Ebony Wand The Second

Front of the wand

Well I tried making a second ebony wand. This time I learned from my mistakes on my last one, and took the advice of a few commenters on the last post (thanks all for the advice!).

Spanish Moss, gave me the link to a source that makes longer ebony dowels, that I had not seen yet. They were listed as 12″ long on the site. I would of liked longer (16″ would be ideal), but it will do! The dowel they sent was actually 11″ in length, and the diameter was 1″ (compared to 3/4″ from the previous wand). So the new one was shorter and thicker, but atΒ  least I don’t have to glue two 6 inchers together again. It’s a single solid piece of wood so it’s a decent trade off.

Scylla suggested using press-on letters from an office supply store to apply and then trace around them. This is what I did. I applied the press on letters and traced around them with the engraver this time (not the wood burner!). The engraver was much easier to use on the wood and when I removed the press-ons I had perfect outlines. I then used liquid gold leaf (my friend Robert had suggested a gold pain pen, which would work equally as well I think, but I already have the liquid gold leaf so I just used what I had) .

Back of the Wand

I think the result is much more to my liking! This time I also put the “Ego Alpha Et Omega” on the back of it. I ended up putting about twice the amount of time into this one. Next, it’s time to consecrate it! Now what to do with the origional one?

Comparison: New on the top, old on the bottom. A huge improvement I think

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12 Responses to Ebony Wand The Second

  1. Kalagni says:

    Often when I replace a ritual tool I burn the old one. (If Blue /Flame/ Magick, or Kal/agni/ didn’t give it away, I like fire) I then use the smoke and ash of the old one in the consecration of the new one. Using the fire to eliminate the impurities and distill what is inside and then passing it along into the next form of the tool.

    • Seillean says:

      That’s actually a really good idea! I like it. I’m also a fan of fire! Thank you for the tip. I may just end up doing that. Was planning a bonfire this weekend anyway πŸ˜‰

  2. Spanish Moss says:

    I like it. Let me know how it performs for you. If you decide to sale or pass the old one one to someone else, make sure to ‘cut’ your ties to it. I am sure you already knew this, but just in case, I thought I’d say as such.

    Also, I appreciate the shout-out.

    Boidh se!

    -Spanish Moss

    “Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path.”

  3. Matt Baldwin-Ives says:

    Wow Rick, they look great πŸ™‚

  4. Scylla says:

    Glad those rub-on letters worked! Very, very, tidy in deed.

  5. I give my old tools and prototypes away β€” to apprentices, to friends, occasionally to family members. It’s a way of passing on and expanding the magic. This has been particularly true of my first four modern angelic grimoire tools, because I want to help spread the hermetic mindset, which seems to be so useful.

    • Seillean says:

      Andrew, thats a thought I had too actually. It’s a good idea, giving back and promoting Hermetic magic. I like it πŸ™‚

    • Scylla says:

      I keep all my old tools for this very reason. I find I either pick them up and use them again at some point, or that I can pass them to someone else. I find used tools do help get over the initial “hump” of getting tied in to power.

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