Altar Egos

So I’ve been in a mad frenzy to re-arange my altars recently. They are always in a constant state of flux to begin with, but I’ve split them off into 3 seperate ones. i used to have one big altar which had every thing on it. This has the advantage of one-stop shopping. All your spiritual stuff is there. The disadvantage is that for those of us who walk multiple paths things tend to collide a bit. So I’m experimenting with having a Horned God/Druid Altar and a Hekate/Witchcraft altar. I’ll see how it works.

Horned God/Druid Altar. Click to enlarge.

Here’s there Horned God/Druid altar:

I wanted it to have a more “primitive” feeling, thus the skulls and stag horns. If my relationship with the Morrigan takes off she’ll probably get a place of honor on this altar too, sharing it with Old Horney. This is where I do most of my Druid work.

This is a the current (unfinished) layout for the Hekate/Witchcraft Altar:

The Hekate/Witchcraft altar. Click to enlarge. For some reason I couldn’t get a glare free photo, sorry. It’s still not “right”. A bit too cluttered perhaps? It needs work. This is also where my necromancy and spirit work takes place. While I like the aesthetics of having two altars, The disadvantage of this however is the whole “which altar do I work with tonight” feeling. I may end up combing again yet. There are really pros and cons to each set up.

Finally is the Ancestral altar.

The Ancestor altar. click to enlarge.

It sits atop one of my father tables, which makes it even more suited for being an ancestral altar.Since ancestral work is important in every aspect of my practice this altar is usually lit and active no matter what I’m doing to invite the ancestors into that work and my life.

I happen to really enjoy altar making. I have a few more planned with the limited space I have above a book case ;). I want to make a prosperity altar eventually for money work in a hoodoo style, and I shortly want to try to forge a connection with St.Cyprian of Antioch so he’ll be getting one as well.

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12 Responses to Altar Egos

  1. Ambrosius says:

    Hehe, I love the name of the post. Also really like your altars, particular the one to the Horned God; that art on the wall is what I might describe as…’saucy’? The tablecloth is also really very nice. Blessings.

  2. I love your altars.I especially like the Hekate altar πŸ™‚

  3. sanil says:

    I like when you post pics of your altars, I think these are all gorgeous. Mine are very minimalist and I’m never fully happy with them, but I’m inspired by seeing what others have done with theirs. Thank you for sharing!

    • Rick Derks says:

      Thanks Sanil! I’m never fully happy with mine either, which is why I’m always re-doing them. I too am always inspired by seeing others altars. I guess that makes me an altar voyeur?

  4. varekaichick says:

    I would love some advice on how to set up an alter. I don’t even know where to begin, it’s hard to get input as I’m a solitary druid. Also – love the alter cloth. I have the EXACT same one on my bed πŸ˜‰

    • Feral Druid says:

      Hi Varekaichick! Hehe yeah I bought the cloth as a bed spread but never used it as such. It pretty much called out to be used on my altar right away and has been ever since.

      Advice on altars is such a hard thing, especially as a druid since there is no hard and fast rule. My own advice is just start small and put a few things on, a center point, your tools etc. In my experience they tend to draw to them and collect more items over time almost of their own accord!

  5. aynfean says:

    LOVE the Horned God altar! It’s so primitive and tribal.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I love your Horned God alter. He is a particular favourite of mine. Is that a Neil Sims statue of Cernunnos I spy? If so you are so lucky, he is extremely ill and they are now non existant.

    • Feral Druid says:

      Hi Carolyn! Yes that is the Neil Sims statue. I didn’t know he was ill, I’m very sorry to hear that. He does marvelous work and is a super talented individual! I wish I could own all his statues.

      I had no idea they were rare either. I’ve always treasured mine but now I’ll treasure it even more so. It’s one that I will never part with to be sure. Thank you for the information.

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