More about the Hekate ritual book

So I was perusing facebook today and happened to notice someone I generally respect complaining about a new Hekate anthology that is looking or rituals but not spells. My first thought was “Wow another anthology, I wonder if I could contribute”! My second thought was “Hey I wonder if that’s mine he’s talking about?” so I checked my submission guidelines and low and behold, right there I had written no spells. Huh.

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. It’s a head-scratcher for me. I don’t know. <shrug>. Hekate is intimately associated with magic, and the division between ritual and spell is kind of moot anyway. Anyone who reads my blog can (hopefully) tell I’m pro-magic.

Anyway, to clarify, spells and magic are ok for submission to this project. Not only ok, but encouraged. I just wanted to make the clarification. The submission guidelines have been re-written to reflect this.

Carry on. 😉

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