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A Spirit Walk

I’ve begun resuming my daily Earth walking. I always felt it was important to have some time to connect to the land, even if only for a few moments a day. Sometimes that’s all I can manage these days. In … Continue reading

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Alban Arthan 2011 (Winter Solstice)

  I retreat to my “power spot” on the beach, where I have been frequenting all summer. It’s a place where Earth, Sea, and Sky all meet. The once inviting water, now harsh and filled with threatening waves, the warm … Continue reading

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My Morrigan Ritual

So last night I did my Morrigan ritual as I had planned. I used one of the rituals in the book I mentioned “A Basic Morrigan Rite”. The ritual itself didn’t exactly speak to me, but I figured I’ll have … Continue reading

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The Phantom Queen

So awhile back I posted about my dream regarding The Morrigan. Despite advice to go for it, for the most part I had convinced myself that I really don’t want to, which for the most part is true. You see, … Continue reading

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Facing down The Morrigan

Fast on the heels of my “I don’t do Celtic” post, I get this. This is something I’ve been sitting on for awhile and thinking about. For some reason it feels right to share it today. I’m not sure why, … Continue reading

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