My Morrigan Ritual

So last night I did my Morrigan ritual as I had planned. I used one of the rituals in the book I mentioned “A Basic Morrigan Rite”. The ritual itself didn’t exactly speak to me, but I figured I’ll have time enough to mess with things and personalize them later. For now I wanted to stick with the basic format. It called for a raven feather, which fortunately I have a bag of them I’ve been collecting all summer. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that bag anywhere until about 5 mins before the rite started when I heard a little voice tell me exactly where I had placed it, in a very unlikely place I would never of thought of looking! But find them I did.

I’m not sure what I expected but she did indeed show up. Not in flashing lights and smoke, it was not an ecstatic experience, but I could tell she was there none the less. I offered incense and wine.  I did a divination (The Wildwood Tarot seemed appropriate) and a meditation. The divination was clear. Ours was not a meeting but a reunion. I received some past-life gnosis. I don’t usually go in for past life stuff. A) I figure we live here and now and I don’t really care what came before, and B) I’ve seen too many people use it as an escapist fantasy “My life is meaningless and boring now, but I used to be Cleopatra, really!”. BUT I had some interesting things confirmed for me.

I ended with a blood sacrifice (my own). It seemed appropriate to “open the gate” for future contact so to speak. So I’ve opened the gate, am open to further contact and deepening relationship. I’m not sure what will happen. I honestly don’t feel much different. Perhaps she is just here for a short time to stir things up? I don’t see her supplanting Hekate as my main patron quite yet. Perhaps a secondary patron yes, I may just have to learn to be a true polytheist and have multiple deity relationships.I can see how her fire would stir things up. It strikes me that 3 is a good number for a druid. I see Hekate as the cosmic mother type, and then The horned god and the Morrigan as the Earth mother and father. It’s a stable tripod, and possibly doable. However I will not lie that my call to service to Hekate is strong indeed, enough to boil within my blood.

I figure if nothing comes of it, I will have tried, and will be acting on experience and knowledge and not just running away from irrational fear. For now I am open to including her.

A few people mentioned my use of the word “comfortable” in my last post regarding Hekate. Whatever happens I know there is a call to dig deeper and extend myself past just “comfortable”. So I don’t know what will happen or where this will go, for now I wait and see.

Also many thanks to the Morrigan devotees who have written me with their stories. It is greatly appreciated.

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11 Responses to My Morrigan Ritual

  1. aynfean says:

    Thanks for posting about your experience! I haven’t worked officially with her yet, my full moon ritual tonight will be more generic… waiting until Samhain.

  2. greycatsidhe says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

  3. Robert Goode says:

    Okay, two second intro: I’ve been following your blog for sometime, and have seriously considered doing a blog on my own path. Hell, you even convinced me to locate e-copies of a few “interesting” books.

    I admit, I laughed a bit when I came on here this evening(having been too busy to check in and see what’s up”, and I saw the whole “Druid who doesn’t care much for the Celts”, and then like 5 posts on Morrigan. Your possible connection to her is not unusual, she has overlapping traits with both Hecate and Cernunnos. But I am curious. Dionysus has not been mentioned in a while. Has the relationship between you and him waned?

    • Rick Derks says:

      Hi Robert! thanks for commenting. I’m glad I’ve lead you astray into seeking some interesting books ;). If you end up blogging let me know, I’m always on the lookout for good magical/spiritual blogs!

      As for Big D, he’s still in the picture, but his influence comes and goes with me. I’ve come to expect it now. Some times he will come so strongly I’ll have to drop whatever I’m doing to give him attention, but most of the time it’s long stretches of nothing. I’ve come to save a place for him in my practice but I don’t think he could ever be my “primary” because of this.

      • ShadowsOfMagick says:

        That may not be such a terrible thing lol. The call of Dionysus is strong with me, as well as Pan. They can be overwhelming at times. Hecate has a strong, almost motherly grip on me as well, although she has loosened said grip as of late. I always love your Hecate statue. Sadly, I have not the room for the Miller pieces, too large(Especially since my Hecate shrine is on top of a small bookcase).

        Do you have, like Facebook or something?

      • Rick Derks says:

        Hey ShadowsofMagic, Thanks much for the comment. The call of Pan and Dionysos can be strong indeed I agree.

  4. Robert Goode says:

    Btw, ShadowsofMagick is my wordpress account. Just realized I used two different names to leave messages -_-

  5. Valiel says:

    Oh ! I come back here after many months, and I found this article. My Matron Goddess is Morrigan, and I’ll be very glad to read your experiences as soon as I have the time ! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. aynfean says:

    Hey you’re back! I see you! Been missing your blog posts and wondering how this period of reflection has gone for you.

  7. occultbohemian says:

    Pluralism is important and far be it from me to deny anyone’s personal experience but you are the first person i have ever EVER heard describe the Morrigan as motherly, or earth motherly. Obviously, in her guise as a cow, there is the strong symbolic association with the land but it is often thought of more from the perspective of sovereignty bestower than creator mother. Also ravens and crows are different birds, same family, but different birds. The Cycles mention only crows, i think. Just a thought.

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