A is for Axis Mundi

“She is a tree of life . . . ” — Proverbs 3:18

I’ve come to the realization, that my supreme deity is the world tree. The honoring of trees and tree lore is a central component of Druidry and Witchcraft, and I see all trees as being a reflection of that magnificent tree. Yup that’s right, I worship the world tree.

I can hear you saying “But, I though Hekate was your supreme deity”. Yup that’s right, there is no conflict, because you see for me, Hekate is the world tree.

This is an idea I first encountered in Jacob Rabinowitz’s book “The Rotting Goddess“. It’s actually a somewhat controversial book that has not been very highly thought of I’m given to understand (I personally enjoyed it). I however thought much of what he said rings true to me.

Pre-Christian, pre-Olympian, pre-Titanic Hecate
world-tree planted in Asia Minor,
gate-guard of the worlds,
keyholder to the three realms,
gross seated Mother, lions at your sides,
fostering nurse of all that’s young,
female heap of big fat attributes,
cruel, non-rational mistress
of slain corn-kings, sacrificed children,
castrated temple-males;
Some of the theories that he gives are that Hekate was the original “Great Goddess” of pre-history and eventually developed the attributes we know as Hekate. He also states that one of there earliest images was a wooden pole with 4 masks attached at cross roads, which is true.
This rings very true to me with her role in the Chaldean Oracles as the world soul, the primal soul from which all others are generated. In addition, she has both empyrean AND chthonic attributes, just as the world tree which stretches to the heavens, yet has roots deeps in the underworld (indeed some even say there are two world trees, one upper and one lower). Hekate is also a “gate keeper” deity, which would make sense if she herself was gate!
Thus, when I invoke Hekate, in my mind I know I am connecting with the world tree, the source of all. When I travel the world tree, I know I am in fact traveling with She who’s mysteries I would learn. I am a student of the world tree first and foremost.
I would even go out on a ledge and say that, just as my UPG with the Horned god is that he was once a mortal beast, that somehow Hekate is synonymous with the great “Witchmother” who is indeed, the world tree in disguise. This is one of the reasons I am so passionately devoted to her. She represents the very central pillar of my faith and worldview, both literally and figuratively.
 This idea was actually confirmed to me by Odin. Last year I was considering working with him more closely and asked if he “knew” Hekate and how it would work with them together. “Know her”, he said. “I hung on her for nine nights!”.
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23 Responses to A is for Axis Mundi

  1. Aj / Melia says:

    I really need to get that book. I’ve heard of it and the quote you posted rings so true to me.

    It is funny that the two people I read that are doing the PBP both did them on the World tree today and mine is going to be tree related…Great minds and all that? 🙂

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  3. Thistlemoon says:

    I love this post! Before I came to know my principal deity (it took over a decade of Paganism to get there) I worshiped the World Tree. I have always felt close to trees and tree magic. I was so fortunate in 2011 to meet some wonderful trees, some of the oldest in the world..yes the World Tree is all, all comes for it and all returns to it.

    • Bone Druid says:

      Thanks Thistlemoon! It sounds wonderful to meet some of the oldest trees! That’s an experience that wouldn’t soon leave you I’d wager. BTW, sorry I haven’t had a chance to write you back. I haven’t given up on our discussion!

  4. Falalalala-lala-la-la says:

    Proverbs 3:18 hmm, 81:3 = Hecate

    Thats what (among other numbers) I am seeing on license plates all around
    and yes I live in a small, tiny, country where the plates are 2x letters and 3x
    numbers and not so many cars but many hehe “coincidences” when I am driving :o)

    Although I am not “all knowing” I agree with your views on her as being the cosmic
    world soul and I also get and kinda agree with you on the tree aspect (in kaballah
    terms at least). Also implyed in her name as the one who sees from afar, thus
    implying the Ain beyond Kether/Thaumiel. (I am struggling with some material
    theoretics) And yes my shoes have just “recently” gotten wet with paganism :oÞ
    (thats a happy face :o) And Again, oww…

    Just before Xmas, oh no I said the Xmas word instead of the Solstice one (Yup, I
    am a silly bugger) my Mom called me and asked if I wanted to go with her, my bro
    and my sisters 2 boys to chop down a Solstice tree and I was all silly (as usual) on
    the phone wanting to go and be closer to nature but not wanting to go and hurt
    a tree! She knows that I am a witch but I didnt want to go into the whole explaining
    nature spirits, pagan, occult talk so I reluctantly told her I wouldnt go after jumping
    back and forth hesitantly on the phone. Still makes me think about my furniture,
    stuff and the house I live in :o/ Phew, aint yall happy I just shared this.
    Hard work being a writer witch, witch, witch brings me to the finale…

    I found this blog through reading your reviews on Mark Alan Smiths books
    (my precious) and have been looking around and reading your blog(-‘s) and just
    wanted to give you a jolly good ol tap on the back for having these exquisite posts
    for mwa and ya’all out there, here, everywhere. Yup, Hecate is everywhere!

    So cheers ya’all (I do sound southern when I am writing dont I)
    and merry wet feet that perhaps someday shall meet :oþ (I made another one, yae)

  5. Exactly my friend, Iam glad for you, I knew that you would eventually get to that conclusion and that is why even when I star working with Oðinn The Great Goddess came to me after a little time, first in the form of Hela and later as Hekate herself, some people used to tell me: “How you can work with Hela when she is opposed to Oðinn?, they are enemies, you just can’t put them in the same Altar” (One of that person was even a High Priestess) but I never listen to others, I just follow my heart and conection because I knew She and the Old Man were more closer than some people thing, and in the end Hela is Hekate, a revelation that came to me in an unexpected ritual work, and belive me I was not even close to be an “Hekate Guy” I don’t fancy Her, but well Iam know all Hekate, devoted for this and my others lifes to Her. So indee Oðinn hang in Hekate for that Nine Nights and Days, I of course still work with the Old Man, He is in my Altar as well, just next to the Great Queen of Heaven, Earth and Hell.

    • sanil says:

      I love this description of Hekate as “Great Queen of Heaven, Earth and Hell.” It makes perfect sense, but since I’ve been involved with learning druidry while learning about Hekate, seeing “land, sea, and sky” was so common in my reading I never thought to consider the other implications of that. Then I read this, and little light bulbs went off over my head. Thanks!

    • Bone Druid says:

      Grimnir my friend, thanks for the comment. I had wondered if you worked with them both together. I had gotten “poked” by Hela last year and learned a ton from the experience. 😉

  6. sanil says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. It confirms some of the thoughts I’d had but that I thought I’d made up and so didn’t trust them. I’ve also viewed the World Tree as my supreme deity for awhile now, connecting it to the Earth Mother in ADF to Hekate, and even to Mary in the Catholic tradition. A sort of common universal goddess that keeps showing up under different names no matter how much people try to stomp out polytheism. I’d actually stopped paying much attention to Hekate lately because I thought I was not worshiping her but rather putting her name on a goddess I’d imagined, but reading this makes me want to give it another chance and at least go back to studying some more and including her in some of my devotions. Thank you!

    • Bone Druid says:

      Sanil, I’m very glad it helped you in any way. Good luck on your studying of Hekate! She is an amazing goddess, but hard to get to know in my own experience. Worth it in the end, but an up hill slope.

  7. GinandJack says:

    Hekate is one of the gods whom can easily be seen as mundo eixo e total, or the axis and totality of worlds. I share your fondness for “The Rotting Godess” though I do have my reservations on some of the texts sources. Regardless, I’m glad that some things are making sense to you, and the pieces fit. There is always more mystery, though.


  8. This is fascinating and very interesting to have it confirmed by Odin. Thank you for posting it.

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  10. Scylla says:

    If one gets down to the barest, brassiest, tacks – Witchmother is the force that decays and remakes. Trees, uh… sorta do that. If she’s a tree, he’s a mushroom. If he’s a stag she’s a wolf.

    • Bone Druid says:

      Wonderful associations! BTW I thought your last comment on not feeling her when she was in the underworld was spot on! Thank you. I also took your advice and got a post-bound book for to make my “book of art” in. Work’s perfect, many thanks.

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  12. henadology says:

    Do you have Majercik’s edition of the Chaldean Oracles? Know somebody who needs it? If so, contact me privately.

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