Revival Druidry Inspired Triangle of Art

So JGM just release his new book The Celtic Golden Dawn, which combines revival Druidry and Hermetics. Needless to say I’m all over this, two traditions I love. I’m hoping to do a proper review soon :). Anyway, at the end of the book he gives a conjuration formula for summoning spirits in a Druidic fashion. Whereas he mentions the crystal he really doesn’t give any instruction as to a triangle of art or table of practice. I guess I’m just old school enough to want to include a triangle so I started thinking: what if I made a Table of practice based entirely on Revival Druidry lore as opposed to Trithemius’s version? Which got me started thinking about maybe doing a new Conjure Box 2.0, based on this concept. So below is what I came up with. Please pardon the crude nature of the graphic, I did it on powerpoint, which is about as technical as I get, but doesn’t really lend itself well to this kind of thing (plus I did it on my lunch break at my desk in a fit of inspiration, so yeah not exactly polished). Also, given that the normal Table of Practice serves as a physical Zone Rite to anchor the powers depicted, this would also serve to bring those powers to my temple space.

Now I can just hear the purists raging. Calm yo tits. I’m still going to use the regular Trithemius version for planetary spirits and Goetics, unless this ends up working really well. If I decide to add light mechanics too it, I’ll just do three lights. Violet for underworld spirits, ultra-white for celestials, and normal white for genius loci and the like. Anyway, it’s just a mock up. Then again maybe I’ll just skip the lights and make it the old fashioned way? Maybe I’ll build it this weekend?


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20 Responses to Revival Druidry Inspired Triangle of Art

  1. lancemfoster says:

    How about green for the Genius Loci and nature spirits?

  2. Jose Prado says:

    My God man, thou Art a genius lol.

    And Purists? Hermeticism is a form of Gnosticism based on the Greek Imperialist doctrine of Interpretatio Graeca (Greek Translation or Interpretation) where nations they conquered had everything including their Deities and Magicks reinterpreted using Greek Models as a way of forcing conformity to Greek culture and traditions.

    Hermeticism is technically (not trying to insult anyone or pass judgment here) a religon born of Colonial opression where Greek Gnostics claimed Hermes and Thoft were the same so that the newly conquered Egyptians would fold and merge cultures easier.

    There is no evidence to support the theory that they are the same. So if they want to go all ‘pure’ on you remind them of that.

    That said, it is a powerful system of magick and while I’m not into the overall theology, I do like how they combine systems.

    Thoft and Hermes energy does mesh well together it seems, the Scholar and the Messenger.

    I’n a Gnostic Reconstructionist so we don’t exactly see eye to eye theologically. But then again neither do I with mainstream Gnostics.

    And Gnosticism believes all religons are really One Religon that were split into various factions anyway.

    So this IS pure because you are, without meaning to (or maybe on some level you do and not realizing it) are helpining to make an even purer Gnosis with the blending of systems. Keep it up!

    I happen to like it.

    • lancemfoster says:

      So the Greeks started that? Then the Romans did the same with Celtic gods, merging them into Roman deities like Mercury, Mars, etc. And finally the Catholic Christians did the same, either discarding certain gods entirely or demonizing them, or merging them into God (Zeus-Deus-Deos-Jupiter), and saints (St. Brighid, etc.). I’d call it the Borg Model: You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  3. Nornoriel says:

    I love “calm yo tits” as a response to the purists. πŸ˜€

  4. Iolair says:

    “Calm yo tits.” I love it. I think that is some good advice.
    This is an excellent idea, my friend. I cannot wait to see how it turns out and hear how it works for you.
    Happy crafting!

  5. Robert Goode says:

    It’s different, that’s for sure. Can’t say if it will work or not. I have seen variations on the Triangle of Solomon, invoking Luciferian or Satanic powers as opposed to Michael and a few god-names. Those worked fairly well, according to the people who used them.

  6. foxchaos says:

    pretty a day doesn’t pass where you aren’t inspiring me to be more active in my magical and pagan-y (polytheisty-?) ways. =) Best of luck, break a leg, gods bless.

  7. Spiritwize says:

    I think this pretty cool. I’m reminded of this one guy who’s blog I don’t follow who’s working a system of evocation along more pagan lines (Ian Corrigan is his name I think). I saw Greer’s new book recently and read the introduction which makes the material all the more interesting (even though I’m not a G.D./Ceremonial type) because he didn’t just cook it up per se as there were folks attempting to do the same prior to him coming along. Anywho, happy summonings. Blessings.

    • Skyllaros says:

      Thanks Spiritwize! Yup, I’ve seen Ians stuff! I actually really like what he is doing.

      Aye, Greers book is nice because it is historically rooted and not totally cooked up. I actually really like it.

  8. Changeling says:

    Very nice! I’m interested to see where you go with this. I only have a basic knowledge of the GD, but as a Pagan Druid who’s also a Freemason, this kind of thing is very interesting to me. I hope you write more about this as you experiment with it!

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Changeling! Thanks for the comment. I think your blog is awesome btw! We seem to have a lot in common! Always a pleasure to meet someone out there with similar interests.

  9. Anne says:

    Genius!! Thanks for the Amazon link!

  10. Ian Corrigan says:

    Nice Table. I suppose I’d render the four animal guardians as pictures, or at least give their nouns in welsh, for a little more occulty feel. I suppose that you’ve seen my versions. Love to see a photo if you make one.

    • Skyllaros says:

      Thanks Ian, and thanks for the advice! I actually really like the idea of using pictures for the 4 guardians, I think I’ll use that. Not sure why I didn’t think to add them in Welsh either! I made a version 1.0 this weekend but ended up scraping it. Onto the next try. I’ll certainly post then I have it done.

      Yes I have seen your versions, they are quite beautiful!

  11. snaegl says:

    Frackin’ awesome! I’m still waiting for my copy of JMG’s book. I have a feeling it is going to be inspiring a lot of trips to the craft/hardware stores. πŸ˜€

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