Hekatean Prayer Book Reminder and Update

Hello everybody! I just wanted to post a reminder than the Hekatean Prayer and Ritual book is still open for submission until Nov 30th. I’ve been getting some great submissions, but as of yet not enough to actually make more than a prayer and ritual pamphlet! So I’m hoping to round up some more submissions before the deadline. If I don’t I’ll probably extend it another month to December 21st. So if your thinking of submitting please do so (quickly)!

Also just a note. If you don’t hear from me right away, don’t worry. I’m not going to decide about submission until after the deadline. The reason was sometimes people would submit multiple times (which is great!), but its too much trouble to send an updated permission to publish form each time. So my policy is to wait until I have ALL submissions in and then send out a form that encompasses all submissions by that person. It’s nothing personal. So if you submit, don’t expect to hear from me until after the deadline.

I’d love to make this a reality still. So give me your best shot guys. Lets make this happen.


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2 Responses to Hekatean Prayer Book Reminder and Update

  1. Narkaios Alepou says:

    crap… I totally forgot to send you the permission-thingy… oh well… new policy sounds fair… I will be typing up a couple of my spells ands rites from my grimoire and send them to you…

    • Skyllaros says:

      No problem! I’d love to see your submission, please send them ;). No worries about the form. I’ll send out a new one in December with all your submission listed on it. Looking forward to reading your stuff my friend.

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