Hekate Literary Projects

Have I mentioned I’m writing a book? For awhile now I’ve been threatening wanting to write a basic “Starting work with Hekate” book. I will be writing this for Moon Books Pagan Portals Series. It will be entitled Hekatean Witchcraft (working title). It’s likely to be a slim volume, mainly aimed at those who want to start working with Hekate in a witchcrafty way, as well as containing my own personal praxis with her. Though it is aimed at beginers, it will (hopefully) have more than a few gems for experianced practioners as well. It will contain some of the following:

  • History of Hekate
  • Hekate in the Chaldean Oracles
  • Rites and Rituals including: A basic Hekatean compass round, philactery, Protective chant, Hekatean Mojo bag, tools, ancestor work, creation of a devotional key, and Hekatean animal necromancy.
  • Working with Hekate though the year and festivals.
  • A special section in which the reader will be given a complete Hekatean path-working for the purposes of meeting the goddess and petitioning entrance to her mysteries including an open astral temple with instructions on how to access it. This will serve as a safe place for new devotees to experience the goddess for the first time if they have not already done so.  The path working will then be laid out in a format for either memorization, ritualized reading, or audio recording.

I’m aiming to have it done by September, so I’m hoping for it to be out early Winter.

I’m also writing a chapter on Hekatean Witchcraft for Moon Book’s upcoming anthology celebrating 60 years of Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft Today.

Also, don’t forget about my Hekatean Prayer Book project! I’ve received a few submissions so far, but will need many many more if this is going to become a reality. So visualize me with a whip cracking above you yelling “SUBMIT”: The Hekatean Prayer Book Project

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4 Responses to Hekate Literary Projects

  1. Belle says:

    At some level, all words are prayers. I am wondering what interesting things would happen if we Mages/Witches Tweeted a Prayer to Her, beginning say on the Dark of Moon, and tweeted 1 time a day by anyone wanting to participate in this Group Mind Experiment. Perhaps a little Chaoist, but why not. Especially if deeds follow words..

    • Skyllaros says:

      I like that idea! Since when have I been afraid of anything Chaoist ;). I think that’s a really great idea! If you try it, i’d love to participate.

      • Belle says:

        Well you have more Pagan followers than I, and I don’t blog.. Maybe I could Hijack the Companion and we could be Co-Chaotes? I think Gaia and Climate Change are paramount on most enlightened folks minds these days. I would love to try something for that!

  2. Yvonne says:

    I’m already very interested in this book. Also, about the Prayer Book, I will be sending at least one illustration, probably in the summer. So that’s one more submission 🙂

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