Book Review: Druidry and Meditation

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me free as a review copy by Moon books. This in no way has colored my view or this review. In short, if I didn’t like the book, I would say so.

When I first saw that a new book called Druidry and Meditation by Nimue Brown was being released I was very excited. Her blog, Druid Life,  is one that I gain much inspiration from. There are many books on Druidry out there and many books on meditation as well. Given that meditation is such a core practice of Druidry, I’m surprised a book like this that puts them together hasn’t come along sooner!

It does so very well however. The book explains meditation from a primarily Druid perspective and give the Druid many techniques from the tool box from which to choose. I think this book would be valuable to anyone on an earth based path however, it’s use is not just limited to druids!

Nimue writes the book in her characteristic take you by the sleeve and speak casually style, so that the experience seems more like a one on one conversation. She goes over many topics of use to druids and pagans alike, finally from their own perspective. Inside you will find instructions for walking meditations and connecting with the earth, plants, and animals as well as the 4 classical elements. Also, and extremely valuable addition I thought was the section on how to connect with spirits, which is something that one hears individuals talk about all the time, but is often hard for new comer to get specifics on.

She also goes into the basics of pathworking, contemplation, and joint opening exercises as well as more standard Druidic concepts such as shapeshifting, drumming, chanting, connecting with places, and connecting with your ancestors. The book ends with group meditation work, which was less valuable to me personally being a life long solitary, but a valuable addition to the book none the less considering many druids practice in established groves. The book is relatively thin at 163 pages, but packs in a ton in what’s there.

One of the best features of the book, in my opinion, is also the most intangible. It just drips Druidry, an indefinable essence you can’t put your finger on. As with all her writing it simply makes you want to go out and do something… Druidic! If you are a pagan or druid or even a witch a better book on meditation tailored for your practices could not be found. I really enjoyed this one.

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5 Responses to Book Review: Druidry and Meditation

  1. druidcat says:

    Wonderful! May I use this review in The Druid Network newsletter? 🙂 Nimue is a member, and I’m keen to tell all about this lovely book!

  2. Your review (and the table of contents over at Amazon) makes this book very alluring. I shall add it to my (thankfully small) reading list. Blessings.

  3. journeymaid says:

    Wonderful, now I want to read it! 😀

  4. Pauline says:

    Superb review. Congratulations.

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