Autumn Critters

Todau while on my walk enjoying some of the last nice weather of the season I saw the following critters. First off these little black “ducks” caught my eye. I’ve been walking this lake all summer and have never seen their like before. There had to be hundreds of them. A quick bit of google-fu and I found out their not really ducks at all but, American Coots. Really awesome little birds. How cool is that?

On my way back I ran into this little guy, a musk rat. I happen to really like musk rats. I don’t really have a totem animal, but if I did I’d choose one of these. I see them often and just love watching them go about their business, seemingly without caring what anyone thinks. No one else seemed to notice him, which perhaps was the best for him. Last time I ran into one it was a baby. A college age couple behind me notice him and their conversation was as follows:

Girl: Whats that?

Boy: I think it’s a rat.

Girl: It’s huge! How disgusting! Someone should kill it.

Yes it’s listening to stuff like this that makes me lose faith in humanity. Party on little musk rat!

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2 Responses to Autumn Critters

  1. Iolair says:

    American Coots are really cool. If you look closely at their feet, each toe is like a little paddle. My brother has a pair of taxidermied and I used to study them all the time. They are awesome!

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