My Hekate

Out of all the benefits of the path I find myself on (of which there are many), I can think of no greater aspect that I cherish more than my relationship with Hekate. Now, as I’ve written before, Hekate is popular right now. I never went looking for her. When she came to me I had no interest in a “Greek Goddess”. I barely even knew who she was. She picked me up when I was broken and rejected. I don’t know if it was all part of her plan or not (I would not be surprised), or if she just decided I was ripe for the picking at that moment. I can tell you, throughout every twist and turn of my path, from Asatru, to Druidry, to Witchcraft, and Hermetics (whew!), she has never left my side.

My loyalty to her is strong because of this. Even though my path has changed so much, my devotion to her has never wavered. These past few months she hasn’t been around much. One thing I’ve noticed about her is that she’s great at stepping back when there is something else you need to learn, or someone else who needs to teach it to you. When I sat before her altar and told her I was going to take some time to learn Hermetics she was supportive and basically told me she would be there if I needed her. I’ve kept my bi-monthly lunar rites to her during this time, but she hasn’t really played much into my day to day routine.

Every once in awhile I would check in. She once gave me an image of herself as a flame in my heart. That flame can either be spark or an all consuming fire, but she is there none the less. All that is different is her intensity. She would tell me she is there even though I can’t feel her, and to go learn and explore. Play and grow. And so I did.

I found other companions on the way. She has so many faces. In studying Hermetics I’ve fallen back on the Chaldean Oracles a lot more (not specifically Hermetic but definitely a precursor document). I’ve gotten to know The First Father, and she has a connection to him as well. She is the world soul with nature on her back and virtue pouring forth from her hip, and I see her as the Spiritus Mundi. Every time I think I have her figured out she comes to me with a different face. Hellenic Hecate? Sure she is there. Thracian mother goddess? Yup. She goes back even further to what I cannot guess.

After my Solar ritual she came back pretty strong to me (bringing a few of her friends). This time the face she showed me was purely the Primal Craft face. The Hekate I interact with through the Primal Craft books is much different than the one I interact with in a historical sense. Somehow more darker, baser, chthonic. She is still my Hekate, but the energy is much different. This is the face she has presented to me all week.

I have been a devotee of Hekate in many faces, many guises. All are correct all are her. When people argue over which one is correct I’m reminded of the cliche about the blind men and the elephant. Let me tell you, she is much bigger than any elephant! To me she is the personification of the balance I seek in my own path. She is the beautiful torchbearer of the Empyrean realms, and the dark chthonic queen of the infernal. What better patron is there for one who seeks to know both realms?

Hekate, Queen of heaven and Hell… and apparently Brooklyn.

So now she’s come back with full force. To me she remains the world soul of the Chaldean Oracles, somewhat akin to the Sophia. She remains the Hellenic Hekate who is honored by hymn and wine. She remains the goddess of Witchcraft who is honored at the crossroads with the smoldering sacrifice of black pup. She remains the dark wholly unknowable figure of the Primal Craft. For the longest time every day I would look at my Hekate devotional necklace hanging on my mirror and not be able to bring myself to put it on. Lately I haven’t been able to leave the room in the morning without it.

Like all relationships, there is ebb and flow. Sometimes they are just a whisper in your ear, other times a roaring shout. Sometimes just a spark, sometimes a raging flame. For now I am glad to have her company again, in whatever form she shows herself to me as. When asked which form is the real Hekate, I say they all are. She is way too big to fit into any one preconceived mold, ancient or modern. She is simply Hekate and comes to us as she wishes.

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11 Responses to My Hekate

  1. Hello my dear friend,

    I do not post to much in your blog, but I am always looking for a new entrance and for this one I just need to speak.

    And I just want to say that what you writed here is just beautiful and with a Truth from your Heart. Becase indeed Hekate “come to us as She wishes”, She is so much more that much people think. The face that walk with me the most is the Dark Queen from the Void (The Primal Craft One) is actually the face that vibrate more with me and that was the first reason why I decided to follow the Trident Books, because She was the One for me. I work with Her in more basic devotional rites also, and in that way She present in a more sutil way, to recive my offerings of wine, fire, garlic, chants, or other stuff, and then She go to return when I am about to sleep in a more Darker Form, not letting me sleep at all and surrounding my room with that really heavy and dense atmosphere that I think you know, in order to tell me something or just to embrace me with Her energy, and that is just orgasmic.

    I do not like to make public many of this things but I wanted to writed in your blog in order that one can see that Hekate is just Hekate, She do want She want, She is Beyond the Time. That is why for me She is Ain, She is the First and She can be even Male and Female, trust me, and that is just awesome, She is my Goddess and my Empress and I always glad to have the chance to know you through this Blog, because sometimes I feel it was something that, even with the distance, was meant to be, and I think is because with have similar Paths, and the Threads of the Sisters always mix each other.

    Cheers and Hail our Queen

    • Seillean says:

      Grimnir my friend,

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment. it is much appreciated. Your experience very much is reminiscent of my own. She is my Empress as well 🙂 I agree, her devotees have a tendency to find one another. It’s like the Hekatean Brother/Sisterhood!

      It has been a pleasure getting to know you through the distance by the internet! It’s wonderful to have others on a similar path to share these things with and you and I seem to have very similar paths indeed. Your devotion is an inspiration to me. Always feel free to comment or write me as you see fit!

  2. Scylla says:

    The face I see in her, as the “eldest” she has revealed… is that of Tiamat. It was one of those movie moments… the giant rockwork structure on which the hero is leaning is actually the forepaw of a massive dragon. It was less a face than an impression that in the distant gloom there was a face, and it was both beautiful and terrible.
    Much later than that, and she becomes human-esque. Towering, smouldering, titanic.

  3. Anne says:

    I found your post wonderful, and heart-felt. There is more truth in one’s direct experience than any book could contain fully. I feel this way about my Bear Goddess, a dark, primal deity that trying to write it all down is impossible. I may be an American practicing with a Germanic/Celtic diety, but I can raise my glass in a solemn toast of understanding – if that makes any sense.

  4. ginandjack says:

    “She once gave me an image of herself as a flame in my heart. That flame can either be spark or an all consuming fire, but she is there none the less.”

    I know I rarely chime in on your blog, but I had to speak up. The imagery you conjure here has historical precedent; mystics of many traditions and varied beliefs express similar visions and gnosis from “alternative powers”. I have come to associate the flaming heart with diety-hood in general, as well as the divine spark within us. After all, the word deus itself means “of light”. Is it any real surprise then, that a Titan-come-God should reemerge when you perform solar rights?

    Just sharing that, you are not the only one who experiences/d the/a god/s in such a way. Your communions with Hekate are clearly both genuine, and a huge boon to you. I’m wishing you the best in your endeavors.

    • Seillean says:

      Hi there, thanks for commenting! I’m very glad you did. I had never even considered the association with the flaming heart and the associations you mentioned, but it does make sense. Thanks very much for this. I wish you the best of luck as well!

  5. Anne says:

    Plus.. The comic reference is bad-ass…

  6. Alorer says:

    YES! This, exactly this. When I read Mark Alan Smith’s “The Baptism of Fire” essay in “Her Sacred Fires” anthology, I was moved and inspired beyond words. The Primal Craft aspect of Hekate is not one She has shown to me (yet?) and even though – from what I’ve read here and elsewhere – She seems wholly different to the historically “appropriate” Hekate, She is still the same, just appearing differently.

    It’s my firm opinion and belief that She appears as we need Her. In other words, for me She is Anima Mundi and Goddess of Witchcraft, averter of evil and protectress of the oikos, Great Initiator and Mistress of All Mysteries. For others, She can be something else, or perhaps even these same aspects with a different expression.

    Thank you for this post and the understanding that She is much more than we can define and stuff in our neat little boxes. A lot of people unfortunately fail to see that…

    Best of luck in your endeavours!

  7. Martin Schiller says:

    In my experience, She is the oldest of all Goddesses; the Titan that Zeus recognized and honored. She is the Voice of the Dark and the Revealer of secrets too old to even have an tongue to express them. I can think of no better companion on the road of life, or to guide us at it’s many Crossroads. Khiare! be Blessed.

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