Sigil Dance

tribaldrums26323We can dance if you want to

you can leave your sigils behind

cause your sigils don’t dance,

and if they don’t dance, 

Well they’re no sigils of mine

–Men at work


Or something like that. That’s how that song goes right? In my ongoing quest to work with sigils I’ve discovered something that works for me… my sigils like to dance. I discovered this fact when I recently acquired a new ritual drum. I was doing a sigil shoal and figured that I would incorporate my new drum into the mix, drumming while I charge each sigil to aid in inhibitory gnosis. It all felt very… shamanic.

I started out drumming at a normal rhythmic cadence and eventually noticed two things:

1) As as drummed for each sigil, my rhythm would alter itself to a specific rhythm unique to each sigil. like I was zoning in on it’s own “special song”. This song was different for each sigil. I wasn’t making the rhythm myself either, I had to listen for it. I just knew when I hit the right rhythm because…

2) The sigils would start to dance. When I hit the right drumming rhythm they would “come alive” and start to twirl and dance with joy. They would turn on their axis, and wave their little sigilly appendages to and fro. I felt like they were interacting with me, rather than just being static images to be jammed into my mind.

It was about this time that I stopped thinking of my sigils as little drawings on a canvas, but rather unique individual spirits, each alive with joy. Each time I put incense on the burner it became an offering to the spirit of the sigil rather than just a way to alter my own consciousness. Suddenly my sigil work was less about jamming them down into my subconscious, and more about working with these  little living entities.  I don’t know if I created them, or if spirits came to accept the sigils I had created as their own, but it was clear this was an interaction, a collaboration, and that sigils just plain  like to dance.

I will never look at my sigils the same way again. Give it a try. Play some music for your sigils in whatever way you do it best. See if yours like to dance too.

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3 Responses to Sigil Dance

  1. Skyllaros,

    I have to say, I got a kick out of this post. 😉

    I’ve found the same thing when doing sigil work. One of the ways I get the juices flowing, so to speak, is to “sing” syllables at them in different tones until they begin to react. When I am having a difficult time finding the right tone, I play Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and focus the energy from the sounds into the sigils. Works bloody brilliantly!

    Warm regards,


    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi SE!

      Glad you liked it! I always find it interesting when practitioners find they have similar ways of doing things even though they’ve never talked about it. I like your idea about using the syllables. Using Dark Side of the Moon is genius 🙂

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