Fire Initiation

March 22, 2012

Before I evoke these days I like to spend some time meditating on the entity for a few days. Last night I began meditating on Micheal’s name in Hebrew. Even though I had not formally evoked, I was spontaneously brought into contact with him. He told me that the initiation has already begun. I’ll be doing the formal evocation anyway, but it’s already begun without it. He said this one will be short, fire is my most abundant element. When I did the bardic grade (OBOD) I also whizzed through the fire material. I’m a fire guy at heart.

He also told me that before doing the formal evocation to pore breath elemental fire before hand and burn a spicy incense, not just the normal frankincense. I might try to procure some myrrh if I can. Perhaps cinnamon.

Then he dragged something up from deep within me that I know but always keep hidden with layers and layers of denial. The type of shit you don’t want to think about, ever. He told me to deal with it and to learn to acknowledge it even if I don’t like it. Painful shit. I won’t be sharing it here or anywhere ever, btw. It’s one of those keep to yourself type of things.

Purpose: To evoke Micheal for fire initation
Day: Friday
Moon: New Moon
Hour: 9:30 (Venus)
Astro: Mercury in retrograde

Tonight I invoked Micheal formally.

Much better visuals this time around. Not long after the evocation the crystal appeared to glow with red light. First I saw a heart, then fire, then a hooded winged man. Last visual kind of shadowy. I challenged it with chanting IAO over the crystal, and it did not waver.

I asked for the fire initiation. Micheal spoke and said it had already begun days ago, and this was only a formality. Indeed, I have felt very fiery since our first contact. Passionate and very stereotypically “Aries”. He told me to call upon him again when I was ready to face the Prince of Fire. I asked for his sigil. It appeared in the crystal very clear. I copied it down, looking away and back as necessary.

Very strong evocation and visuals tonight. Because of the moon no longer waning, or just because of a strong connection to fire? I don’t know.

Purpose: To evoke the demon prince Oriens to grant me the final part of the fire initiation
Day: Wednesday 3/28/12
Hour: 9:30 (Mercury)

As with the previous Prince evocations I invoked the angel presiding, in this case Micheal. I saw eyes in the shewstone, many different types of eyes. Interestingly enough, the sigil Micheal gave me was a stylized eye. I know of no associations with Micheal and eyes, but this is how he seems to manifest to me. Is there a significance here? Anyway he indicated he was present and that I should evoke Oriens.

I did so, reading the evocation and donning his lamen. I saw a brief image in the shewstone of a standard “devil” type. Beard, angular features, horns. I also noticed a hulking shape moving outside of the circle! This was the first physical manifestation I’ve had outside of the crystal. Something was moving out there. I took it to mean he was present. Before I even asked for the initiation his sigil appeared in the stone. He bid me to write it down. It was solid enough that I could look away and write it down several times as I tried to get it exact. He seemed like an alright chap. Then I asked for the initiation, he agreed, and I gave the license to depart.

Powerful physical manifestations today. Again, because of Fire, or because of waxing moon?

Last night I had several dreams. 1 big and 2 “little”. All dealt with fire in some way.

Dream 1: I was in the presence of a huge dragon. He was black with red highlights. A glowing red sigil was on his chest. I don’t remember what it was. I’m pretty sure this was Oriens though. He showed me a vision. The Earth was new, and just barely starting to cool off. It was rocky and HOT. Four dragons, one for each element were sent to it to begin populating the Earth. First they made more dragons, and dragons ruled over the earth during this period and were the first race upon it. Then the dragons made all of the other creatures and plants in due time as the Earth began to cool. Thus, everything is descended from dragons in some way. Man later came.

Is this Oriens way of telling me they are not really demons but dragons? It wouldn’t be the first time dragon was misinterpreted as “demon”. I have to say 4 elemental dragon princes make a lot more sense to me than demon <shrug>. This dream seemed significant. It also jives with Hermetic philosophy, where man is created in the heavens and gallivants around the universe until they come upon an already created physical universe. Seeing that it’s cool they want in, and Nature creates a physical body for them. Ie, Man comes to earth far after the dragons have done their work, as seen in my dream.

Dream 2: There was a rude “trashy” lady who lived next door in a tent. She was super mean and was messing with us. I was pissed so I threw a Molotov cocktail at her tent. Then I was worried the cops would get me for arson. Nothing special here except for the fire component.

Dream 3: I was an elf! There was a community of gnomes in a shire like place. I was formally escorting a gnome named Solomon to meet his new bride, an arranged marriage to a gnome-woman he had never seen before named Emily. Still fire significance You know love is a fire “thing”. Weirdness though.

My impressions on the fire initiation:

During this time I’ve been all about passion. Passionate about magic, passionate about everything else in my life. I’ve felt very much “myself” since I’m totally a fire person (Aries and all). Also RO mentioned in the lessons you may experience GREAT sex during this time… lets just say I wasn’t disappointed. I seriously considered not evoking Oriens for another week or so just to… continue to reap the benefits 😉

Next is water, the element I feel the least affinity for. It took FOREVER to get through the bardic grade water portion. It’s also the element I probably need most. Fortunately, it’s also the last one. I will begin next week.

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  1. I’m an Aries too and know quite a bit about how you feel. I’ve worked with Michael a nu,ber of times and he also literally “cured” my spouse and for that I am eternally grateful!
    Blessed Be my friend!

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