Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So Nykti over at The Night Wanderers Path gave me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thanks Nykti, it’s much appreciated! I kind of enjoy these, though I know a lot of people don’t do memes, just because it’s cool to see who in the blogosphere everyone reads and enjoys and give props to them. So if I nominate someone here, I don’t necessarily expect them to do the meme thing, but mostly wanted to give a “youre awesome stamp”!

So here are the rules:

1. Display the award certificate on your website. Done!

2. Announce your win with a post and include a link to whomever presented your award. Done!

3. Present seven awards to deserving bloggers.  Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.

Ok here are my pics:

1) My friend Iolar over at By Stag and Eagle. I enjoy reading about your path man! It’s been a pleasure getting to know him.

2) The Ditzy Druid: She always has insightful posts that make one think, plus I love reading about her adventures in Druidry and the ADF. Besides, just a good person too!

3) The Digital Ambler: One of my favorite mage blogs. Polyphanes’s ideas and about magic and craft work is simply spot on. Way to raise the bar for everyone!

4) Turning the Magic Around by Ocean Delano. It’s nice to see someone who’s on a similar path to me. I enjoy reading his ideas an experiments.

5) Head for the Red: RO’s blogging and course work has been a huge inspiration and influence for me this year. RO’s if your reading I don’t expect you to do the meme, but I have to give props where their due. Seriously, thanks.

6) Trinipagan: A practitioner of the Primal Craft who has the guts to talk about her experiences. Theres nothing else out there like this as far as I know. Bravo!

7) Blue Flame Magic: I love this blog from an awesome sorcerer who shares my affinity with the color blue 🙂

4. Post seven interesting facts about yourself.

Ok now onto me (It’s all about Meeeee!).

1) When I was a kid I used to stutter horribly. It just came on me one morning in second grade with no warning. I still remember the exact morning with absolute clarity. I stuttered up until high school, when it finally went away as mysteriously as it came. Nothing helped, speech therapy and all that… Even though it stopped I think this influenced my adult self a lot. Spending your entire childhood only speaking when absolutely necessary I feel changed the way I view speech permanently. To this day I tend to be quite and reserved, and I attribute this to not talking much during my formative years. I do however enjoy public speaking and consider it one of my greatest strengths. I can rock a room full of people like no one else when I want to.

2) I’ve recently decided to be open to relocation anywhere in the globe for my current job search. For the last year I’ve only been looking around home but I’ve decided to be open to adventure. I’d really like to relocate oversees in Europe actually. The world is my Oyster. I’m literally open to going anywhere.

3) I’ve also recently decided that I like popcorn after a lifetime of hating it. It was after my wife made some popcorn with just salt and light oil that I realized it’s not popcorn I dislike, it’s popcorn soaked in butter, which is the only way I’d ever had it. Now I can’t get enough.

4) My dream growing up was to be a Marine Biologist.

5) I have 3 phobias, Clowns, Fetuses, and Vomiting.

6) I hate sports. I get so tired of having to feel apologetic when people ask me about “the big game” and I have to inform them I don’t watch sports and they look at you like you just grew a second head.  I might be ok with football if forced but I have a special loathing reserved for baseball. I’d rather have my genitals sawed off with a butter knife than be forced to watch a baseball game.

7) One of my earliest memories was a feeling of “It sure is good to be back in the flesh again”. I’ve always had a feeling since I was young that it’s been a very long time between incarnations for me. That might explain a lot… 🙂  Also having kids has really solidified my belief in reincarnation. My son is definitely been around. He was speaking in sentences at 6 weeks old and will often ask for odd food items that I have to google only to find they exist and were popular in the last century. Where as he actually seems like a kid now, for the first year or so we got the feeling there was a very pissed off old man in there not amused at being a baby and wanted his coffee and cigarettes.

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5 Responses to Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Aj / Melia says:

    re: #7

    This made me laugh…while our experiences with our son have not been as…unusual as yours, there has been a number of times that he has said or done something that he couldn’t have known from this life. (One time he told me that he had held me when I was a baby.) It rarely happens any more but it happened often before he was 2. He has been flirting with females or grandparents since he was 6 months old and is well spoken for his age. Our son has one blue eye and one hazel eye (though that one changes color with his mood or what he wears). We had a Native American lady tell us that either he was an old soul or marked for something special.

  2. Soli says:

    I share 4 with you. Actually my great love in my youth was science, though I was never the best student in it academically.

  3. Belle says:

    Loved the info about you! We must have known one another in a prior lifetime. I also hate sports. Never got the Dr thing cuz in my era women became nurses !

    Also re the kids, I have always wanted mine to grow up to be I have one who is a punk musician/medical marijuana cultivator who is Way happy ! :0 and another still finding himself after a brutal college experience. We are trying to encourage him to get into horticulture too!

    Good luck with the job search!

    My phobias are sharks and aliens. Gonna have to check out those blogs now.
    I have a tough time with a blogging commitment !

  4. Robert Goode says:

    The doctor thing is rather simple and selfish. It’s all about the parents lording over the fact their child makes a lot of money to their friends. It’s also about money: They think if they child becomes a doctor, they can retire early and sponge off their kid since he would have so much money from his practice.

  5. Iolair says:

    Thank you very much for the nomination, man. It really means a lot. I am sorry that this summer has seen very lIttle blog activity, but that’ll change in a couple days here.
    Loved the facts. Good luck with the job search, it would be so cool to experience life in another country. That is one of the reasons I am most excited for vet school.

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