I’ve Got 99 Problems but a Demon Ain’t One of ‘Em

 So the other day I had a demon hit list on my desk, as I researched how to write the Hebrew names of all the demons I was gunning for…

I feel like I’ve been doing a ton of magical work lately, but not doing any outcomes based magic. It’s all been spiritual advancement and initiation type of stuff.  This is joyous work in it’s own right honestly but I’m itching to get to some outcome based stuff and get back my daily observances which I haven’t had time for and kind of miss. It’s been kind of busy around here. Part of the reason for this is right now we’re at what I like to think of as the planetary hours sweet spot, where the planetary hour and day line up around 9:30 (By Mid-summer it will move to around 10-ish). That’s when it’s most convenient for me to do magic ‘stuff, after the kids are in bed, the house is clean and re-set for the next day, quality spent time with my wife, etc. so I’m taking advantage of it! So for now I’m in groundwork laying mode, getting done what I think needs to be done.

So I’ve done the elemental initiations and have been consecrating my talismans one at a time at the proper hour and time. I’ve been conjuring daily. Even though I haven’t been doing outcomes based magic though I’ve noticed a significant difference. Work and relationships have been going much smoother. I even got a rather large raise, 1 year retroactively  at work. Given the fact that their is an indefinite pay freeze going on right now, this is a pretty damn miraculous event in it’s own right. Also, people just seem kinder to me and react to me better. I kind of attribute this effect to just changes brought about by daily work with the spirits just bringing their influence into my sphere. Although, I do think it helps that I’ve taken Jason’s advice and stated wearing a tie to work, even though it’s not required. Whatever it is, right now, life is pretty damn good.


I’ve finally conjured my good genius! I finally was able to make all of the calculation methods match up, so I was confident that I had the right name of the good and evil genius’s names.  This could take a post in and of itself but it’s pretty personal so I’ll not. One thing though, I felt like the Evil Genius did everything in it’s power to delay me on the day I had it scheduled (Sunday in the hour of the Sun). I almost didn’t make the ritual hour on time, and even when I did I had problems ranging from dropping my note cards, to spilling the incense, to the twins waking up crying. This stuff never happens. I did eventually make contact though.

One of the things the Good Genius told me to do was bind the evil genius and 4 demons hostile to the elements. It gave me a two week deadline to see this done, after which I can begin trying to contact my HGA in earnest. It said that now that we had contact the demons would kick things up a notch and make my life difficult. It was in my best interest to see this done as quickly as possible. It did not lie, for the days after that saw an increase in difficulty and chaos, in stark contrast to how things had been going . It also gave me some specific instructions on how to bind them for my personal use. Again, I’m just going to give the 10 miles up view here and not get into specifics.

So the first thing the Good Genius had me do was take a night off and clean my ritual area. I re-did and cleaned all the altars, cleaned up my project area and did a basic psychic cleansing as well as cleansing my own sphere. I was going to to a conjuration that night, but it said not to, just take a night and focus on this alone.

So then at the proper time I formally set out to bind my demons. While at the store buying fishing weights for lead I noticed these little steel fishing weights. They are cylindrical with a smooth surface, perfect for engraving the demons names around the circumference in Hebrew. So I bought them and, researched how to write the names in Hebrew (ie: the demon hit list) and engraved them on.

A dangerous looking crew, don’t you think?

On the night I decided to do it I spent some time meditating and praying to the First Father in front of my altar while I waited for the correct planetary hour to come. I then lit an offering candle and some incense to my Good Genius to partake of while I did the deed, asking for it’s help. Leaving the candle and incense burning in my temple room, I took my talismans and tools up to the garage and began.

First I called for some help binding the demons into the weights. Then I encased them into lead. Again, a graphite crucible comes in handy here. This time I used a cylindrical one that I happened to buy at the same time I bought the one for my talismans with this purpose in mind. It worked perfectly… well mostly perfectly.  After cooling the lead slipped right out (Tip: Don’t put super heated graphite into the freezer until it’s cooled down just a bit. It will melt whatever surface you put it on. Yeah, don’t ask).

Evil Genius bound in a prison of lead. Just try getting out of that.

The Evil Genius was bound no problem, It went down without a fight with not even a hint of the weight poking through. It came out encased in lead perfectly formed, and I finished by engraving the seal of the angel who’s aid I used on it and together we laid the smack down on it. It felt powerful. It felt good. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake.

The elemental demons were, lets say, more problematic. No matter how I tried, the weights kept poking through the lead. Sometime the lead would break apart completely revealing the steel weight inside. Plus, I had completely ran out of lead! So I worked late into the night, melting and re-melting the lead cylinders and scavenging any rouge pieces of lead I could find to apply patches and cover holes.  After awhile i got kind of desperate and all thoughts of making it nice and pretty went out the window. I just wanted the damn things covered and bound! I literally felt like the demons were battling me and resisting their internment, tooth and nail. I won eventually.

The resulting pieces were not pretty, not as perfect as the Evil Genius prison was. their pretty ugly actually. Their big chunks of lead drops that look like tumor all over them. They are functional though, and the demon-weights were bound completely in lead. I finished by engraving the seal of their respective overseeing elemental king on them.

Ugly, Scared, Demon prisons

I then took them all and placed them in a box. On the boxes lid I wood burned a seal on the top of the box and all around the box I burned in the sigils of the angels who’s help I had. On the inside of the lid I burned Cassiel’s seal. I then glued it up right tight with a super-epoxy glue and stained the box with a woodstain mixed with protection, banishing, and Abramelin oils. I will further consecrate the box under Cassiel this Saturday. I think their bound up pretty tight now.

My Hermetic altar has two levels, so the box fits perfectly under the main altar as seen below.

I did not feel much, besides frustration, during the binding process that could be considered “magical”. Then next day however, on the way to work I received a vision snapshot of five demons bound by chains of light in a 5 spot pattern (the 4 elemental ones on the outside, with the evil genius in the center). Also, the next day was pretty damn sweet. Let’s just say it started out really well and I felt vibrant and full of life all day.

Into the box you go! With Cassiel to bind you.

The Finished box. Locked up tight.

Hermetic Altar with the box below.

Now with this out of the way I’m turning my attention to beginning the process of achieving  K&C with the HGA and finishing up the talisman consecrations. Also, even though my wand is made of ebony, it’s a Harry Potter style kinda thing. I’m wanting something a bit more traditional, even though it still does the job just fine. I’ve finally located a source of decent ebony wood and have ordered some. I’m hoping to make a real ebony conjuration wand like in Trithemius. Let’s hope I don’t ruin it.

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5 Responses to I’ve Got 99 Problems but a Demon Ain’t One of ‘Em

  1. polyphanes says:

    Awesome work! I need to get around to binding my EG sometime in the near future; I keep putting it off and getting distracted, giving him an easy break. I love the idea of using a crucible to melt the lead and form them into nice “coffins”.

    • Seillean says:

      Thank you Polyphanes! Much appreciated. Yeah making the little lead coffins greatly appealed to my own sense of aesthetics!

      It honestly feels pretty good to have done it.

      BTW, I hope you don’t mind but I used your blank lamen format to re-make my lamens. I had written them all out by hand originally but realized I didn’t observe the correct hours/day, So I printed out your template and re-did them 🙂

      • polyphanes says:

        Don’t worry about it. I posted those lamen templates for others to use to begin with, so I’m glad they’re helpful to you! I also finished my newer style of lamen designs, in case you want to try those out, too.

    • Seillean says:

      Thank you! I just might! I love your new lamen design. I’m glad to hear they’ve been working for you so well. Beautiful work there.

  2. Robert Goode says:

    Who are you using as a source for your Hermetics? You’re sorta doing the opposite of the classical Abramelin operation, I believe the book speaks of binding four demon princes to remove their influence after the main HGA rite.

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