Book Review: The Druids Primer

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge as a review copy from Moon Books. This did not in any way color my review below and I am reviewing it under the condition that I am free to state my honest opinion.

I had the pleasure of reviewing The Druids Primer by Luke Eastwood from moon books. I think an alternative title to this book would be “Everything you ever wanted to know about Druidry but were afraid to ask”. This is very much a Druid 101 book. Many people use that term to describe a book lacking in substance, but that is not the case here. It’s full of substance and depth, but very much geared to the beginner on the path.

Mr.Eastwood describes almost every aspect of modern day Druidry from a culturally Celtic perspective. He is definitely in the Druidry equals Celtic camp and goes to great lengths to allow the beauty and history of cultural Druidry to shine through. His book delves into the history of Druids both ancient and modern, Druid cosmology, Druid holidays, the Celtic gods, animal spirits, and the Ogham, and tools of the trade amongst many other things. One thing I particularly liked was his tackling of the subject of Immrama which is all but lacking in most books on the subject!

One thing that I liked about this is that most intro books on Druidry give a brief one or two paragraph summary on each of these things such as the Celtic gods or Ogham and leave it at that. Each item in this book is often a page or two in length and he really spends time fleshing out the various subjects in an easy to understand manner. It is not hurried in any fashion, and each subject is presented clearly and thoroughly. His section on the Celtic gods was one of my favorite aspects of this book. He described them as someone who is intimately familiar with them and obviously has love for his deities. It’s always a pleasure to read a book like that.

That being said it is mostly informative and an introduction to modern Druidry. There is little in the way of actual praxis, though I get the feeling that is not the aim of this book so it does not feel lacking. It is after all a primer, and serves that function in excellence. There are other books for actual praxis once you have a grasp of the basics.. If you are new to Druidry, or simply want one inclusive book to explain the multifaceted practices that Druids do, this is the book for you. Likewise if you wanted to inform a newcomer or non-practitioner who has no idea what you do as a Druid (ie friends, family members), this is the book to give them! My wife is interested in reading it for that purpose alone.

If you are new to Druidry or want a general overview and reference of Druid practices this is the book for you. I might even recommend it as one of the first books you read on the subject. I’m not sure there is much here for an experienced practitioner however.

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1 Response to Book Review: The Druids Primer

  1. gunn says:

    As being not new to real drui i would say i need more teaching practice wise and knowing how to fight with divination

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