Future Plans (June 2012)

One of the things I like about blogging is it helps me keep a record of where I’ve been and gives me a sounding board of where I want to be. It’s been exactly 6 months to the day since I wrote this post where I first expressed my interest in Hermetics. So far I’ve been following the Red Work course pretty closely and specifically the black and white work. Hermetics has given me a framework to work within and a home base to operate from. I realize it’s going to take a lot longer than 6 months to fully utilize it’s potential. Now I’m taking stock of where I want to go in the next 6 months. I also want to avoid the trap of saying “I’m going to do THIS”, and not doing it. Here is a list of things I would like to accomplish and the directions I’d like to see my path go in the next 6 months. In January I’ll check this post out again and see how far from the mark I was. This past 6 months has been spent in learning mode. I went to the 6 to be “Get my shit in order mode” (while still of course learning!).

1) One of my angelic conjurations resulted in being told to check out Graeco-Egyptian Magick. I had bought this book a year earlier, but it didn’t make a lick of sense to me at the time. I opened it up now and all of a sudden the words where jumping off the pages. It’s basically a manual for ascending initiation into the 7 spheres in a Graeco-Egyptian format. As I finish up the black and White work, I’m going to looking to get more into the Graeco-Egyptian side of things and making use of this book. (I’m also anticipating that M.C.’s new book ABRASAX is going to open a ton of door in this area when it comes out! Cannot. Wait.). Hekate will probably feature heavy in my work here, as well as Helios, whom I’ve been getting hints to work with for months now.  Most of this will be of a devotional/theurgic nature I think.

2) I’m hoping to do the “Gates” series of workings finally. Been putting this off.

3) I want to delve further into the NAP. As pure thamaturgy goes, I’m impressed with the results I’ve seen here enough to want to focus on it for awhile in much more depth. I’m planing to write out all the rituals and invocations in a Moleskine dedicated specifically to this purpose as kind of my own NAP spell book. Also, I’m going to be making a spirit pots for Nitika and Elubatel to do some long term (and much needed) wealth work.

4) I’m looking to balance out the Hermetic/Graeco-Egyptian side of things with more of my “chthonic studies” i.e. Necromancy, etc. Probably will be exploring more Primal Craft in detail, but not writing about it much. A lot of what I’ve learned about myself throughout the White Work and working with the entities there has been a running theme of balance between the Celestial and Chthonic. Merging of Sun and Moon, etc.

5) Make my 7 planetary armadels and empower the batteries mentioned in my last post.

6) Challenge myself with whatever Mr.Miler throws at me in the Strategic Self Course.

That should be a good enough list for now. Let’s see how close I end up sticking to this plan.

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