Altar Show and Tell

20121217_223814  So I’ve been re-arranging my altars a bit recently trying to find a configuration that works for me. I’ve pretty much settled on the follow for my full altar set up. I found this set of tables at an amazing price at the local antique store. I was going got leave and think about them, but I physically could not leave until they were mine! I also found an assortment of other items there, such as the antlers, incense burner, and various other stuff (which resulted in the shop owner questioning me on why I needed all these items. I half considered rolling up my sleeve to show my rather large Horned God tattoo and telling them that I’m a sorcerer, that’s why, but I refrained).

Anyway, this provoked a full on altar rearrangement! It’s divided into two sections, the upper for Hekate and the bottom for Old Horney, my respective patrons. Inside the drawers are all my incenses, oils, lamens, metal talismans, and stones.

Below are close up of each half. Here is Hekate’s shrine. The photo above is Hellfurians Hekate print from The Voodoo Store. She is surrounded by vessels for Earth, Sea, and Sky. The skulls are a swine skull, 2 coyotes, and my raccoon familiar. There is also a snake bell, a brass offering cup, and the disks on either side are two of Jason Millers Hekate’s wheels from Protection and Reversal Magic, which I charged this past dark moon (another post on that later). The lamp is a sacred flame that is on whenever I am in the temple area.

Hekates Shrine

Hekates Shrine








Below that is the Old Horney shrine. It’s um… pretty much self explanatory. 😉 Statue, antlers, and skull for the Him, another brass offering glass, a skull for my ancestors, my ovate stone, an Awen disk and my ritual dagger.







Lets not forget my Hermetic Conjuration Station, surrounded by candles for the 4 elemental angels. I’m going to be making a new one soon. I find it’s just too big. I’m going to reduce the size to a smaller box and just have an array of switches inside to change the color of the light as needed. That’s my project for next year though. In front are pewter and tin talismans I made for Elubatel and Nitika. Oh and to the right is my stang and cauldron. So that’s the current set up, and I love it. Sometimes I go spend time in this area, not the do any magic, but to just spend time with the spirits who reside here. It’s very much a place of peace for me.



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11 Responses to Altar Show and Tell

  1. Soli says:

    That looks amazing!

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    That’s an incredible set up! I really like the table- lucky find!

  3. Alorer says:

    Wow. This looks awesome! Makes me wish I had the space and privacy to have permanent altars even more. 😀

  4. Alverdine says:

    Those are just stunning. Thanks so much for posting – I love having a look at other people’s altars. I should post mine, but it’s less “an altar” and more “a shelf with some stuff on it”. 🙂

  5. i love your new altar set up and table.. it is magical!! and its inspiring for when i redo my altars over new years.. *beams*

  6. Cootie says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Iolair says:

    Beautiful altars, my friend. They make me highly envious

  8. Anne says:

    Oh it’s GORGEOUS!! You certainly have an eye for it!

  9. says:

    I recently made a post about mine! I love seeing others’ altars You have a beautiful space, as you know.

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