This Week, in Awesomeness

Ok, my first miscellanea post! Where I catalog everything I’ve found awesome this week.These are really just the things that I found I really enjoyed and made me be proud to be part of a thriving magical blogging community.

First off, I changed my screen name to Skyllaros. It means Hermit Crab. This works symbolically for me in many ways. Selliean, which I have used for the past few years, was my Druid name, but since I’ve pretty much moved into being a magician full-time and haven’t looked back, I felt the change was warranted. It’s not my “true” name, but it works as an outer magical name. I still pretty much just go by Rick though 🙂

So lets get to it.

The Digital Ambler shows us his new lamens used for evocation that he designed himself and colored. I’m somewhat jelous of individuals with this level of creativity! I’m pretty floored by the result.

Ocean Delano shows us his new Fiery Oil or Protection, using a formula he came up with himself and a consecration method inspired by various sources. Just beautiful!

My friend Iolair shows us a rattle that he crafted himself. Combined with his Cernunnos plaque that he made, the result is simply astounding!

There is a new review of Mark Allan Smith’s Trident Trilogy, by Washington DC Lawyer, Dick A. Kirchner. He gives an innovative view point that touches on the literary merits of the books as well as the value of gnosis.

Dr. Caeli D’anto gives us a peek of his and Hellfurion Liontari’s new Lucifer oil which was empowered on last nights Venus transit. Only 5 were made. I’m hoping to get my hands on some when their new project is revealed.

Have you seen the blog of Witch Sarah-Jayne Chapman “In the Chimehours”. It is a combination of her almost ecstatic writing style combined with the gorgeous photography of Mile Cross (comprised of Matt Baldwin-Ives and Ian Thurlby). The combination is like a visual and written feast for the magically oriented mind.

The ever wise and always mater of fact Brother Moloch give us a lesson in magical goal setting.

On the Chaos front, Jason Miller continues his exploration into the post-chaos era, and Gordon of Rune Soup gives us some food for thought “Magical folk, over the space of a few months, will swing wildly from diasporic hoodoo to tantra to runic invocation to Christianity to alchemy to goetia to plain, ol’ colour correspondence and back again. To my eyes this looks suspiciously like “my kind of patriotism…”

Ok that’s all the awesomeness I can handle today.

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2 Responses to This Week, in Awesomeness

  1. Iolair says:

    I have to say, it is quite an honor to be on this list. Thank you very much, Rick.

  2. Andrew says:

    Pretty good collection of links. I hadn’t seen Iolair’s work or Brother Moloch’s before.

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