Two reviews of Hoofprints in the Wildwood

Yesterday, I was enjoying the journal HUGINN: An alternative Journal of Heathen Viewpoints, which I must be a late comer to since there are three issues out and I hadn’t encountered it before! I was surprised to note two reviews of Hoofprints in the Wildwood in their Midsummer issue (PDF). One is by Steven Sinnott and one by Talas Pái.

Mr.Sinnott doesn’t seem to have liked the book very much, but I thank him sincerely for taking the time to review it. My only point of contention is when he said it appears that I just accepted any submission that came my way to make the book bigger. There was in fact a large number of submissions that didn’t make it in and I felt that those I did include truly belonged and was I proud to have them. None the less I appreciate his viewpoint and the criticism, should I ever do another.

Talas Pái gave a very thorough and in depth review that I thought was quite favorable. Not only did he review the book as a whole, but he commented on many of the individual pieces directly, giving his thoughts on them. His comments were very well thought out, and any criticism he gave I thought was fair. So if you submitted to the book, do go and see his comments!

All in all I’m always surprised to see any mention of the book, especially when I’m just reading for my own leisure and it happens to pop up. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m just a guy who was doing this out of love for his own Deity. I did it with the support of a few good friends who helped me and took their own time to devote to the project, not with a large religious organization of any kind that most devotionals seem to be put out with now a days.

I’ve just encountered HUGINN myself, but it seems to be a very well done journal that I’ll be reading for some time to come! Do check it out! I thank the reviewers for reading the book and taking the time to write their thoughts about it.

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6 Responses to Two reviews of Hoofprints in the Wildwood

  1. Holy cow, thanks for linking to these reviews; I hadn’t seen them either. Probably would have seen it when it first came out, thanks to Google Alerts, if I hadn’t taken the one for my own name down when the actress I share a name with started getting really stellar roles.

    ~Jennifer Lawrence

    • Feral Druid says:

      My pleasure, glad it was helpful to you. BTW, I love your blog 🙂 I hope you don’t mind but I’ve linked it to your name in on the Devotional summary page. My best to you!

  2. Scylla says:

    The reviews aren’t as harsh as some I’ve seen. And I think the harshness that was there was firmly rooted in the author disliking the way “his” god is represented. I.e. a familiar fondness that denies variation.

    I know that the Old Hornie of my clan’s sabbat fires is at once the same, and different, than the Old Hornie of anyone else. Trace it back far enough, and he’s all the same Old Horn. It comes down to where you do, or don’t draw your line.

    What I will say is that a “Doreen”-style Charge… that’s definitely not my Hornie. His would be puffs and huffs and shouts to run, children, run. And then laughter and admonishments at the fear of inevitability.

  3. Kullervo says:

    Wow–thanks for pointing this out. I am very pleased with the reaction to the piece I wrote.

    • Bone Druid says:

      Heh, I’m pleased with it too. Your piece has been somewhat controversial. I’ve had to defend it’s inclusion more than a couple of times. I personally loved it, and am proud to have it in the book! Awesome work Kullervo.

      • Kullervo says:

        Really? I guess I’m not surprised–it’s pretty far out from a lot of the other pieces, and I guess from what a lot of people might be expecting when they sign up for the Horned God. And I knew that my ready willingness to identify Pan with Satan (in a sense, at least) would rankle the types who just reflexively rankle at that kind of thing (like, every pagan tarot artist ever who has insisted on taking the Devil out of an otherwise Rider-Waite-influenced major arcana).

        But I figured that even if on the fringes, it would be close enough to not generate any serious objections.

        I’d love to hear more details.

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