Update on me and and Hekate Prayer/Ritual book

Hi All! I’m not dead, I swear. So here is an update on both my life, and the status of the Hekate prayer and ritual book.

Round about December, out of the blue I got offered a new job. Even though I wasn’t actively looking for one, it was in the “too good to pass up” realm so I took it. This meant that I spent most of December and January trying to wrap things up enough in my old job so that I wasn’t dumping a huge mess on whoever took it behind me.

Now I’m at a month long training out of state in my new job, doing things like training and getting acclimated. Needless to say it’s been crazy (but a good crazy). I haven’t had time to do anything but survive. I’m still planning on putting out the ritual/prayer book with the submissions everyone gave me. If you haven’t heard from me about your submission don’t worry, no one has! It’s still on though, just kind of delayed until things settle down enough that I have time to breath, let alone work on it. The same goes to blogging.

I will get back to “normal” this spring.


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5 Responses to Update on me and and Hekate Prayer/Ritual book

  1. Hakea says:

    Best of luck with the new job! Looking forward to hearing from you again in the spring 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    Glad to hear the new house is going well. But come back to your blog sometime soon, mmmkay?

  3. Rasada says:

    Any news on you returning? I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and I’ve been reading your stories with much interest. Especially the initiations into the elements. Was this your last post or will more follow?

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