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I’m in the mood to write a post, but have nothing important to post about. So here’s this. I’ve seen a few blog posts and mentions of smart phone tools used in magic recently and thought I’d add in my favorites. I’m a busy mage. I generally try to get in an hour or two per night after the kids and my wife are asleep to practice but I’ve found I’ve had to adapt my practice to doing a lot of magic on the fly during the day. I do a lot of lunch time magic. I’m fortunate to work within a 10 mins walking distance from a secluded beach no one ever seems to frequent. I spend a lot of time there meditating, praying, or doing ritual when needed while on my lunch break. I’ve found my smart phone to be an invaluable tool for on-the-fly-magic when I’m not near my tools or temple room.

Also, I use an android phone so here is what I use daily. Sorry iphone users, never been an apple fan. I think these all probably have equivalents though (and yes I realize most of these are made by the same guy. What can I say, I find his stuff useful).

Planetary Hours Pro

I use this thing daily. It’s so much easier than calculating planetary hours by hand. I can easily plan in advance for any working. Just type in the date your looking for and it calculates based on your location (or any you specify). It has a widget form too (seen to the left) that has a little clock. I find it useful. What, I need to do some protection work quick for that meeting were everyone likes to tear each other a part and blame one another? I see the hour of Mars coming up right before hand. Plus I kind of like the aesthetics of having it on my screen, I’ll admit. Whats the use of being a magician if you can’t have funky shit like this on your phone screen.

Seriously though, this is one of my favorite and most used apps. There is a free version, but I splurged and got the paid version for $1.99. Use it, you won’t regret it.




Magic Moon Widget

Ok if you need a widget to tell you what phase the moon is in, there is no hope for you. I still like this because it tells the dates of full and new moons. Have you ever noticed that calenders are horribly inaccurate giving these? Inevitably they show the dates as being a day before or after the real the moon phase. I like having the correct dates at a glance so I can plan in advance. Besides, sometimes I forget when the moon goes full or dark. I’ve had many, “Oh wait that’s tonight?!” moments. Not essential but nice to have.


Witches Compass

  This is a nifty little program. If your ever outside or in a less-frequented stair well (cough cough) and need to do some magic and want to know which direction your facing its pretty cool. It has the colors of the elements in relation to your position. Of course it doesn’t use the same directional correspondences I use, but a little mental rearranging and I’m all set to go.



Kamea Sigils Free

I admit I haven’t used this very much, but i think it has potential. It will draw sigils based on the planetary kamea. If I had something important I think drawing it by hand is part of the process. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used sigils on the fly to get out a sticky situation at work though. I can see this being useful in generating a quick one.



Virtual Recorder

  There are probably dozens of recorders out there. I use this one because I’m familiar with it. I find having a voice recorder to be very useful! I like to memorize my stuff. if there is a prayer of evocation I need to memorize I’ll record it and listen to it over and over all day at work until I have it memorized. I’ve done this with the evocation from the Modern Angelic Grimiore, a bunch of prayers, my daily offerings, and I’m now working on the Headless One ritual (with pronunciations) so I don’t need to use note cards when I start with it in earnest. The sheer volume of stuff that is beneficial to memorize in magic is overwhelming some times. People think I’m probably listening to music while I work, instead I’m practicing my magic.

I also use to to listen to the opening ritual for the NAP when I need it, which I find works better than actually speaking it. It’s also good for guided meditations if your into that.


Evernote. How did I ever live without it? This has pretty much become my magical grimiore. I originally got it just to keep a few notes, but realized it was far more useful to me. I keep 4 folders on in, misc notes, dream journal, magical journal, and grimiore. Best of all is syncs on both your computer, phone, and tablet.

In misc notes I just keep my notes. This includes random thoughts or entire blog posts I find that I want to go back to and read and dissect later. I keep my dreams in the dream journal. in the past I always want to keep a dream journal and i go buy interesting looking notebooks to keep them in, usually with moons or stars on the cover and stop using them after a week. I now have about two months of dream entries at my finger tips. I’m seeing patterns I never though of (I just realized I usually dream about the same subject two nights in a row. Never knew that before). Also I’ve realized I’ve had spirits symbolically tell me not to use certain materials, or things I should check into that I never would of payed attention to before. I’ve also dreamed of sigils that don’t make sense until days later. I just write them down, take a picture note of them, and attach them to the appropriate dream when that happens.

In the morning I’ll write down snippets on my phone version to remember them, and then fill it in on the computer when I have some down time at work.

I’m also keeping a working journal after every evocation or magical working I do now. I was never disciplined enough to do this before. In the grimiore section I keep copies of all my rituals and prayers. That way if I need them, their at my finger tips on my phone wherever I am. it’s like having my entire grimiore within reach at all times. Very useful when out in the field.

I also use it to plan my week with the checklist function. After consulting with the planetary hours widget I can see what fits into my schedule and plan in advance.  When I’m done I then put it into an archive file, so I can have a general idea of what I’ve been spending my time on.
What do you guys use or find helpful? I’m always on the lookout for suggestions!

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16 Responses to Resources for Technomancers

  1. YES. I have equivalents to everything but the kamea sigils app. I use Moon Phase Pro — its info page has sunrise/sunset and dawn/dusk as well as all the moon stuff. I use Tropical Skies for quick astrological charts. The only thing I’m seriously missing is an app to identify Lunar mansions. I’ll have to evaluate Evernote at some point; I have Extensive Notes.

    • Seillean says:


      Hmm I’m going to have to try Tropical Skies, thanks for the suggestion. I have found ever note very helpful. I like that you can access it on the computer and phone.

  2. polyphanes says:

    I already use Planetary Hours Pro, which is fantastic. I also use Deluxe Moon for everything moon-related, and Aquarius2Go for astrological chart drawings. A normal compass application and Google Sky Map are also good tools to have.

    I tried the kamea app, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on with it; I question its usefulness since I can’t see the numbers, and inputting every variation I could think of of the planetary spirit and intelligence names was giving me the wrong seal result. Maybe I was just using it wrong? Unclear.

    • Seillean says:


      No i don’t think your using it wrong. I tried some sigils last night and had the same result. Like I said I hadn’t played around with it too much. I don’t think I’d use it for anything important to me. I was mainly thinking of generating quick sigils on the fly, but now I question it’s usefulness too.

      Oh I agree on the normal compass and sky map! How could i forget sky map?

    • Do give Tropical Skies a spin. It is vastly easier to use and to read than Aquarius2go.

  3. Andrew says:

    I use Astrolgo ( as my astrological tutor and charting tool. It’s a little more expensive than using, which is free, but I find it very helpful, and it’s easier to set up for someone like me who’s trying to learn more traditional astrology.

    I’m using Sleep Cycle ( as a way of tracking how many hours I’m sleeping, and how close I am to dream state, and how frequently, each night. I’ve had a REALLY irregular sleep schedule for more than a decade, and I’ve found that I need to fix my sleep schedule in order to get good habits for dreams.

    I use the Mindfulness Bell by Spotlight Six Software for timing meditations.

    I use TouchTarot for iPhone so I don’t have to carry around a Tarot deck with me all the time. I find that it gives me just as many reversed cards (A LOT … more than anyone else ever seems to get) as a regular deck does, which suggests strongly that I’ve got some things to fix in my life, or in my relationship with Tarot, or both.

    I use Brian Browne Walker’s version of the iChing for consulting the book of changes. I don’t like it as much as my casual paperback book, but it’s not bad.

    I affirm the use of Evernote, and a Planetary Hours calculator. The witches’ compass is a great idea, though! And I’m going to download the Kamea calculator today.

    • Seillean says:

      Hi Andrew! Thanks for these, I’ll check them out, they seem to be great suggestions. I also enjoyed your post on the subject, thank you for the mention!

    • Seillean says:

      Well, I did think about it! 😉 A can honestly think of a few applications, but I’m not sure how good/useful they would be in reality. I did like your closing argument about opening up new pathways of thought!

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  5. Kalagni says:

    I put in the Alephbet into the Kamea program, it seems some are just mirrored, and others are made differently than Agrippa’s. Still following the right process, just different results.

    I use Brainwave Tuner. Not sure how much it /does/, but it’s good white noise…also have a white noise generator, helpful in public when trying to focus.

    iMala, for a joke really.

    Planet’s Position is helpful if you follow the Abramelin belief that a planet has to be above the horizon to be in power (or that it increases it). You just hit a button and it tells you what is in the sky currently.

    Also DiceShaker 3D Free. Helpful for dice divination.

  6. Astrid says:

    Thanks so much for sharing some of your favorite apps. I am searching the apple app store for Evernote as it aounds like what I’ve been looking for. Thanks again:)

  7. Someone on Twitter pointed out what I should have already thought of, that turning off the display makes the smartphone into an emergency dark mirror. Ha!

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