My New Magical Journal

So as I detailed before, I’m getting more into Hermetic Magic. This has changed my world view a lot, and the philosophy of it influences my Druidry and has actually strengthened it! However in practice I like to keep them separate to preserve the integrity of each. Besides I am an admitted novice at ritual magic, and I think when learning a system one should keep to it and not go mixing it right way. Thus I’m not going to talk about it on this journal very much. This place is for me to talk publicly about Druidry and my personal evolving path.

I do however want someplace to serve as just my magical journal. I suck at keeping a physical one, but I do want to document my early workings and such. So I’ve re-vamped my DreamWidth journal to serve that function. There I will only be talking about magic and my experiences with it, mainly detialing my work with Jason Millers Strategic Sorcery class, and RO’s Black Work course. I think you can read it even if your not a DreamWidth member. Some posts will be public, but the more personal ones will be private to those who I have mutual subscriptions to. So if your a DreamWidth subscriber look me up so we can mutually subscribe (I’d love to have more contacts there anyway). If your not I have 5 invite codes, so first come first serve. Leave a comment here and I’ll send it to the email address that’s attached to your screen name.

The journal can be found here: A Sorcerer’s Journal

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9 Responses to My New Magical Journal

  1. keldajane says:


    I would very much like to follow your journal. I read everything on Howling At The Crossroads, and always look forward to your Feral Druidry posts. I don’t have a blog to offer in return right now, but that might change in the future.

    Cheers! — K.

  2. Erik says:

    I’d be interested in following along, at least to get a glimpse of what Hermeticism is actually about “on the ground”, so to speak… I’ve read a little about it in passing, but never really engaged with it. I would need one of those codes, though, as I’ve not heard of DreamWidth before!


    • Seillean says:

      Well I’m a complete novice at it fully and admittedly so it’s really my own faltering explorations in it, but I’d be glad to have you along. I sent the code. i think you have to make a journal to use it, but you don’t actually have to “do anything” with it.

      My best,


  3. aynfean says:

    I’d like an invite please!

  4. I will like to follow you there my friend.

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