few basic principles that guide my own druid path but by no means all-inclusive. I am a Druid because simply that is what I am. It’s where I feel most at home, and it’s the path that resonates with my own world outlook the closest.

I’m closing this with Damh the Bards 7 gifts of Druidry because I think it also summs up things rather nicely. Oh, and because it’s beautiful and I like the song 🙂

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5 Responses to Day 1: Why Druidry?

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  2. aynfean says:

    Yay you’re posting! I’ve been subscribed to your blog since I read your post about the Morrigan and have been waiting for you to post again. Looking forward to reading more.

    Loved this post. Although I don’t consider myself a Druid I would say I’m heavily influenced by what I have gathered to be some of the core beliefs. I’ve always appreciated the nature-centricness of it, combined with how it’s a lifestyle, not something done on specific days at specific times.

    Can’t wait to see what you write for the rest of it!

  3. jennthesoothsayer says:

    brilliant. to know you is to understand why you walk the path. that is, if one can say “know you” by a few paragraphs! but you’ve really summed it up beautifully. thank you.

  4. jennthesoothsayer says:

    p.s. i love damh’s 7 gifts as well. i sob like an ass every time i watch/listen…

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