Pagan Blog Project Post

I just don’t have a PBP post in me today. I may have a post of some sort in me, but not a PBP post. Since my post on Wednesday Cultural Dilution in Druidry coincidentally started with a C, which is today’s letter I’m waving my magic wand and making it my PBP post for the week, even though it was written 2 days ago. Watch this…

<waves wand>

POOF! Its now my PBP post. Pretty cool eh? Hopefully next week I’ll feel more inspired. Lots on my mind today.

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5 Responses to Pagan Blog Project Post

  1. Kullervo says:

    Your forays into Hermetic Magic have made you powerful indeed.

  2. Christopher says:

    Great blog. You are now on my Blog Roll (

  3. Ambrosius says:

    Did you use the ol’ flick and swish?? You haz magiks.

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