Dimensional Sphere Sigil Technique

I’ve been working on a new sigil technique that has been working very well for me. So well in fact that I figured I’d write it here in case anyone else wants to try it.

1) Formulate your intent intoboth a standard sigil and a mantracized version of that sigil.

2) See your sphere surrounding you in the form of well… a sphere. I see mine as a sphere of crystal clear glass around me upon which can be projected any image like a hologram.

3) Study the physical representation of your sigil for a few moments then begin to see it replicating virally inside your sphere. See thousands of copies of the sigil floating around the sphere and replicating until it fills it. If there is a planetary power that is associated with your goal see the appropriate color light filling it. See the sigil colored the appropriate color. The sigils at this point drift aimlessly about.

4) Begin the mantra. As you start, the sigils perk up and snap to attention. They go from  floating randomly to beginning to organize and rotate in a uniform way in clockwise direction. As you chant they swirl faster and faster and a tension begins to develop.

5) The tension reaches a crescendo.  Tendrils erupt from the sphere and you feel them attach on the desired goal somewhere out in the various layers of reality. Somewhere out there, there is a reality where your goal has already manifested. You just need to find it. You’ll know the feeling is right when you do it. There is a searching feeling then a “latching” feeling.

6) My original intent was to draw the goal closer to myself with the tendrils, but in reality I found it was the opposite. The feeling I had was one of drawing yourself to the goal. It’s as if your sphere has now become your dimensional travel vehicle. You can feel yourself being drawn away from your current reality into a reality where the goal has already manifested. To use Roger Zelazany/Amber speak it feels like begin drawn through the layers of shadow.

7) After you feel it’s gone on enough, let the image fade and go about your day. Repeat daily as part of your daily routine until the intent has manifested.

Tweaks, adaptations, constructive criticisms, thoughts, improvements etc gladly accepted. Like I said, I found it has been working quite well for me. Your mileage may vary.

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5 Responses to Dimensional Sphere Sigil Technique

  1. That’s a great method; thank you for sharing it. 🙂



  2. I like it too. I can see it being used really well in conjunction with an astrological method I’ve been experimenting with — determine what effect you’re looking for. Then look up what the correct Decan and the correct Moon Mansion are for the day and hour, and the planet that you wish to associate with that energy, and then make a triptych of those three emblems or images. That becomes your sigil. You can then replicate that in your sphere, and spread that trio of images outward from yourself, to manifest the thing. So you can combine the astrological energy with your own visualization technique.

  3. Alarum says:

    Instead of allowing the sphere to fade after it has reached it’s crescendo, why not fire your sigil with gnosis? Or is the very visualization of the spinning sigils enough for you to reach an inhibitory state?

    • Skyllaros says:

      Or is the very visualization of the spinning sigils enough for you to reach an inhibitory state?

      That was my original thought, but it’s by no means set in stone, just something I’ve been tinkering with. I think Firing the sigil with gnosis at crescendo would be a great thing to try with it too!

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