Longing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Hey a whole post completely unrelated to magic or spirituality in any form. It may be my first on this blog πŸ™‚ Sometimes you just want to write about something that not all that deep.

So the other day I was browsing Amazon to check out the free preview of Walking Dead, a show I’ve been hearing tons about. since I love me some zombies and we don’t have a TV (by choice), I thought I’d check it out. Well since I was using an android tablet, I accidentally hit the BUY NOW one-click button instead and found myself the proud yet surprised owner of the first season on streaming video. So of course over about 3 days my wife and I huddled in the dark and watched the first season on my tablet πŸ™‚

I enjoyed it a lot. Zombies are (were?) popular right now and everyone talking about the upcoming zombie apocalypse with longing. I have a theory. Every wants this because we are not happy with the world we’ve created. We’ve traded too much. Sure we have ipods and X-boxes, and large screen TV’s, and Large Hadron Colliders capable of rending the known universe, but we’re not happy with it. No one wants to go back to their cubicle everyday and work a 9-5 soulless existence all the time letting politicians who are completely out of touch with the reality of our lives dictate our rights. No one wants sanitized for your protection products and being connected the facebook hive-mind day in day out.

We want to be free. We want to roam the countryside. Forage for food. Kill stuff and avoid being killed. Make our own way and live or die by our wits. We want to live. I think man is happiest in small tribal groups. Not too large, not too small. It’s how we evolved. Maybe the zombies represent our ancestral memories of avoiding predators. That was how humans evolved, roaming, killing stuff, and avoiding being eaten. Roaming, killing stuff, avoiding being eaten, and communing with spirits! πŸ™‚

We want that back on some level. Doesn’t that sound so much better? I’d put up with a few zombies for that.

Or maybe not. Perhaps it’s just me?

(No It’s not a terribly deep thought, but I warned you it wouldn’t be).

You may take our lives… but you will never take our FREEDOM! (Oh wait wrong movie).

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14 Responses to Longing for the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Iolair says:

    I think that this is pretty deep. It is a legitimate point as well. I completely agree. I think this is the reason we tend to form cliques and factions. We aren’t meant to be one giant hive. We are mammals not bees. We were made to be hunter gatherers, but through some accidental mutation we became far too intelligent for our own good. I think it would be a very eye opening experience to spend a period of time in a wildl setting where every day is about survival, not about who has the biggest SUV. It is one of the reasons I love to camp. I feel “unplugged”
    Excellent post. And a very thoughtful topic

    • Seillean says:

      Thank you!

      We aren’t meant to be one giant hive. We are mammals not bees. We were made to be hunter gatherers…

      Yup pretty much this right here. Our population has grown far beyond what we evolved through. Sure we can evolve further to support that, but do we want to?

      , but through some accidental mutation we became far too intelligent for our own good

      Hehe have you read this? http://runesoup.com/2012/03/when-we-met-the-neighbours-the-whisky-rant-part-7/

      • Iolair says:

        I think that the problem could be in that the vast majority of us don’t even think about things like this. A lot of people are caught up in society as it is and are not disgusted by it. Afterall, this is what we have built as a species. I think that there are growing numbers of people out there thinking this way, but the vast majority don’t go any deeper than what they will be doing tonight when they get out of their cubicle.

        I have not read it before. it is pretty great. I am glad that there are some other people out there who have had thoughts of this nature. it makes me feel like less of a freak.

  2. Goks1211 says:

    I see the zombie apocalypse as a mmorpg game. People like to think of what they would do in a virtual danger situation. Both are full of chosen challenges – positive stress. The reality isn’t something we honestly want… especially those with children.

    It’s the idea of using our full potential; being actually challenges,

    • Goks1211 says:

      Sorry phone sent.
      *actually challenged. The zombie is a closer representation of our normal lives, going through the motions on auto piolet. The idea of shooting it the head has it’s own symbolism.

      Reality is broken and that’s why such a strong draw to the what if senerio. Those of us who know we would be one of the horde tend to fear it.

    • Seillean says:

      It’s the idea of using our full potential; being actually challenges,

      Yup that’s pretty much it. I don’t actually want the zombies, its what they represent. Real life again instead of this synthetic crap we’ve created.

      I think it’s coming though. Not the zombies (though who knows!), but we have an entire society based on non-renewable resources. When those run out it will pretty much be the same scenario!

    • Seillean says:

      Oh and yeah, having children pretty much reduces your collective survival ability by 70%! πŸ˜‰

  3. SpiderGoddes says:

    Agreed. I have been preparing for that upcoming apocalypse……

  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    “Roaming, killing stuff, avoiding being eaten, and communing with spirits!”

    Sounds like a good life to me. Perhaps that’s why I love these zombie films and shows, too. I also love movies, no matter how campy, where it’s survival of the fittest, even though I would not be able to survive in such a world like that. There is something wild within me that has the *urge* however, something never lost.

  5. Thistlemoon says:

    Great post! I definitely think it is wise to be prepared for an inevitable downfall of some kind. I am not sure I like the idea of zombies (and agree with the above poster that we live in a world full of zombies already…) but I absolutely agree with you that the lives most of us live are not the lives we were meant to live. That is why my husband and I homestead, hunt and in general try to do as much for ourselves as we can. There is a deep satisfaction in that.

  6. Scylla says:

    This is why I’ve chosen to live “homesteady” Raise some of my own food, hunt once a year, create things for my home and for re-sale from what I raise.
    I find the closer I get to my geographical center with my diet and purchases, the more “at home” I feel. And of course, that’s quite the “duh” moment.

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