Review: Between Spaces; Selected Rituals and Essays from the Arcives of Templum Nigri Solis.

Next on my summer reading list was Between Spaces: Selected Rituals and Essays from the Arcives of Templum Nigri Solis. TNS is apparently an ex-IOT temple from Australia. This book represents a working grimiore in Chaos Magic. It’s been around for a few years, but I hadn’t encountered it before so it was new to me. For those who think the summation of Chaos magic is sitting around masturbating in front of a candle while mispronouncing Enochian should check this one out. It’s pretty intense.

It has a very hard core IOT style throughout the text and gives a snap shot into the workings of this temple. It starts off with general commentary and instruction into the basics of Chaos Magic ritual and technique before getting into the rites proper. I think of the most valuable rites in it is the Invocation of the Chaos current, a ritual to plug you directly into the chaos current and get your sphere all juiced up for the rites to come. A self-dedication or initiation of sorts.

It gives an awesome elemental based banishing rite called Tabula Rasa, which has become a new favorite for me as it’s a joy to perform. Another interesting rite is the summoning of the magical personality which is very similar to Jason Millers Joy and Fierce body rites from the SS course in my oppinion. This one is designed to help one gain access to the HGA consciousness. Given the controversial nature of this subject, I’m not even touching it on this blog other than to point your attention to it to make your own decision (you can damn well bet I’m going to try it though).

It sports full color illustrations that are just gorgeous and provocative. There are pathworkings, including instructions to visit the temples astral temple, and rites to both Hekate and Odin. I was a bit put off by the association of Hekate with the crone archetype, but I’ll be using the basic format with that part omitted for my own personal use. I’m not much of an Odin person, but the Odin rite is just wonderful for those who are.

There is a section entitled The Wild Fire Rites, which detail Chao-shamanism and the sabbat, Given the fact that I’m someone who needs both celestial and chthonic aspects in my practice, this was of great interest to me. It’s an explanation and guide to the traditional witches sabbat and very valuable addition in my opinion.

Near the end it gives a program of magical training dictating daily and weekly work to be performed, which I plan to adopt in my own practice. It finishes with a section in the form of “letters to the student” style of various bits of advice and guidance to the books contents. I found this section very helpful as it helped to condense the knowledge that was given and explain some of from the voice of experience.

This is one I plan to take some time and actually work though this coming fall. I’ve already started my own dedicated Moleskine grimiore for the project.

If your interested in Chaos Magic beyond the normal fare out there you’d probably find it very valuable to your own practice.

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1 Response to Review: Between Spaces; Selected Rituals and Essays from the Arcives of Templum Nigri Solis.

  1. Thank you for your review. Glad you enjoyed the book. Watch out for the Invocation of the Chaos Current. I can say from experience that the Commentary to the rite is invaluable and is a must-read before doing the rite!

    Cheers, Soror Basilisk
    Administrator & Archivist for TNS

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