Ebony Conjure Wand

  Apparently I’ve been in craft mode lately.So I mentioned that the wand I’ve been using for conjuring in an ebony Harry Potter thingy. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with my application of the sacred names either. It worked just fine, but since I’m going to be doing this long term I wanted something a little more… traditional. I wanted to try replicating more accurately the wand from Trithemius’ The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals.

It calls for an ebony wand. Wand-shaped ebony is hard to find online. You can buy square ebony blanks but you have to turn the rod yourself with a lathe. Since a lathe is a bit out of my reality, I didn’t want to go that route. I finally located a source of ebony dowel rods… only problem is they were only 6″ long. <sigh>.

So I bought two, drilled a hole in the exact center of each, inserted a metal pin for stability,  glued them together with industrial strength grade III wood glue, and then clamped it together for a few hours. Then I sanded down the seam until it’s barely noticeable. It appears to be very strong and stable. For the names, I wood burned them on first and then gold leafed them.

It feels good. The wood is heavy and inherently magical. I used it in my last MAG conjuration and although the results were the same, I personally felt more, I don’t know, spiritually commanding and “present”. It was a different feeling to be sure.

I’m still not completely happy with the end result though. It’ a vast improvement from Harry Potter land to be sure, but its not my best work. the names are still too “amateurish” for me. I probably should of used the engraver to carve them on, but I feel more comfortable with a wood burner and didn’t want to ruin it. Ebony is a very hard and dry wood though and does not wood burn easy (this is how we learn!).

I also considered joining 3 pieces to make it 18 inches, but I was afraid it would not be as stable.

I’m considering buying some more ebony and making a few more of these for practice until I can perfect it. Then I might sell the extras if people seem interested.

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4 Responses to Ebony Conjure Wand

  1. Spanish Moss says:


    This site lists 12″ ebony dowels. Nice blog. Hope you don’t mind that I listed it on my blogroll.


  2. Scylla says:

    Next time, go to an office store and procure “Rub on letters” in a font you like, and apply those to the wood. You can then trace them with an engraver, dremel, woodburner…etc. They’ll be MUCH neater.

    The only other one I suggest, which is highly problematic to obtain, is “transfer paper” – used to mean something very different than it does now, and the particular kind I’m talking about is essentially a paper covered on one side with a brightly colored, waxy, substance. This particular kind was used for clothing, to transfer designs to later paint or embroider.
    When you apply pressure to the other side it transfers – in this case, it would transfer highly visible letters to your wooden dowel. BUT, I haven’t seen that stuff for sale in probably 20 years.

    • Seillean says:

      Hi Scylla,

      thanks for the advice. I think I might try to rub on letter next. I actually do have the transfer paper, they sell it at Micheal’s here in the wood burning section. The rub on letters seem like a better bet though. I have a new piece of wood now, so I’m going to try it.

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