Water Initiation


Back Story: When I first evoked the Celestial version of Gabriel, I expected something angelic. What I got looked a lot like a “grey alien” type. Freaked the hell out of me.


I haven’t had time to start the water initiation yet, but I already feel like I’m under it’s influence, just like before. Once of the things that’s interesting is that I’m having a lot of “alien” dreams. WTF? If you’ll remember the first angel I invoked was Gabriel, who appeared to me as a standard grey-type alien. Now that I’m approaching his initiation, I get alien dreams? What gives? A google search reveals a lot of “fringe” folk equate angels to aliens, with Gabriel being mentioned a lot. It’s so weird the paths you get lead down when working with this stuff. Or am I just going nuts now? Not sure what it means but I wanted to record the thought.

Day: Tuesday
Hour: Mars
incense: Jasmine
Purpose: To evoke Gabriel for the water initiation.

So last night I did the Gabriel evocation for the water initiation. After doing the evocation I asked if he was present. I got the weird physical distortion and floating feeling I have come to associate with being in the presence of angels. Then a figure appeared crystal clear within the crystal. It was a silhouette made completely of light. It looked like one of those laser cut trinkets you can buy at kiosks in the mall. I was a female figure with long hair. Then wings appeared. So it was a female angel made of light. Very pretty!

I was expecting male. Even though I know angels are sexless, all have appeared as male thus far. It’s interesting to note that Gabriel is sometimes depicted as female. I always just thought it was a misunderstanding of his/her name gender neutral name. However she definitely appeared as female.

I entered the vision in my head and found myself in front of her at the sea shore. She offered me a cup of sea foam and bid me drink. It was salty and sweet and the same time. Before the rite I had filled a cup up with water to place on the altar for no particular reason. She told me it was now empowered and to physically drink it. I did so, and gave the license to depart.

Then I remembered I forgot to ask for a sigil! Shit! No sooner had I thought that, the sigil appeared in my mind. I recorded it and finished the rite.

Purpose: To Evoke Egyn, prince of water for the final water initiation.
Incense: Myrrh
Day: Friday 4/13/12
Hour: Venus

So this was my final evocation for the 4 element initiations. I admit I was anxious for it to be over and to see it completed. First I evoked Gabriel, as is the standard practice. She (I say she because that’s how she appeared to me, I realize angels are technically gender neutral) appeared and I got the “light on” in the crystal that I’ve come to associate with “theirs someone home” . She bid me to proceed.

I conjured Egyn, the prince of water, not knowing what to expect. I saw an image in the crystal of a strange face. I then switched to the “scrying mirror in my mind” using a technique taught in Millers Strategic Self course to engage him further. He kind of resembled a grumpy-shellfish is all I can describe it. The vision had the “real” smell to it. Again that’s the only way I can describe it.

I asked for the initiation and he said “Why should I? Give me a good reason”. So I floundered for awhile and gave some reasons I though sounded good but he still would not have it. He bid me to come back when I had a better reason. At which point I was like “NO WAIT, DON’T GO!”. I want this to be over with damnit!

So I told him that I need the initiation in order to proceed upon The Path and remember my race and my value and realize my role in creation. He seemed to accept that. he said:

“It ends as it began”, and he handed me a shell to give to Gabriel. She installed it in my sphere and we were done. I asked for his sigil and gave the license to depart.

Now that I have the full set of 8 sigils I wrote them all down in my book. I’ve noticed that all the archangel sigils look symbolic of something, the all have the same feel. Like wise all of the demon sigils are very abstract and classically sigil like. I take this as a good sign they are coming from something else other than my own mind.

Also, during the water initiation I felt very much full of emotion and love, just as predicted. I’m glad to have all 4 elemental initation behind me now so I can concentrate on other things. I plan to evoke my Genius next and take it from there.

Again, throughout the entire period I continued to have “grey alien” dreams almost nightly. I realize this sounds crazy, but it’s my experience.

2 Responses to Water Initiation

  1. Joseph Douglas says:

    Dear Sir,
    I really love what I read in your website because I love Angels so much.
    Please, I will love to learn from you because I love your testimony. Meanwhile, I have tried my very best to develop myself spiritually by calling upon Angels daily but no good changes.
    Please don’t be offended, can you use some one photograph for the Angel Initiation?
    I am a young boy of 25 years old, a student from Nigeria.
    I will be very happy to read from you and may God bless you as you reply.

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid i don’t understand what you are asking about the photographs can you explain? My best to you whatever your spiritual path.

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