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PBP: Conjuration

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’ve been inexplicably drawn to Hermetics and ritual magic as of late. I’ve got to say it’s really been “doing it” for me. The itch is still scratched. I’ve been taking RO’s Black … Continue reading

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PBP: B is for Bardic Grade

When I first came to Druidry round about 2005, and was a brand spanking new Druidic seeker, within the space of a two months I had joined AODA, OBOD, and ADF. Mainly I wanted to get a good feeling of … Continue reading

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Pagan Blog Project: Balance

Balance is a central concept that I battle with in my magical and spiritual life. I’ve learned a long time ago that I have to have balance to make things work. I can’t just focus on “darkness” or “light”, both … Continue reading

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A is for Axis Mundi

“She is a tree of life . . . ” — Proverbs 3:18 I’ve come to the realization, that my supreme deity is the world tree. The honoring of trees and tree lore is a central component of Druidry and … Continue reading

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