Book List Meme

So Jason Miller put up his book list from the “10 Most influential Books back in the ‘Day” meme. I have some free time so I thought I would take a stab at it, because I like this kind of thing. Here are the 10 books that got me started on the path:

1. Charms, Spells, and Formulas by Ray T. Marlborough: The first occult book I read, ever. It introduced the idea to me that other people actually practice magic and it wasn’t just a wishful fantasy of mine. This literally opened up the world for me.  I also used it to make a honey jar on a girl I liked in school (I don’t think it worked). 😉

2. Modern Magic by Donald Michael Kraig: I’ve written about my experiences with this book before. It was the first book to introduce ceremonial magic to me. I worked each lesson with the utmost care as a young’in. Interestingly enough I didn’t have access to incense to I used powdered cinnamon with everything as a form of incense. To this day the scent of cinnamon IS the scent of magic for me. It taps right into those early experiences I had with this book.

3.  The Necromnomicon: Likewise, this had a profound impact on me early on too. I spent many evening chanting “Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa, Zi Dingir Ana Kanpa”. Made my own tools from it too, the fire bowl, etc.

4. Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson: My first introduction to Witchcraft. This book defined Witchcraft to me before I discovered Wicca. It still defines to me what it means on many levels. I still love this book. Did I mention I own an autographed copy that I won a couple years ago? It’s a prized possession of mine.

5. Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft: Al G Manning: Cheesy as all hell. I loved making thought forms, or what now a days what we would call servitors from it. It was also the book that convinced me to become pagan. It was while I was reading it, downstairs in the basement, that I had the realization I was Pagan and began to identify as such consciously. It stuck. A cheesy start, but a start none the less.

6. West Country Wicca by Rhiannon Ryall: My first introduction to Wicca. Will always have a soft spot for it for that reason.

7. Buckland Complete Book of Witchcraft (Ie: The big Blue Book): My continued education in Witchcraft. This is also the book that outted me when my mom discovered it under my bed. Some kids had porn under there, for me it was just witchcraft. 

8. The Magus by Fancis Barrett: My continued  interest in ceremonial magic. I remember reading this during study hall in high school.

9. The Goetia: I had this wicked black hard covered edition. Wish I would have kept it. My first experiences with magical evocation. I remember carefully making my own triangle from wood and paint and making a scrying glass from an old clock glass.

10. Liber Null/Psychonaut: Yeah I discovered Chaos magic early on. It kind of set a vibe for me. I remember being somewhat horrified by “The Red Rite”, yet utterly intrigued and the feeling of freedom I experienced as I read it. This book re-defined for me what magic was and could be.

Did I mention that the deadline for the Hekate Prayer Book is coming up on DEC 21st? Want to participate? Get your submissions in! There will be no further extension.

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