Field Report: Job Finding Sorcery

I’ve waited a long time to write this post ๐Ÿ™‚ For those who are friends with me on facebook or twitter, you’ve no doubt heard me bemoaning my job hunt situation for the past year and a half. Like many Americans these days I found myself stuck in a dead end job that I was way overqualified for, overworked, and massively under paid. Not to mention the toxic, bordering on abusive supervisor figure who was making my life miserable. So for the last year and a half I’ve been doing job magic to no avail. I’d get close, often time down to me and another candidate (several times in fact). However each time I tended to get desperate and started throwing as much magic as I could at the situation. Huge amounts of magic. The whole lust for result thing. I was getting desperate and felt like I couldn’t help it.ย  I’m pretty sure I overloaded the system each time. It’s a mistake I’ll learn not to make again.

So this new year I decided to step back approach it from a strategic perspective and break it down into several pieces to get the ball rolling, and then leave it alone to let the magic do its work. No more magic fueled by desperation. I was determined this year would be different. I gave myself a deadline to find a new job by April 1st, using magic started in January. So first off, on January 1st while most were out celebrating, I gathered up my sigils, all my on going charms and enchantments and everything elseย  and dissolved them. Nothing was working, and I think it had gotten way too conflicted. It was time to start fresh.

So here’s what I did after that:

1. Starting on the first sliver of new moon in January I did an Opening of the Road spell, deciding to take Gordons advice that the best enchantment is a an open road.

2. The next day I launched my sigil shoal.

3. On going work with The Favor of Kings enchantment I started previously.

4. Binding of the toxic supervisor to keep her out of my hair until I could find something and be rid of her all together. (I seriously considered an all out cursing but down graded my temper to a binding.)

Opening of the Road Spell:


I decided to go Low Magic with this one. I fixed a 7 day candle with Road Opening Herbs and placed it a dish of Road Opening Powder, along with some empowered stones and roots that I charged separately, 3 keys in a 3 way crossroad pattern,ย  and 3 tarot cards designed to represent my intent (from the Wildwood Deck): The Ace of Stones for foundation and good Salary and all my earthly concerns, Transition for well… transitions, and The Sun of Life, to bring all the good benefits of the sun onto my situation. I then burnt some Road Opening Incense, invoked my ancestors,ย  and entered into a trance state. This really took off. After about a half hour of chanting “Abre Camino” I entered into a full on shaking/seething trance and something… odd happened. I started speaking in voices not my own. It’s like my own mind retreated to some back corner and I started speaking with a legion of otherworldly voices that were coming through me. I’m not sure if these were ancestors, spirits of place, or what, but it was pretty intense. I ended the session exhausted. I then continue to burn the candle for the next 7 days while praying my intent over it fervantly. After the 7 days I took all the components of the spell, candle wax, and powder (minus the tarot cards of course) and I made them into a Road Opening Mojo bag, which I carried with me at all times.

2) Sigil Shoal:

The next day I launched my sigil shoal with the following sigils:

a) I always get a steady stream of interviews.

b) I am always perceived by the interviewers as being the best person for the job.

c) I always get call backs from my interviews.

d) I always interview with eloquence.

e) By April 1st 2013 I will have a new job.

That very night I began sending out my resumes. This began working right away. Within 2 days of launching the sigils I had three interviews scheduled.

3: Favor of kings.

I previously posted my Favor of Kings Working. This is an enchantment I keep working on weekly. I’ve set up an altar to Helios incorporating the Solar Box I made for my own poppet, and a candle fixed with solar herbs and real gold flakes (yeah I kind of love this stuff. It’s so versatile and easy to use for solar work, when actual solid gold is out of reach). Every Sunday in the First Hour of the Sun I give him offerings of either Whiskey, Mead, or Honey, along with cinnamon incense or frankincense and recite the Orphic Hymn to Helios. If I’m feeling like it I also do The Headless One rite here for extra solar oomph.ย  I’ve also made my Solar Disk, featuring Jason Millers Strategic Sorcery Sun sigil, 6 Tiger Eyes, the name Achebukrom, and the sigils of the spirits and intelligences of the sun (I’m making one for each planet at the behest of my SA). Man, I can feel the effects! Since I’ve begun doing this I have definitely felt the Favor of Kings. My confidence has improved dramatically, everyone I encounter at work tends to think of me as “the golden child” now, every presentation I give is greeted with wild enthusiasm. When my references were called they said the interviewers where positively glowing about me. Whats more, I can feel it. I feel like I’m wearing the crown of the sun, I feel like I can dazzle anyone or anything when I have it on. I feel the solar power coursing through my sphere. This is good stuff. Jupiter gets all the props these days, and I’m sure his sphere is magnificent indeed, but lets not forget about the awesomeness of Helios! Helios is rapidly becoming my go-to guy. Maybe it’s an Aries thing?

Helios Altar

Helios Altar. Yes that is a turtle tent in the background. Also the Michael Lamen is from The Digital Amblers design. Also featured are Talismans of Elubatel and Nitika that I made.

Close up of Solar Disk

Close up of Solar Disk. The Strategic Sorcery seal of the Sun is layered with real gold flake.

4. The Binding

The Toxic/Abusive supervisor? I bound her ass. I created a Saturn box lined with mirror fragments. I then made a poppet of the individual in question (whom I had sneakily gathered many personal concern from over the previous weeks) made out of black cotton and Spanish moss , and I cast 4 lead posts to affix to each of the 4 corners of the inside of the mirrored Saturn box. I then ritually bound her inside the mirrored prison, and chained her poppet to the 4 lead posts. I then anointed a black candle with Cut and Clear oil from Quadrivium, and every Saturday in an hour of Saturn I recite the Orphic Hymn to Saturn over it.ย  The effect was almost immediate. Supervisor backed off to almost no interaction at all. I felt I had her firmly “under my thumb”.


Saturn disk featuring the Strategic Sorcery Saturn Glyph, with obsidian and lead accents, and Saturn box/mirror prison.

The Result:

On Valentines day, I was offered a position at the maximum salary the department allows for my level (A huge increase to what I was making), and lots of opportunity for advancement, a full month and a half ahead of the April 1st deadline (just a bit longer than 1 moon cycle). Also, the the new employers seem to really respect me and really want me. They even through in some extra perks to entice me to come.

On top of that… I’m not the only one whose been in a frustrating position. My wife has been staying home with the kids since the twins were born and is itching to get back to work, while we’ve been struggling to keep our heads above water on a one-salary income. Well while all this was happening, she too was offered a position! We both start our new jobs on the same day!

Also, child care miraculously fell into place, and a surgery my wife needed to have that usually takes months to schedule was scheduled due to a cancellation in enough time for her to be totally healed before we both go to work. It’s as if everything that needed falling into place, happened. This entire scenario has magic written all over it. It’s like all the obstacles moved out of our way and the road was wide open. A whole new life awaits.

It’s good to be a Magus.

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9 Responses to Field Report: Job Finding Sorcery

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  2. Belle says:

    Excellent! most excellent! I am happy to read that the situation has brightened ! Yeah Mage! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My biggest impediment to my workings, is that my unemployed son is not magically minded. Still, with enough work arounds; I pray he gets some good news Thursday. Though I also suspect he needed this length of time to refocus on himself and to get his health back. Mother’s intuition, no Witchy business at all in that.

  3. kj says:

    Nice work, very comprehensive. Congratulations!

  4. Nornoriel says:

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. gordonpwhite says:

    Fantastic stuff. And big congrats on the new job!

  6. inominandum says:

    Nice work, both the craft and the sorcery!

  7. Soli says:

    Well done and inspiring!

  8. snaegl says:

    Way to work all your channels, magical and mundane! I’m so happy that all this has put your family in a better place. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nykti says:

    Congratulations! It’s great to see things finally falling in order for you and your family. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “It’s good to be a Magus.” Indeed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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