The Call of the Morrigan: Surrender

548671_273609259408485_967342574_nI’m not really much in the habit much any more of talking intimately about deity relationships, but what the hell. It’s my blog and I feel like writing something, I actually have the time (for once) and it’s whats been on my mind… A lot. So this is going to be one of those personal type entries.

So about a year and a half ago, when my twins where born I had a sleep deprivation induced dream/vision where I was basically claimed by The Morrigan. For those who don’t feel like reading that whole post, she came to me in a series of dreams where I was violently chased, skewered, and told all my other oaths were erased and I was Hers. They were quite vivid, frightening, and totally unsought-after dreams.

At the time this induced a lot of consternation in me because it came out of the blue and I had pretty much no interest in working with her. So I gave it an admittedly half-hearted shot, and ended up telling her “umm… maybe later?”. I then promptly forgot about the whole matter and put it behind me. I guess a year and a half seems not so long ago to me at all. Probably even less so to a goddess.

So recently, I’ve been getting pretty strong door-knocks (more like head-slaps really) from the Morrigan again, reminding me of those previous dreams. Turns, out, she’s not really going away this time. Later… is now. Fortunately there haven’t been any dreams this time around (I did find those disturbing), just this sudden, all consuming, want to claw your heart out need to respond to her call that started off quietly and grew in intensity over the past two months.

To quote Morpheus Ravenna in her post Meeting the Queen :

“You might have the option to decline the relationship if it does not feel right for you. If this is your choice, my very earnest advice is to be exceedingly respectful in your way of declining Her claim on you. The story of the great hero Cu Chulainn is a cautionary tale about what can happen: he not only refuses Her protection and guidance, he insults Her; and She brings about his downfall, giving him a hero’s death. So if you must refuse Her, do so with reverence and with gratitude for what’s been offered to you. And if you’ve ever asked Her for anything, if you’ve called Her name with feeling, I don’t recommend attempting to refuse Her claim on you. In Her world, you’ve already offered yourself to Her.”

So I’ve spurned the call once. Much like Cu Chulainn, she comes to me yet again. I’d like to think I’m smarter this time around to spurn her again. Besides, now somehow feels right where before it did not. So I’ve been going with it. Even enjoying it this time. Of course it’s kind of thrown a monkey wrench into my established (comfortable) practice. Perhaps that’s the point? You see, I’m currently formally oathed to both Cernunnos and Hekate. I’m really cautious about working with new gods simply because I don’t feel I have the time to do so properly. So learning how to give proper devotion to three gods has been somewhat challenging for me.

Now for the moment at least, The Morrigan has really taken a lead, and Hekate has been hanging back. Considering that not long ago I wanted to be monoalotrous to Hekate alone that’s been a bit hard for me to swallow (also, rearranging shrine space has been a priority). That being said, it’s introduced a whole new aspect to my practice and has kind of breathed new life into it again. I’m not exactly oathing yet (way too soon for that), but am considering myself her (unofficial?) devotee as of now, mainly because she’s pretty much not having it any other way (and yes I did try to get out of it again in the beginning).

Considering I’ve been knocking on the Druid door for years now, it’s not surprising that I finally gained the attention of another Celtic deity beyond Cernunnos, who up until now has been my sole thread linking me back. So that’s where I’m at right now, and honestly, I’m pretty happy about the way things are shaping up. It’s a bit of a learning curve for me, but I think I’m more than up to the task. I have formally surrendered and am not going to fight it any more.

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9 Responses to The Call of the Morrigan: Surrender

  1. Wytchfawn says:

    As one of Hekate’s own witches, I feel yah… but know this: the Morrigan and Hekate are sisters, in a way. Hekate may have been preparing you for this work. Who knows? I recently went to an event of the Coru Cathubodua and witnessed a possession in one of the priests. When She walked over and stood in front of me, giving Her message to us all I kinda smiled at Her. Now WHO is their right mind would smile in the face of the Morrigan? Eh? When She smiled back, speaking about the majesty of personal sovereignty, I felt the hand of Hekate on my shoulder; my Matron stood behind me and let the Morrigan know I already belonged to Her. So you see, if Hekate let you go then it was for your surrender.
    BTW, funny you mention Cernunos because He is another psychopomp I connect with as well… one of the ONLY male deities honestly (something I wish to change).

  2. Jose Prado says:

    I’m not sure….don’t get me wrong brother, the Morrigan is tough and hardcore but she’s a Goddess. Perhaps it’s a touch impertinent on my part but why would a Supreme Ascended beimg feel the need to do threaten or cojale someone into worshipping them?

    I’ve worked with her only twice but something doesn’t feel right here. Beware, some spirits like to imitate Deities to trick people. Perhaps this is a female entity who fancies you and wants to force a claim on you in her name.

    If you want to work with her, bene. Blessings for you, she’s a wonderful and beautiful Goddess. But don’t assume it’s her just yet. Go to a 3rd person. One who knows the spirit realm well. A Celtic Shaman perhaps. Make sure it’s not something else.

    Three people I knew were each decieved by spirits they thought were Gods. Two were regular nature spirits and the other was demonic.

  3. Robert Goode says:

    ” Perhaps it’s a touch impertinent on my part but why would a Supreme Ascended beimg feel the need to do threaten or cojale someone into worshipping them?”—-Sounds like Morrigan has staked a claim, and doesn’t intend on letting it go. This is rather common among “New World” spirits, at least from I have read.

    Rick, I’m curious. You’ve never had contact before with Morrigan until the twins were born, right? You’ve never prayed to her, asked her for anything and promised something in return? This sounds more like someone who prayed to a god and asked for something, and promised something later on, and now this god wants payment.

    • Jose Prado says:

      I don’t know amigo, at least my interactions with Gods and spirits were never that extreme (thank the Divine Ones).

      But I agree with you….God or not the spirit world doesn’t knock on your door that hard unless you’ve done something.

      It could even be as minor as saying “help me Morrigan” or making a promise to align with the first deity who comes to you.

      Think Rick (if I’m allowed to call you that) is it a possibility at least?

  4. Belle says:

    I have had a fascination with crows of late, reading, admiring art, watching the local Family Crow. A not so subtle hint to study the Morrigan? Maybe, I cannot deny my Irish heritage.., but I wonder if this has been stirred in me by the approach of Brigid’s day?

    And with this crow obsession of mine, i recall a Jungian art lecture I went to years ago. Apparantly, prior to 9-11, children every where were drawing black carrion birds. It was postulated that somewhere in our Collective consciousness, they were getting clues about the death that was to come.

    I sure hope this is not the case now. But i ask, what Are the children imagining, with no prompting from adults, when they are in their sublime creative space? I hope and pray it augurs well!

    As an aside, I find it impossible to stick with one pantheon. I view it now this way, I have the primary Matrons, whose aide and support and cultivation of are now ingrained. Then, there are those that give me a bitch slap in the head, and say.. “I am here now! Figure out what it means; do the work, and our time will be shortResistance is futile; try to ignore me and I will fuck you up!”. And so I catch on, pay attention, do tne work and dismiss them when we agree our time is done. Dare i call them God/dess transits?

    This is why i have circle with many; initiated on many levels; but find the most contentment cultivating my own spiritual garden. Why I circle now exclusively with the small family coven.


  5. Anne says:

    Your experiences sound like what happened to me, with my own Bear Mother. It is frightening, and once a stake is claimed – fighting it makes it worse. I truly respect the Morrigan, so I tip my hat to you, and wish you luck.

  6. Changeling says:

    I especially liked what you said about a year and a half not being very long to a goddess. Very insightful.

  7. Jannete Jackson says:

    What ever other have said about doubting this is the Morrigan, be guided by your own intuition,in my experience she does tend to claim rather than wait for you to choose her. Oddly enough Hekate and Cerunnos as I connect with both of these and was also chosen by the Morrigan. It does seem that Hekate and Morrigan are indeed sisters who sometimes share followers as I have spoken to others who were led to one by the other. As for threaten and conjole, I think that is a bit of a misinterpretation of what you described; like any sovereign who you were called to serve, refusing to do so would be seen as either rebellious or insulting. My case was a bit different from yours as she saved me from myself, and earned my love and gratitude, I feel more than honoured to be one of her chosen.

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