Planetary Disks Project

All set up for some Jupiter Magic

All set up for some Jupiter Magic

So almost exactly one year ago I was instructed by my S.A. to create a set of planetary disks. I received complete instructions on what they should look like. What I didn’t receive is what to do with them, but I think I’ve got that figured out. The process took me exactly one year to finish. The truth is… I’m not happy with them from an aesthetic point of view. They’re not my best work. They’re sloppy, and I hurried through them near the middle to finish them. That being said, I’ve found that magical perfectionism is a flaw to a degree. I could spend all my time making sure something is “perfect” and pretty, or I could use what I have and go do some actual magic with them. This is a lesson I’ve been learning lately. If I wait until everything is perfect, and I have every single duck in place, I don’t get any actual magic done! I’d rather just do something with what I have right now and perfect it later.

The truth is, I will probably re-do each one per month this year as I attempt to gain initiation into each sphere in turn. However, for now these will do. I finished them yesterday (coincidentally the same day Jason Miller released his Planetary Magic Chapbook! Can’t want to get my hands on a copy and try them out together).

So what am I going to do with these disks? They are multi-purpose. They serve as giant talismans to bring the planetary forces into my life. I’ve used them to evoke planetary spirits by placing the crystal in the center rather than the table of practice. I can charge planetary talismans by placing the talisman in the center and charging it over a period of days, allowing it to be suffuced in planetary goodness. They can also serve as “gates” to astral project into. They can serve as focal points during planetary rites. I’m still discovering uses for them.

Each one has the following elements: the central point is the Magic Square of each planet, surrounded by Agrippa’s seal of the planet, sigils of the spirit and intelligence of the planet, Sigil of archangel, the Olympic spirit, Jason Millers planetary seal, and the “characters of the planet” that are taken from Agrippa’s 1st book of occult philosophy (Go look, I didn’t just make them up).  Also each has a number of stones that are associated with the planet (ie 9 moonstones for the moon, 4 lapis for Jupiter, 3 obsidian for Saturn, etc). Also they are surrounded by 4 metal disks corresponding to each planet too.

So here are pics of each disk. You can click on each one for a larger picture. Also are a description of each one. So yeah, not my proudest work, but they are functional.

Moon: 9 Moon stones. Have ordered 9 bars of .999% silver to go on too, but they haven’t arrived yet.

Mercury: 7 stones to represent each planet + 1 stone from a crossroads. Disks of Brass.

Venus: 7 Rose Quartz. Will be adding  disks of copper soon.

Sun: 6 Tiger eye. Also will be adding bars of gold (someday).

Mars: 5 magnetic hematites, and 4 steel war pennies.

Jupiter: 4 Lapis Lazuli stones and disks of Tin.

Saturn: 3 Obsidian stones and disks of lead.

Disk of Venus

Disk of Venus

Disk of Mars

Disk of Mars

Disk of Sun

Disk of Sun

Disk of Jupiter

Disk of Jupiter

Disk of Saturn

Disk of Saturn

Disk of Mercury

Disk of Mercury


Disk of the Moon

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9 Responses to Planetary Disks Project

  1. Anne says:


  2. Soli says:

    very cool work!

  3. inominandum says:

    WOW. These are gorgeous. Great work!

  4. These are amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing more about them as you discover further uses.

  5. There’s no chance you know of BearHeart is there?

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