Solar Initiation

Obligatory Disclaimer: I debated long and hard if I should write about this stuff. I always try to stick close to the concept of honesty on this blog and really just speak from the source. I’m not out to make this a blog about any one particular path or impress anyone or make myself out to be anything other than I am (i.e. often confused and feeling around in the dark). I really blog for two reasons: Write about stuff I’m passionate about (ie magic) and document all the many twists and turns on my own path, of which there have been many!

So I’m not sure if this whole working towards the Supernatural Assistant goal is considered “too personal” to write about because I don’t see much written about it from a personal perspective, but I’ve learned so much by reading others general experiences, and I kind of wish I could find more accounts of this kind of thing to read about, so I’m going to write about my experience unapologetically. Too personal be damned. So there. <nod>.

The Solar Initiation

I spent the month preparing, praying to the First Father daily to fortify myself. For two weeks before the rite I began courting Michael by setting aside some time daily during the hour of the sun to say the Prayer of St.Michael and meditate on his seal and sigil.

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

I began the preparation an hour early. I started out with various prayers to the First Father followed by a prayer and offering to my good Genius, who’s candle was burning throughout the ritual.

I did a meditation of where I’ve been magically and spiritually. I saw myself as a child just staring out, and all the various paths I’ve explored in my life thus far, both light and dark. I thought about my recent work in Hermetics and what it took to get to this point. I contemplated what exactly it I was that I was about to do, and felt that I had earned the right to be here.

I’ve been experimenting with Frater R.O’s concept of “The Box“. I don’t have one actually built yet (though I have plan in my head for building my own version soon) but I did hook my Michael Sun talisman up to an electrode  on top of a Square of the Sun, with a loose wired LED propped up under the crystal just as “proof of principle”. This was my first experiment using a lighted scrying crystal. I found the experience all the more intensified. I took about a half hour to bask in the (literal) light of Michael while chanting the above Prayer of St.Michael over and over during the duration of this time until his presence was palpable. At this point the conjuration was only a formality. SO I conjured him as described in The White Work.

Michael appeared in the lighted crystal very strongly. This was an interesting and new experience with the lighted crystal. Michael always lets me know he is there by sucking the light out of the room. The candle flames are still physically visible, it just looks like they cast no light for a time. This only happens with Michael. I’ve kind of taken it as his signal.

What I did not expect is he did not come alone. There was another presence in the room, one from my past whom I thought I was pretty much done with, that being of course the Morning Star. I didn’t expect him to be here too. I asked Michael about it and got the equivalent of “just go with it”. So I did. I asked for the initiation into the sphere of the sun.

I was bathed with Sun Fire from both sources, Michael and Lucifer together. I was invigorated. After this I was given a vision of my sphere completely clear like shining glass or crystal, with various sigils burned into it, and at least one magic square, black in color, almost calligraphic. Michael told me these are designed to bring me into contact with my SA.

Wasting no time I used my handy-dandy astral vortex talisman (sorry I’ve been exposed to too much Blues-Clues) to open a gate to the sphere of the moon and entered my astral temple. It didn’t feel right to continue in my normal chamber, so I asked the spirit who’s been assigned there by Gabriel as custodian to prepare for me a suitable chamber, specifically to continue this work in for the duration. He did, and lead me to it. It was beautiful and solar. I began the Headless One invocation, which immediately triggered my Strategic Sorcery Joy body form, much to my own surprise yet again. I finished by leaving the temple and closing the gate to the Sphere of the Moon.

Notice how all the various paths I’ve studies recently are weaving together here? I think this is important. It indicated wholeness and integration. Everything coming together. No longer it is a matter of following this path or that path and compartmentalizing, just a magician using what he’s learned for the greater goal at hand.

That night

That night I had a dream that I was being re-made by Michael and Lucifer together. It wasn’t a lucid dream, it had some regular dream-like story elements to it too. They took me out of my body, took me apart,  re-made me, and put me stuffed me back in my body with the help of what I’ve come to know as a tribe of lunar spirits. Then in the dream I felt weird and uncomfortable as a human again, and was told that from that point on I was more a spiritual being than a physical one, thus the weirdness.

The next day

Since then I’ve felt much like I did after my Fire Initiation ritual. Totally fiery, passionate. So many dots are being connected that I never saw the correlations between now. Whats more is The Trident has been very close to me. Let’s just say we’ve had some chats, and I’ve also asked for advice from other humans ;).

This is totally unexpected. I had not planned on doing much more with the Primal Craft when I started on the Hermetic path.

Now I see the the capacity for balance however. I always talk about balance and how I need both celestial and chthonic.  I see how I can make both work together. There is no dark and light, angels and demons are much the same thing. There simply is.  One side need not be shunned for the other.

I’m not trying to say I have the one true way, it’s just I personally need both, YMMV. Thus while I continue to work on Hermetics, I’m also going to be returning to my Primal Craft studies with enthusiasm as well.

All of this happened and made total sense to me following this ritual. I think it totally worked ;). Damn, something certainly happened!

I continue to do the Headless One rite daily (It’s only been 3 days!) and have not had any palpable experiences with S.A. as of yet. If I do I’ll write abut it here (eventually).

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11 Responses to Solar Initiation

  1. Scylla says:

    I think you and I had pretty similar magical backgrounds and influences. As such, it’s one of those things that “certain figures” will appear over and over.
    The more I’ve read into and listen to various casts about Primal Craft, the more I notice that, well… I’ve already been doing it for years.

    Additionally, you’ve inspired me to make a piece of techno-magical engineering – combining this with a Frank’s Box.

    • Seillean says:

      Hi Scylla,

      We do seem to have pretty similar backgrounds.

      The more I’ve read into and listen to various casts about Primal Craft, the more I notice that, well… I’ve already been doing it for years.

      I’m not surprised at all!

      Ohh whatcha making? I’ve got an idea for my own box too, though I’m still in the process of gathering all of the “just right” materials. I’ve got a vision in my head that’s literally clawing it’s way out demanding to be manifested.

      • Scylla says:

        Essentially using this circuit-break mechanism in concert with a “Ghost Box” – a contraption which scans through radio signals endlessly, allowing the listener to pluck out snatches of words, phrases…etc. Which, usually, create a coherent response to questions.

        If one combined the sigil of a spirit familiar with and used to using such devices, additionally “boosting” by applying seals and sigils to the box or cabinet it’s contained in, it could be quite potent.

        My father was an electrician, and I gained some decent skill with such things when I was a kid… so I might cannibalize some old thrift store radios into something downright Lovecraftian.

    • Seillean says:

      Ok now that totally blows away my idea! That sounds awesome! If you make that I hope you post about it, because I want to see it! I have zero electrical skills. I’m lucky that I can make the little lights turn on at all 😉

      What I had in mind was converting a chest or flatware box into a table of practice. It will have 8 engraved ebony disks around the circle itself, each one a specific place to put your talisman (one for each planet and one misc.). Then each talisman would connect to it’s own separate battery that has been consecrated as a planetary talisman and wrapped in oil soaked natural+steel wool to make it an orgone generator. Then each would connect to it’s own colored light that are all clustered under the crystal.

      So basically if you put a Mercury talisman on the Mercury disk, it will charge up the mercury-flavored orgone generator below and light the crystal up orange.

      • Scylla says:

        I like your idea, and yours is a LOT more complex than mine. Mine’s something very niche and specific to a spirit I work with – one who has been asking for a lot more “space” in my work. I promise I’ll be posting about it, save for a few especially private bits (the seal of the specific spirit). And I certainly hope some other folks can get traction from the how-to.

        Ironically this whole thing got me over the “Electronics” issue I’ve long had with certain devotional items. While WitchMother and Father still don’t seem to want electric “stuff”, I realize others won’t give a diggitydamn.

  2. Robert Goode says:

    You seem to be into some more modern ideals of magickal practice. How much do you know about Pop Culture magick? Sometimes, modern stories and myths can explain relationships between age-old spirits far better than old and withered tome written in a dead language. After this Sun ritual, you gotta look into Madeline Montalban’s thoughts on Lucifer and his relationship to Celestial magicks.

    • Seillean says:

      Hey Robert,

      Hmm I’m unfamiliar with Madeline Montalban. I’ll have to check this out, it sounds just like what I’m looking for. Thanks much for the recommendation.

      Oh, I agree with you that sometimes modern though can explain myth better than ancient thought. We are after all modern’s right? What are you specifically thinking of in terms of Pop Culture Magic?

  3. Anne says:

    I may be of a different sort… But I enjoyed your post.

  4. Good on you for completing this. I too have had quite a few experiences and they’ve all been good with the Archsngel of the Morning Star, Lucifer. I’ve done a video called Witchcraft VS Satanism in my YouTube channel explaining him and the fact that there is no Satan as such. Check it out and let me know what you think? I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far very much and will subscribe. If you would like to add me to your Google+ that would be great. I don’t have FB ATM just having a break from that. Anyway Ive really enjoyed reading about your initiations with all the elements etc as its all so fascinating to me too just like yourself.
    Blessed Be )O(

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