Spell Successes and Failures

Everyone loves to talk about their spell successes, but what about failures? I’ve recently had both. I’ve continued to work with the NAP and explore the spirits within it. Really nifty little book.

My working with Nitika continues to bring results far beyond what I asked for. I don’t want to go into specifics, but I said previously that I asked for a 50% result and got 200%. This has only risen. Daily I continue to receive results even though I’ve far exceeded what I asked for. Even though I long ago got what I asked for I continue to get more, and more, and more. As a matter of fact yesterday I found out that my result was doubled bringing it to a 400% result!  I have no idea when I’ll stop seeing returns on this one evocation but I’m thankful. I’ve given offerings to Nitika in gratitude and will certainly call on “it” again. I would recommended this spirit to ANYONE.

My working with Elubatel was less than successful. I need a new job in the worst way. I had a job interview and asked Elubatel to bring me success. I invoked him the night before the job interview. That night I had a dream that I got the job and at first everything was fine for awhile (i.e. honeymoon period). Then out of the blue the boss attacked me and started hitting me and beating me. He knocked me out and framed me. He planted me in a car full of open alcohol bottles and poured beer all over me. I woke up (in the dream) in the car to the police coming for me and handcuffing me.

Now obviously no one would do this in real life, but if you look at the symbolism it suggests an abusive boss who would blame those who work for him for his own mistakes. I’ve had those kind of bosses in the past. I considered it a warning from El. I still went to the interview. Oddly enough, though I had never met this person before he seemed very much like the guy in my dream from mannerisms alone. The creep factor was high. I did not get the job. I was actually somewhat thankful for this.

Even though the working was a failure (The result I asked for did not occur, there is no way around it) I still felt like Elubatel had my back and steered me away from a potential miserable situation. Also I experienced a horrible depression after working with him that lasted for about a full week. I’ve heard many others say this was their experience as well, but I honestly did not believe it would happen for me (I’m not depression prone. It’s just not in my nature. I’m the person who sings a merry tune while the ship is going down). I will return to working with him/her in the future though when I have my duck in a row. This time it didn’t work, but I feel there is still merit in working with this spirit.

I’m going to taking a scatter shot approach with my next job work and enchant by a thousand papercuts. I think I’ve been going about things all wrong. I’m launching a full campaign.

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15 Responses to Spell Successes and Failures

  1. New Witch says:

    Absolutely, that spell wasn’t a failure. It worked well beyond the limits of your own vision. Perhaps what you experienced is Elubatel’s true nature, if it is known to be protective.

    Depression, as awful as it is (and believe me, I know whereof I speak), can be a powerful tool for finding and addressing what’s wrong with your life. On the other hand, because many practitioners experience it when working with this spirit, it may also be Elubatel’s “price.”

    The fact that the definitive answer to so many spiritual questions is a solid, “Well, maybe,” is one of its deep fascinations for me.

    Nice Gordon reference, BTW.

    • Seillean says:

      Thanks New Witch! I guess I can’t know for sure, but it did seem like he helped out in this situation, even if it was not the result I asked for. He/she definitely has a heavy presence. I can see why he might invoke depression from his mere presence.

  2. Aubs Tea says:

    So, if you were on the Titanic, you would have been with the band, huh? 😉

    I really am sorry that the job didn’t work out, but I think New Witch is quite correct. It did work. Imagine what may have come to occur if you hadn’t worked with Elubatel prior to going to the job interview. You may have actually gotten the job and been stuck in the situation your nightmare forewarned you of. So, yes. It really is sucky that the job interview didn’t work out and that you didn’t secure a job because of your working. But, as you said, I think Elubatel definitely had your back.

  3. MrBlack says:

    Elubatel, I find, deals in a more macrocosmic effect most of the time. What you’ve experienced pretty much lines up with people who have worked with him, including myself.

    As I explained it to another beforehand, working with Elubatel is like working with the Godfather.

    • Seillean says:

      Hi Mr.Black! Thanks for the advice. I can see how he/she would be kind of Godfather like. Next time I’m going to take a much different approach and give him a more macrocosmic petition!

      I’m glad to know that my experience lines up though. That’s always good to know, thank you.

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  5. Reykur says:

    Hi, just had a question for you. When working with NAP, do you do just as prescribed or do you use it in conjunction with other grimoires? To clarify, do you strictly follow only Gray-Cobb’s book in these conjurations or do you use magic squares, sigils or other techniques alongside it? Having recently discovered the NAP (thanks to you) I have noticed the conjurations seem simpler than those I have found elsewhere, even though they are sometimes evoking the same entities. Thanks.

    • Seillean says:


      Actually I use both. I started out by using it exactly as in the book, and then moved onto making squares and sigils. I noticed no difference myself honestly. The awesome result I got from Nitika was done just using it straight as in the book. In my opinion the simpler conjuration here are by no means indicative of less powerful, to me they seem to work just as well. Hope that helps!

  6. Zithirax says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask if you can give me some informations about the spirit called Nitika, is it a demon? is it an angel? is it bad or good? what offerings does it accept? and its absolutely safe to ask for help from it? I mean I don’t wish to somehow be haunted by a malevolent spirit…thanks and sorry for the long comment. Also your blog/site is great! 🙂

    • Skyllaros says:

      I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’m pretty sure he is an angel; “Ruler of gemstones and the 6th hour of the day”. I have evoked him makny times and our interactions have always been amiable. He is always helpful to me, and anything but malevolent, though I can understand the concern. I’m glad you like the blog, thanks!

  7. sprophet says:

    I’d like to inquire about the same thing Zithirax asked. Thanks!

  8. Rachel Izabella says:

    Another excellent article. I have experienced the depression Elubatel brings myself. If you ever figure out how to get your ducks is a row and what exactly that means concerning Elubatel and how to safely work with him, then please let us know all about it!

  9. Hye Echalon says:

    Well, guys, if you have faced depression, in my little experience, it means Elubatel has answered your resquest. If there isn’t this element, you ritual failed. There’s no getting around of the depression for it’s caused by the heaviness of the power of this spirit.

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