Whats Going On With Me (July 2012 edition)

My monthly note to myself to track my ow progress. Been busying myself with a number of projects lately.

1) I started making the wooden planetary disks I visioned up. I started with Jupiter and finished it last night. This was timely because my copy of Financial Sorcery just arrived! It might be time to finally set up that Jupiter altar I’ve been planning for, oh ever. I’ll wait to take pics of the disks until their all done. This first one has the magic square in the center and Jason Millers seal of Jupiter on the top. Agrippa’s symbol of Jupiter is on the bottom with the sigils of the spirit and intelligence on either side. On either side of the magic square is the sigils of the angel of Jupiter and the Olypmic Spirit. It’s surrounded by 4 stones, 2 amethyst and 2 lapis. Each one will have the number of stones associated with the planet (for instance 9 moonstones for the moon, 6 amber stones for the sun, etc).  Around the rim are the letters and characters of the planet from Agrippa for example:

Characters of Jupiter

When I’m done with them I can hang them above the altar and bring each one down for use as I need it. At least that is the plan.

2) Making a set of elemental disks with the 4 elemental kings and 4 princes on them for my altar.

3) Moleskines! I love me some moleskines! I’ve been filling a few and finding it a great exercise in Kinetic Meditation. I have a red one which I’ve written all my prayers,  the Aphorisms of Hermes to Asclepius, the Orphic hymns to the planets, and all my spirits sigils. Now I’m filling it with conjurations and rituals and such. I like having a portable grimiore that I can take with me anywhere in my own handwriting. I’m contemplating writing out the Chaldean Oracles in it too if I have enough room, but it’s not a project I have the stomach for to tackle right now. It feels positively holy already though. It’s becoming a kind of talisman in it’s own right I feel. Plus I can carry it with me and just read it for inspiration or meditation whenever I want.

I’ve also been working on writing out my own copy of the NAP in another moleskine. Just the spells and evocations, not the cheesy success stories. That way everything is at my fingertips without having to wade through the pages of the book. Almost done with this. I’m also making a spirit pot for Elubatel for success and money work.  Interesting story here. I evoked her to ask what exactly to put in the spirit pot and got a mental stream of images. I was told I already had the items. This seemed weird to me until I was cleaning and found a box from when I was a teenager. I found the items stashed there and I didn’t even know I had them. I love those “This shit is real” moments.

4) I had a dream in which it was suggested that I do the Gates of the Necronomicon either in place of or in addition to the classic planetary spheres. I’m not yet decided if I’m going to do so or not, or just stick with the Hermetic version since that’s what I’ve been filling my sphere with as of late. Totally undecided. I like the idea though. I’ll probably end up doing both eventually honestly, the question is, which first? I made the first talisman this past full moon for next month just in case.

5) Most people know that in the past I’ve been devotee of both Hekate and the Horned God. Hell I even put out a devotional anthology for the Horned God (see the right side-bar). Hekate is a constant with me, but Old Horney has been absent in this recent phase of my spiritual development. Recently however he has re-emerged as Baphomet, which is a form more in keeping with my outlook and path these days (as well as deeper mysteries not exactly bloggable). So I sold my Cernunnos Statue and replaced it with this one. He wears many faces.

6) I hesitate to even mention this but I’m still contemplating this whole post-chaos idea and my place within it (if any). I’ve have an entire post written up about it, for a few weeks now, and still can’t bring myself to hit publish.

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7 Responses to Whats Going On With Me (July 2012 edition)

  1. Kiki Wanderer says:

    I’d love to read your post on post-chaos. I’ve been struggling with the whole thing myself.

    • Skyllaros says:

      Thank you Kiki! Maybe I’ll have the courage to get it out sooner rather than later. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who thinks about these things!

  2. Robert Goode says:

    “This seemed weird to me until I was cleaning and found a box from when I was a teenager. I found the items stashed there and I didn’t even know I had them”

    …I assume that box did *not* container Slayer cassettes, a small bong, and 300 Budweiser bottle caps.

    So you went with Maxine Miller’s Baphomet, I figured you would choose that one, since you have the Hekate and adore the image so. Baphomet is far different than the other horned deities in Europe. Definitely more Mercurial and fits perfectly into ceremonial magick.

    • Skyllaros says:

      …I assume that box did *not* container Slayer cassettes, a small bong, and 300 Budweiser bottle caps.

      Umm no. Not really. 🙂

      Yup the Maxine Miller Baphomet seemed like the best compliment to the Hekate I have. I did consider commissioning Jeff Cullen for something, but I saw this one and it called out to me, and I figured then I’d have a matched set. Funny how it works.

      Definitely more Mercurial and fits perfectly into ceremonial magick.

      Yup, I would agree. He seems to fit in quite nicely.

      • Robert Goode says:

        I don’t think I’ll ever have Jeff make something for me, I just can’t pick one, and I swore I would have one.
        Also, does anyone find you can’t post to WordPress via Safari? I always have to use Firefox to post anything on WordPress blogs.

  3. Soli says:

    The other day I found myself wondering, supposedly out of the blue, what was going on with you. I’m always fascinated by where your magical work has taken you and it’s certainly inspiring.


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