Hekatean Protective Amulet

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling a serious need for protection as of late. I figure, if I’m feeling it, I probably need it and should just go with it. Now in Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers by ConjureMan Ali (wonderful book by the way!), he gives instructions for an Amparo with St.Cyprian. Unfortunately, although I’ve tried I just can’t seem to connect with St.Cyprian. I admitted defeat this weekend when I took down my shrine for him and gave an offering one last time in parting. It’s just not to be, or at least not right now.

I still really like the idea of a pact with a spirit though to keep one safe and watch ones back. Since my own patron, Hekate, is known for being apotropaic, I figured I’d turn there. Again, like the Favor of Kings working I wanted something physical. I find that I tend to get better results these days from grounding my magic in the physical. I guess everyone works different. I know people who can just ask spirits stuff and it lasts for ever, but for long term stuff I personally enjoy talismans, boxes, and stuff of that sort. It’s just my own personal magic style I guess (your mileage may vary).

Also, in Jason Millers Protection and Reversal Magic book he gives a symbol he calls “The Wheel of Hekate” and invocation for empowering it. He also gives a rite called The Sphere of Hekas, which I’ve used for years now and have built a relationship with the spirits in the rite, Abaek, Pyrhum, Ermiti, and Dimughali. I wanted to include all of this. I recently used this symbol to create about 8 of them at once, and placed them all over my altar, the entrances to the house, under my kids bed, at work, inscribed on my necklace. For some reason I just really felt the need this last dark moon to fortify my kingdom. I’ll be following this us up with some Kammael work later this month.

Beyond this, protecting the physical areas I wanted something to protect me personally, really beef up the defenses of my sphere. So I made my own version of the Amparo. I don’t call it an Amparo because I’m not familiar enough with the cultural term to use it outside of the culture it originates in, so I made my own “Hekatean Protective Amulet” based loosely on the concept.

So first off I purchased two Hekate Prayer cards from The Voodoo Store. I also cut out a picture of myself and on the back of this wrote my signature and smeared my own blood over it. On the back of the prayer cards (using a magic marker.. giving new meaning to the words), I drew out Mr.Millers Wheel of Hekate, along with the names of the 4 spirits Abaek, Pyrhum, Ermiti, and Dimughali. (I’ve been working with them on my own for years. Jason has hinted there is much more S.S. Lore on them in his personal practice that I’d give my right arm to learn about!). Anyway…

Then on the dark moon, I performed the sphere of Hekas,  invoked Hekate, gave her traditional offerings (Cakes, garlic, honey, eggs), and empowered the two Hekates Wheels on each prayer card. I then presented each card to the spirits whose names where written on it, and offered them each a candle slathered with Blood Sacrifice Oil with their name inscribed on it, and asked them to lend their aid to the cause.

Then I sandwiched the picture of me in between the two cards, bound it up with a cord, and set a candle that had been inscribed with Ἑκάτη nine times and anointed with a combination of Hekate and Protection oil on top of it. This I prayed over to for Hekate to lend her aid and protection on it, and finished up with one malas worth of chanting. I then left the offerings and candles to burn down and the next morning placed the empowered charm under Hekate’s statue to watch over. I suppose you could carry it with you, but it felt more appropriate to have it sit under Hekate on my own empowered altar space. I do feel a difference since I’ve done this, a much more secure feeling. Protection magic is something I’ve slacked on in the past, and kind of got bitten in the rear with because of that. Just thought it was time to remedy that.

Hekate Prayer Cards

Hekate Prayer Cards


Prayer cards: Back with names and wheel





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7 Responses to Hekatean Protective Amulet

  1. Very cool work.

    You’d probably be interested to know that the “Wheel of Hekate” provided by Jason Miller is also known as the Aegishjalmur, the Helm of Awe, or simply Aegir’s Helm in Northern magical practice. I have a similar sigil tattooed on my left arm, with its modified brother under my right arm.

    Its a bit intriguing that we are aligning here as well, as I too have been feeling a similar need for self and familial protection. My readings have been coming up less-than-pleasant, and it would appear that not only are a few women throwing curses in my direction, but it also seems to be the season for general ill-will strong enough to cause issues.

    Best of luck,


    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi SE,

      Thank you. I thought there might be some connection there to the Aegishjalmur actually. It seems like having the tattooed would be a powerful protection indeed.

      It is interesting that you mentioned the need for protection. I’ve heard a few others say the same, enough for me to sit up and take notice. I’m not sure what is going on, but there is definitely a current of ill will out there that we all seem to be picking up on. Best wishes to you and good luck as well!

    • inominandum says:

      It is indeed. It is a symbol that also shows up in Candomble and Kimbanda as well as in Taoism.

      It makes its rounds…

  2. castielnova says:

    Protection is wise at this time. Tomorrow the world ticks over to a new age and apparently it’s going to be a time of fast and rough change. I’ve been tinkering with protective charms as well to boost my own security.

  3. Ocean Delano says:

    I thought I had left a comment earlier, but it doesn’t seem to have posted.

    It’s almost creepy how much overlap we’ve had on this. Lately I’ve been feeling the same need for protection, as I’ve skimped on it too. Just last night I empowered a Wheel of Hekate amulet, and I love the idea of a Hekatean-style amparo. What I found interesting was that, when I was trying to decide on an amulet to use, I had decided to try out one from the Book of Abrasax, but did a divination. Pulled a card for the working itself and got The Moon. The associations with Hekate jumped out at me, so I decided hard protection would only be part of it. Pulled another card: 3 of Cups, and in the deck I used that card screams “Triple Goddess Imagery”. So, Hekate it was!

  4. Alorer says:

    Hmm, so this need for protection is not just my imagination. I’ve been toying with the idea of re-casting my standard protections and fortifying them for some time now. With the prospect of more spirit-work in my near future, extra protection is a must, I think.

    Great post by the way! For various reasons, I’m not able to add a more physical aspect to my workings (at least, not as much as I’d like) so this post is quite interesting for me. 🙂

  5. veledalantia says:

    I wear a silver Aegirshelmed and have the Algiz-Rune tattooed. It is a time to need protection . Great Amulett that you worked 🙂
    blessed be )O(

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