On Finding Balance

Greetings friends,

So 2016 has officially begin, and I’d like to start the new years off with a return to blogging. I left the blog inactive these past two years for a variety of reasons. First off, I just felt that I didn’t have anything useful to add to the blogosphere, nothing left to say for awhile. Perhaps a really long spell of writers block? Also, time has been limited. I’ve had enough time to actually practice, but not left over to write about it! Thirdly, I’ve become much less willing to write about my spiritual life than I used to be for some reason. I felt the need for incubation in privacy without the world looking in, thus I needed to close the drapes for a while.

I’ve made some strides in recent months. I’ve come to terms with my Druidry dilemma and have returned to a regular Druidy practice. The fact is, that no matter what else I am and practice I primarily identify as a Druid. Thus the change in blog title back to Feral Druidry (which it used to be years ago).

Over the fall eclipse I re-did the OBOD ovate initiation rite and made contact with my Ovate tutor. I’ve begun doing the AODA 2nd degree program again. I’ve even joined in a local seed group, with some great folks in it. As much as I enjoy the online community, it’s nice to meet face to face with others of like mind once in awhile. I’ve begin the Ovate course a new and it seems to be sticking this time. I’m considering joining the Celtic Golden Dawn.

I never really set out to become a Revival Druid but sometimes I think the path calls to you, and call to me it does! For some reason when I connect to my revival Druidry practices I feel like I’m connected to a giant battery, a sea of potential, that I just don’t feel when I walk off the path. Like it or not, it’s a Druids life for me.

As always however, my background in Hermetics and dealings with Hellenic gods (ie Hekate and Helios, PGM, etc) is also a constant. Thus right now my task is to find balance both sets of practices. I’ve come to the conclusion that my spirituality can never be a one stop shop, no one set of practices that encompass the entirety of my spiritual life. Syncretism is always going to be where it lies for me. The best I can do is learn to honor and balance both paths.

Anyway, I have a few projects in the wings that I’m working on that I hope to write about. Here is to a hoping for a successful return to blogging in 2016.

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5 Responses to On Finding Balance

  1. Soli says:

    Yes finally!

  2. Bree says:

    Welcome back! I just found your blog and have enjoyed exploring your posts. I look forward to reading more. Peace and blessings!

  3. Andrew says:

    How’s your program going?

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