Magic Washout

I find it interesting that when I looked at my reader this morning I saw at least 3 blog posts about how the last month or two has been a magical washout for many people. I’ve also heard individuals on other forms of social media say the same. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the same for me. The past 2 months has seen only minimal magical work in my temple other than participating in Her Sacred Fires and doing standard offerings. Its been frustrating!

I mentioned in the spring that I was going to do the Headless One Rite to figure out my S.A. (HGA whatever) situation. I did so, and I think adequately proved to myself that I had it all along, but then something popped, some sort of spiritual fuse tripped or something and I felt disconnected and spiritually dry for at least a month before I could even think of taking up the wand again. I’m attributing this to some sort of Crossing the Abyss phenomenon. Whatever it was, it sucked. I felt like I was missing one of my basic senses.

Also, the new job has been mega-stressful. I’d like to say that I was using magic to make my way easier, but I haven’t. I’ve barely had time to get settled into my new role and keep the family life in accord. Magic has taken a backseat these past two months. I’m finding myself coming to the Dark Moon and the new month of June with high hopes however.

I’ve had a renewed interest in Chaos Magic, not so much the old stuff, but it’s newest evolved post-chaos incarnation that seems to be the norm these days. I think I will always be a Chaote at my core no matter what system I am working.

I’ve been moved to finish up my damn planetary disks project I started a year ago, at the behest of my HGA. I’m putting the finishing touches on the Disk of the Moon, and then I plan to start evoking the planetary spirits again. I’ve been going back to basics with Jasons SS courses and re-familiarizing myself with that tech, which tends to serve as a baseline for everything I do these days anyway. Of course there is always Druidry, which may not always be in the forefront, but is always part of what I am doing some how.

Spiritually I’ve pretty much gone henotheisitic with Hekate. Almost. I’ve dedicated my temple space to be Her temple and swore more magical life altering oaths to her at Her Sacred Fires. We have a deal going on. Did you ever read the Terry Goodkind books (the first ones were great, but the last few got preachy and pedantic). Anyway in them, those loyal to the man character, Richard, swear an oath to him that keeps out the bad-guy dream walkers from getting into their head space. I have a similar thing with Hekate and other gods going on, so as not to be so “god-bothered”. It’s working well so far with one exception, Old Horney. My little god barrier seems to have no effect on him, so I’m still almost henotheisitc with Hekate, with a bit of Old Horney on the side.

I’ve begun writing my Hekate book, and am off to a good start. Submissions are starting to role in for the Hekate Prayer Book. Thanks all! I may not get back to you right away, but I will get back to you! Please keep them coming. As a matter of fact I’m going to be putting a blurb about it at the bottom of all my posts, so just be forewarned. ;). Thanks again to everyone who has been spreading the word.

That’s all for now. I have some more thoughts on paths and labels, etc but I will save it for another post when I have time. Wishing everyone a magic filled summer, no matter what your path.


Submit to the Hekatean Prayer book. Prayers, invocations, rituals, and artwork all needed!

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12 Responses to Magic Washout

  1. polyphanes says:

    Huh, so it’s not just me, then. I was getting ready to write my own post on the subject, too. What odd magical weather this has been.

  2. Skyllaros says:

    Yes, Odd magical weather is the exact phrase I was thinking while writing this actually. Sorry your experiencing the same, but glad to know it’s not just me!

  3. Belle says:

    The last 3 Lunations have been Eclipses. Usually they are in cycles of 2, so we had a bonus. Despite all the good Pagan Press they get, my Experience as an Astrologer warns me they usher in Unpredictable times when all you can really do is hang on to Fortuns’s Rudder for dear life. Also Neptune, the planetary ruler of Spirituality, goes Retrograde tomorrow, and is currently squaring early Gemini planets.

    I always look for validation in my life and sure enough, have seen untimely passings and many things I cannot control. This is when I step up the prayer/mantra cycle. I have no car radio so it is easy for me to chant in the car .. ;). There is a reason I call it a Magickal Practice, because, sometimes you just need to keep at it, with no sign of return. Our Matrons and Patrons are merely winnowing out the real practitioners from those who want Instant results.

    Well my idea anyway. Despite the real life chaos my family is experiencing..i do plan to go ahead with the Twitter experiment. Look for my tweet to Hekate sometime tomorrow, TS Andrea permitting, copy and paste it, or tinker with it. If you care, you dare! End pep talk.

  4. Aubs Tea says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone on this. While magic is a very back seat kind of thing for me, I was just thinking today (coincidences!) about how I haven’t actually done any magical undertaking in months and I had hoped to maintain my magical practice with at least one spell per month. So, it is kind of interesting that we’re all starting to (A) notice and (B) comment on similar issues.

  5. i wonder if it is anything to do with the early summer tides, so to speak, cause currently it is early winter here in New Zealand, and there is less of a washing out and more of a hunkering down feel to the enegy. can’t say that i know much about the really technical side of magic, but i have alwasy felt the change of the seasons, as such.

    *ponders this*

    as to settling in to a new office, i have been contemplating making small discretish wall hangings which can be hung in an office, to promote, happy, healthy, harmonious, and good communication for the work place or at the very least where you do most of your work.. *ponders this*.. that is my plan for this weekend. hooray sewing!

    maybe i should make you one for testing purposes?


  6. MrBlack says:

    lol, i just posted about this – it’s not i haven’t been “magicking” stuff though…..more like it has been less focused than my previous runs.

  7. Jose Prado says:

    I got this email from

    I may explain what’s going on to some extent :

    Neptune tends to ebb and flow in a dreamy, slightly deceptive manner, typically moving so slowly that its effects are almost imperceptible. On June 7, though, Neptune will become a force to be reckoned with!

    On that date, this gas giant begins lumbering backward for a few months of retrograde motion. You won’t feel the effects immediately, but you’ll find during this time that you’ll need to make more of an effort than usual to stick to spiritual or artistic projects.

    That same day, June 7, Venus forms a Water Grand Trine with Neptune and Saturn. While romance could blow both hot and cold, this influence will likely foster greater feelings of generosity toward humanity.

    Also on June 7, Mars squares off against Neptune for an alignment that has the potential to either drag you down or make your dreams come true. If you try to charge headlong toward something tangible, Neptune’s haziness could bog you down in confusion. If you focus on your goals, however, aggressive Mars can help you reach them!

    With this strong Neptunian influence, it could become easy to lose track of where you’re heading.

    By June 8, the air will begin to clear as the new Moon rises in Gemini, signaling a time to put as many of your plans as possible into motion. Also on June 8, Mercury and Uranus will spill forth such an abundance of ideas that you may not be able to fully think them all through!


    Maybe it was the governing forces preparing for this event that cauaed and is still causing the ‘ odd weather ‘

  8. Sierra says:

    I had a very similar experience as well – in February I’d had the intention to pursue a very focused path, all laid out, to pursue K&C of my HGA (using whatever terminology one cares to). Since laying out that path, I’ve barely done a single magical act. It doesn’t feel like I’ve broken my intention, or failed, though – it just feels like things are on hold for a little while until the timing is more suitable. Good to hear it’s not just me!

    • inominandum says:

      Keep in mind that the path of pursuing the K&C of the HGA is filled with obstacles. The mind and universe literally rebels. Your lack of action, even your feeling that you havent broken intention, can be a trap that you are falling into.

      Just a thought.

  9. inominandum says:

    Two things:

    1. If you have room, I would love to contribute to the Hekate Prayer Book. I have a LOT of material for her that has only been privately circulated.

    2. There is no mistaking the abyss experience. It has nothing to do with a Dark Night of the Soul or anything like that. It has to do with the breakdown of the idea of selfness and the realization of non-duality. Approach it through Ceremonial Magic and it is a bumpy ride indeed because there is a lot of emphasis on the self as well as on the existence of God and Spirits. Even HGA must be sacrificed at the Abyss. Approach through contemplation and it is as smooth as relaxing your way into vastness….

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Jason,

      Yes there is plenty of room and I’d love to have anything you’d wish to submit for the prayer book. I want everyone to have their voice in it so please feel free to send me anything you want to share. I’d be most appreciative.

      Second thank you for the advice on the k&c of the hga. I will take it to heart. When I started on that path my biggest fear was self deceit! I would hate to fall permanently into that trap. The advice is appreciated. I look forward to reading your essay in the new hga book.

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