The Great Work Calls

tumblr_mj8b4tOrrk1qm46lfo1_500 Last year I set upon the path the gain my Supernatural Assistant (Henceforth SA). I used Frater R.O.’s White Work as the basis of my search. Did my prayer to the First Father for about a month before hand, did my solar initiation, and practiced the Borneless One each day. In about a month I had… something. Something that I thought was indeed my SA. My biggest fear was deluding myself on this. I tested it through Michael and it seemed to survive so I went with it.

About this time thought the powers of the Sphere of the Sun were working their mojo on my life (read wreaking havock). As I wrote at the time, the process kind of made my life fall apart for awhile. In truth, it simply exposed the shaky foundation I was standing on and made it intolerable for me to stay on that broken ground any longer. It gave me the needed kick in the pants I needed to get up and get a move on. It was scary and it sucked, but I’m glad I did it.

To my frustration though, after summoning Raphael for advice, he told me to sit tight for awhile  because magic couldn’t solve my problem… yet. Didn’t stop me from trying. I threw massive amounts of magic at the problem. Didn’t work. So for the past year I’ve been building relationships, honing my skills, and waiting until the time was right to launch my magic, which I did.

Things are good now.  My relationship and family life is better and stronger. I have a new job, which I love and which is helping me to build the skills for even greater things down the line.  Money is no longer such of an issue (it’s always an issue, but not a critical issue now). My foundation is no longer shaky (that I know of!).  Life is pretty good.

I’m still unsure if I have my real S.A. though. I thought I did at first. I certainly conjured my good Genius, and from it got my SA’s name and sigil. At first it gave me some great advice (like building my planetary disks), and insight into the nature of the magician and myself. Then it seemed all too eager to lead me into some pretty dark paths. Now I have no problem with “teh dark magics”, but it seemed very un-SA like in it’s enthusiasm for the darkness. I don’t know maybe it knew something I didn’t and I needed to go there? Anyway I was suspicious.  So I conjured Michael again and asked for him to re-direct the power of the sun on to my angel. I haven’t heard from it since. That was about 6 months ago. Consider me confused.

Somewhere along the line I made a mistake. I either made a mistake in thinking I had the angel to begin with, or a mistake in believing it’s left me or was the wrong entity. So I’m going to begin again. Now that it’s spring (ie HGA season) I’m going to do the whole damn process over again. I’m on sturdy ground now so I’m betting the powers of the sun will have less to mess with in my life. If I don’t have my SA I damn well plan to roll up my sleeves and get it. If I do have it, then it can only increase the bond and make things clearer and stronger.

Now I know there was a hub bub a few months ago on the old blog-o-sphere where the general consensus was that you don’t really need an SA or HGA. I fully agree. I don’t think you do need one to do effective magic. I however feel the need to pursue it for my own personal goal, so that’s what I’m going with. This thing has been a thorn in my side for far too long. I need to figure out where I stand with this. The Great Work calls.

(Why the alien pic? As I’ve mentioned before, when I first started a-conjuring the Celestials they appeared to me, much to my surprise, as very grey-alien like. Still do from time to time, though I get traditional manifestations as well.  I fully think there is a connection there. No, I don’t have any insight as to what that may be).

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5 Responses to The Great Work Calls

  1. SpidrGoddess says:

    I am of the belief that your SA is always present, but you chose to have or not have a proper relationship with them. Cultivating that relationship is akin to the cultivation of any other relationship in the material…

    • Skyllaros says:

      Oh I agree. I’ve felt guidance from my SA since long before I began trying to conjure it. It’s just forming that right relationship and forming the lines of contact. I think you are very right though.

      • Jose Prado says:

        Well, I wont pretend to know everything that you wrote down here brother

        ” I used Frater R.O.’s White Work as the basis of my search. Did my prayer to the First Father for about a month before hand, did my solar initiation, and practiced the Borneless One each day”

        But by Spiritual Assistant I am guessing you mean an Attendant Spirit or Familiar. Here’s the thing : we all have one. That’s a not so secret secret. The challenge is in understanding and knowing when and how to find them.

        I went through the same ordeal of trying to conjure a spirit to be my assistant, in my case I was planning to create an Attendant Spirit to serve me. My Master warned me against such work especially because I was planning to use the negativity of someone else’s curse to create this being.

        I got that idea from the book “Pagan Anger Magic : Positive Transformations though Negative Energies.” And although it is an awesome thing to use against your enemies I now agree with my Master that it was a pretty stupid idea on my part to create a servant from a spell that was meant to harm me.

        The book is pretty awesome too Lol. But I digress. An Attendant Spirit as far as I can tell from experience with other Witches and Wizards will not lead someone down a ‘dark path’ unless it was dark to begin with. They will lead a person down a path based on their own nature.

        Example, if you have a neutral spirit you might have a little dark here and a little light there, and ton of nature oriented magick. If it was taking you to a path that was dark then I think you may have conjured a dark or even demonic spirit. It depends on what you meant by dark path. Was it asking you to do things that were morally questionable? Was it putting greater emphasis on power than on wisdom? It may very well have been an SA as you call it, just not that one you wanted or needed.

        In my own experience with calling on the Archangels, they only want what’s best for you. If Michael redirecting that power caused that spirit to leave that means that it was not working in your interests. It sought to corrupt you and become the power behind the throne so to speak.

        Gaining power through that route would have had a price attached to it I don’t think you would have been able to, much less wanted to pay. Instead why don’t you focus on working with who you have on your side already?

        I have found in my own journey that we all have small armies of Guides, Familiars, Attendant Spirits, etc.. already with us, bound to our souls. We just need to meditate and pay attention when they appear. I created with the help of my spirits and the Elders of Santeria and other Masters from other faiths a type of Altar that helped me to see them and hone into them. They are with me always.

        Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m a Two Headed practitioner (if you practice Hoodoo I’m sure you know what I mean) I think Raphael saw where you were going with this and tried to warn you. So why didn’t you listen?

        The Attendant Spirits who reveal themselves to you will reflect to some degree who you are in the moment. Now I’m not saying your evil, but that eagerness to go and try to conjure a spirit up regardless of the advice given to you by wise spirits reflects that same spirit of rebellion that led to the fall of many spirits from grace.

        I’m not trying to give you some spiel like an Evangelist on crack but case in point next time an Archangel tells you to wait, you should listen. If you are interested in maybe finding those spirits who naturally are meant to Attend to you, send me a message sometime, you can find my facebook link on here and I will try my best to help you out. I am no ‘elder’ nor do I walk on water but I have been where you are before and maybe I can help you take a short cut through all the crap you’re going through.

        Oh and before I go :

        “Why the alien pic? As I’ve mentioned before, when I first started a-conjuring the Celestials they appeared to me, much to my surprise, as very grey-alien like. Still do from time to time, though I get traditional manifestations as well. I fully think there is a connection there. No, I don’t have any insight as to what that may be.”

        I was told once by an Angel that being an Angel was more than just a race, it was an achievement. If someone does great things in life without selfishly self-serving themselves and generally tries to make the world a better place even on the most miniscule level, sometimes God or the Gods (yes this Angel told me the Pagan Gods and Goddesses are real and that Yahweh is an incarnation of the Horned God)

        Will elevate that person into the status of an Angel after death. A conversation with another spirit revealed to me that there was life on other worlds. The spirit was NOT supposed to tell me that but I was able to figure out what they were saying and before they could retract what they said it was too late, I figured it out.

        So it may be that those who beings from other worlds who died and have become elevated to the status of an Angel. It’s not an impossible stretch, why would Earth be the only world that the Gods and Goddesses created with life? Furthermore why would we be the only ones who have Deities? I’m sure there may be alien Deities out there.

        And Deities in other dimensions. So it’s not strange at all. I was not surprised when I saw you post that picture, I was surprised that you figured that connection out and that someone out there may have had the intuition to figure it out and made that picture.

        Looks like I’m not as bat shit crazy as I thought.


        -Jose Manuel

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for the reply. I’m always willing to take instruction and advice from those more experienced! A lot of what you say makes sense and I enjoy your perspective. Heh I didn’t listen to Rapheal because I’m a stubborn old sod. Lesson learned eh?

      I’m very intrigued by the Horned God YHVH connection you mentioned. I think I’ve read something similar before. It’s interesting because just yesterday I was reading the Chaldean Oracles where it talks about the primordial first father being both male and female, and was thinking that sounds an awful lot like Baphomet! Just a bit of a synchronicity there that you mentioned it. I’d love to hear more about that sometimes.

      Your thoughts on the aliens/angels make a lot of sense and mirror some of my own experiences! I’m also glad I’m not the only crazy one, but I’ve had others tell me of similar experiences as well when I’ve shared them. Were not the the only ones. I sent you a friend request on facebook btw.

      • Jose Prado says:

        Haha yes indeed. Actually Yahweh is a Pagan God. Most people think the idea of a Supreme God and Goddess was invented by Wiccans but in truth the concept is ancient. In Canaan they believed the God was Yahweh and the Goddess was Asherah, his wife the original Earth Goddess. Some Gnostics view Yahweh with Horns and Christian Angelogy believes some Angels (like the Metatron) have horns, because horns represent power which is why some Venus statues are seen holding horns that look like the classical horns of plenty.

        The word Hebrew (hapiru, habiru) means “river croser” as in an immigrant. They were Canaanite immigrants. And the Canaanites were all Pagan or in a Monalitry. It wasnt until religious civil wars started by the Yahwists that worship of other Gods and Goddesses or Baalim/Elohim was wiped out in a cultural genocide. You’ll even see these things out.

        Asherah’s image a wooden pole was “cut down” by the Israeli King Jeroaboan I believe. The problem was some of the Pagan worshipers were corrupt too. So it was one big fuck up. That’s why Gnostics like myself worship him and his wife among many other Pagan Deities. There’s no contradiction in serving him and being Pagan.

        He is Pagan. Simply put what the Churches preach about him is pure propaganda made up by the Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicea. They basically re-wrote the Bible censoring entire books from it like the book of Enoch.

        Yahweh can be both male and Female and some think Asherah is him in the form of a woman.

        I’m interested in what you mentioned about others having experience with Angels that looked like Greys.

        And nah bro I’m not more advanced, I’m just a student.

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