The Favor of Kings Working

The layout

The layout


With open box

Awhile back, the good Frater Opus posted about The Favor of Kings. It’s an idea that I really thought is a good idea. At the time I settled on the Sun as being the sphere I wanted to go through for this. So I conjured up Michael and asked him for the Favor of Kings. I got pretty good results, but the idea of “purely mental magic has purely mental results” stuck in my head, and I thought that I wanted something physical to ground this magic long term. Something I can renew every once in awhile, pray over, etc. So I decided to make a Sun box.

I wood-burned a nice little box with the square and sigil of the sun, including the spirit, intelligence, and archangel on the outside as well as the “symbols of the sun” from Agrippa Book I.  It looks kind of mystical. I like it.

Next I fashioned a poppet of myself out of beeswax. I chose beeswax because it seemed the most solar, as well as the long history of concencrated bees ax in magic. It’s not perfect or pretty. It doesn’t have to be.  I kind of looks like Oogie-Boogie really… Anyway, I had a little red stone I used as the heart, which I bled over to forge the energetic link to myself and inserted the heart into the poppet during it’s baptism ceremony.

Next, I invoked Helios himself in the day and hour of the sun. I really want to forge a working relationship with Helios, given his role in the PGM and associations with Hekate. So Helios it was. I invoked him, asked for the favor of kings while burning frankincense and a yellow candle anointed with Crown of Success oil (from Quadrivium, I’m testing a sample batch for Lupas book review site and figured what better way to test than using it in an actual ceremony.). I then anointed my waxy double with the CoS oil all over and “tarred and feathered” my golden beeswax form with gold shavings. I then chanted the Orphic Hymn to Helios 6 times over the poppet, while sitting on a square of the Sun and with 6 CoS oil anointed Tiger eyes around it.

Then I wrapped the Square and shaved gold combination over the poppet, and put it in a gold back and sprinkled MORE gold shavings in the bag. The whole bundle went into the solar box and I finished burning the candle on top of it while chanting “Acebukrom” over it 108 (1 malas worth) times.

That night I had many a solar dream and felt a good influx of solar energy pouring into me. So much I found it hard to sleep. Still too early to tell if it’s worked, but I have high hopes. 20121202_195555

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7 Responses to The Favor of Kings Working

  1. Robert Goode says:

    Is this the post you couldn’t decide to publish?

  2. inominandum says:

    Nice Solar Seal!

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