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Technomagic: The Conjuration Station

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been experimenting with a concept Frater R.O. came up with in this blog post here. Basically the concept is to run an electric current through a metal talisman which has been … Continue reading

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Solar Initiation

Obligatory Disclaimer: I debated long and hard if I should write about this stuff. I always try to stick close to the concept of honesty on this blog and really just speak from the source. I’m not out to make … Continue reading

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Summoning the Supernatural Assistant

This past fall/winter sometime I got it in my head that I should start summoning my Holy Guardian Angel. Jason mentions it in his class in one of the earlier lessons, and I was getting more into magical work. I … Continue reading

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Ebony Conjure Wand

  Apparently I’ve been in craft mode lately.So I mentioned that the wand I’ve been using for conjuring in an ebony Harry Potter thingy. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with my application of the sacred names either. It worked just fine, … Continue reading

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A Mages Life is the Life for Me: Whats been going on with me (April 2012 edition)

In the lack of anything interesting or important to write I figured I’d do a general “whats been going on with me” post.I’ve been a busy mage… I’m not sure when I started using that word. It was never a … Continue reading

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PBP: Conjuration

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’ve been inexplicably drawn to Hermetics and ritual magic as of late. I’ve got to say it’s really been “doing it” for me. The itch is still scratched. I’ve been taking RO’s Black … Continue reading

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