Of Sea Serpents and Starlings

I’ve voiced a lot of cognitive dissonance about the various paths I’ve integrated and how it gives me grief (and identity crisis) at times. Once in awhile however it all comes together beautifully and makes me think I must be doing something right. yesterday was such a day.

I started off the day doing some basic psychic hygiene work. I did the Hermetic Purification ritual, calling on the angels and 4 princes of the Earth to clean my sphere, followed by a purification technique from the Strategic Self Course. I then finished up with the Calling the 7th’s for Equilibrium ritual, which is become a staple for me as I try to integrate the Graeco-Egyptian aspect of the Hermetic current. I felt pretty good and it set the stage for the rest of the day.

For the afternoon I spent some time in the woods around the lake. I invited my Supernatural Assistant to join me but did not seek to have conscious communion. i just told it that if there was anything I needed to know, I would be receptive. Through my walk I was bombarded with ideas. Ideas for a new magical projects, sets of magical tools, business opportunities.  I found it very inspirational.

I took a new way I’ve never been before and came to this tree. Not far off a perfectly formed forked stang I found lying in the brush found it’s way into my hands and I found myself at a clearing around the base of the tree. I felt moved to do a full compass round and some devotional work for Hekate and Ol’ Horney, Witchcraft style. The words came out unhindered, flowing and from the heart. It felt good to be doing this outdoors, tracing the round with the base of my stang in the earth. It was, completely natural.

I continued on to my goal, a spot by the beach to continue my work with the spirit of the lake here. I think if there is a major body of water or other natural landmark in your place of residence, it makes good sense to make friends with the spirits there.

In my research I’ve found quite a few stories about this lake. The Native Americans had a legend that it was home to a playful, mischievous, yet good natured sea serpent. Now in the 60’s and 70’s sea serpent sightings where coming in from all over the place here. In one case a man walking through these very woods stumbled upon a great black wyrm sunning itself on the path, only to take one look at him and dive back into the depths.

In another case two college students were sunning themselves on a pier. The girl of the pair felt something tickling her toes, but she thought it was her boyfriend playing footsie. So imagine her surprise when she opened her eyes to find a large sea serpent hovering above them, playing with her feet with it’s flipper. Sounds like a mischievous, yet good natured sea serpent to me!

I have a theory that sea serpents (of which legends are found in most large bodies of water the world over) are really just the natural guise of lake spirits. So a few years back I set out to make friends with it, and was rewarded with it’s name and sigil. I’ve been working to maintain the relationship with offerings whenever I can ever since. I’ve never had need to ask anything of it, but at this point I just want friendly relations.

As an aside, my wife grew up on another lake (as in it was basically her backyard), which has another Native American Legend I dug up of being inhabited by a vicious squid monster that eats people and they would not set foot in the lake (indeed every year someone dies in it via accident). My wife, nothing nothing of the legend, has nothing but revulsion and bad things to say about the lake. However one writer points out that if there is a monster in there it must be very small, as the lake is no more that waist deep at it’s deepest point. Still, my point is illustrated. Sea monster mythos are often code for spirits of place.

So I sat at the edge of the shore of, drew out the sigil that was given to me and called it forth for offerings using the Strategic Sorcery framework of offerings. I supported the physical offerings by visualizing swarms of fish with infinite abundance, which he has seemed to like in the past.

This time I also called upon all the other spirits of the area to partake. I sat with my palms exposed upwards, giving the fire and smoke within me and offering them whatever form is best. No sooner did I do this, then a flock of starlings came and swirled around me in a gentle fluttering cyclone. They seemed oblivious and unafraid of my presence. They came so close at one point I seriously thought one would land on me.

I like to think in someway that was the spirits of the place accepting my offerings.

Many different paths, all of which I have taken time to practice and learn in the past years, all blended together into one magical day. No divisions of names or labels, just good honest interaction with the spirit world.

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11 Responses to Of Sea Serpents and Starlings

  1. Lance Foster says:

    That’s how I like it too. Reading and understanding the landscape. Connecting with a place if it seems open to it, befriending it. My tribe had these underwater beings, in lakes and rivers. Most of them drowned people, taking them as servants. They aren’t entirely physical, which is why depth of water isn’t that important. On very sunny days with no clouds, they like to lay out and sun themselves. They don’t even like the hint of clouds, because they are in eternal war and struggle with the Thunder (Thunderbirds).

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Lance, thanks for sharing that. I love hearing lore like that, so intricately tied to a certain place that doesn’t get shared worldwide. I think learning about ones area and the legends and spirits connected with it is a very worthwhile endeavor.

      Oh I agree their not entirely physical. I think beings like this get glimpsed by people with “sight” and they don’t know what to make of it, and then legends get born.

      I enjoyed hearing about your tribes underwater beings!

  2. SpiderGoddes says:

    Wow! Sounds like a perfectly lovely afternoon!

    I must say that I fully agree with your assessment of sea and lake monsters. When I did work to find my elemental allies, my water ally is strangely reminiscent of the Loch Ness Monster. That completely changed the way I view such legends.

    I enjoyed this post a great deal.

  3. snaegl says:

    Great post. I’m entering a similar place in my own practice, though from a different vector. Good luck with your new projects and allies!

  4. Scylla says:

    Sort of curious which lake you’re talking about now. I live near a manmade lake where there are reports of the same thing – a cephalepodic monster that drowns people. I’ve blogged about her before.

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Scylla, the lake with the cephalepodic monster is called lake Koshkinog in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. It also has Native American burial mounds on it’s banks which may or may not be significant.

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