Strategic Sorcery Hekate Rite Recap

This past Nov 1st I participated in Jason Millers Hekate Rite for Strategic Sorcery students. I had some quite interesting experiences, more than I was anticipating.

I started with the Sphere of Hekas, and the reciting The Orphic Hymn to Hekate, followed by the Rite Jason sent out itself. It wasn’t until the mantra portion that things started getting interesting.

Around 300 Mantras in I started entering a trance state. I suddenly found myself astrally in a wooded copse of trees by a large bon fire. Around it with me were other shadowing figures, also chanting the mantra. I assumed these were the other students around the world chanting it during the 3 day time frame. Then I had entered the fire, and was being consumed by flames.

The flames ate my physical body and suddenly I was reconstructed as an entirely new fierce body, to replace the one I had first generated when taken the course. Then the same process occurred for the Joy body. After this I was granted with a vision of Hekate in front of me, not in her regular form but with the head of a lion, holding torches and flanked by lions (Call on me often enough and you shall perceive all things in lion form). Honestly, if I hadn’t been performing a Hekate rite I would of thought this was Sekhmet. After this vision I was instructed in her higher mysteries that I won’t speak of in public. I continued past 1000 mantras, and communed with Her.

All in all a bit more than I had expected, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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More about the Hekate ritual book

So I was perusing facebook today and happened to notice someone I generally respect complaining about a new Hekate anthology that is looking or rituals but not spells. My first thought was “Wow another anthology, I wonder if I could contribute”! My second thought was “Hey I wonder if that’s mine he’s talking about?” so I checked my submission guidelines and low and behold, right there I had written no spells. Huh.

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. It’s a head-scratcher for me. I don’t know. <shrug>. Hekate is intimately associated with magic, and the division between ritual and spell is kind of moot anyway. Anyone who reads my blog can (hopefully) tell I’m pro-magic.

Anyway, to clarify, spells and magic are ok for submission to this project. Not only ok, but encouraged. I just wanted to make the clarification. The submission guidelines have been re-written to reflect this.

Carry on. ūüėČ

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Hekatean Prayer Book Reminder and Update

Hello everybody! I just wanted to post a reminder than the Hekatean Prayer and Ritual book is still open for submission until Nov 30th. I’ve been getting some great submissions, but as of yet not enough to actually make more than a prayer and ritual pamphlet! So I’m hoping to round up some more submissions before the deadline. If I don’t I’ll probably extend it another month to December 21st. So if your thinking of submitting please do so (quickly)!

Also just a note. If you don’t hear from me right away, don’t worry. I’m not going to decide about submission until after the deadline. The reason was sometimes people would submit multiple times (which is great!), but its too much trouble to send an updated permission to publish form each time. So my policy is to wait until I have ALL submissions in and then send out a form that encompasses all submissions by that person. It’s nothing personal. So if you submit, don’t expect to hear from me until after the deadline.

I’d love to make this a reality still. So give me your best shot guys. Lets make this happen.


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Crippled with Indecision

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted (blows the dust off of blog). There are reasons for that. First off, this summer has been one long “cool time” for me magically. A lot of people I know have hot and cool times during the year. My “woo” tends to decrease in the summer and kick up again in the fall. Thus, in the summer I’m most likely to be doing just basic practices. Prayers, offerings, minor energy work. Not much more.

Second, I wanted to move away from blogging for awhile to let myself reset. It’s too easy to form ones path around the blog-o-sphere. It’s too easy to get influenced by who/what is popular in occult circles right now, what will so and so think o me, will this be popular? I firmly believe ones path will ring truest if it comes from a quiet place of power, rather than what or who is popular in occult trends right now. I needed some distance from all of that.

Third and most importantly I’ve come to the point that I’m crippled with indecision regarding where I want to take my magical path. Too many magical interests, too little time. Even if I DID have the time, I think that following one or two core paths is preferable to the scattershot-eclectic approach. Once you get too bogged down with your feet into too many traditions there is this weird sitting at the altar going “what should I be be doing right now?” feeling. I don’t like that feeling. As a matter of fact I hate that feeling.

I remember awhile back The Unlikely Mage¬†wrote about something similar and used a pendulum to dowse where he should be on his path. So I’m going to use his approach. Tonight, I’m whipping out the pendulum, making some offerings and summoning my HGA (who I have a pretty good rapport with now.) and asking where I would get the most bang for my buck in terms of path. Where should I be focusing my efforts? My list is as follows:

  • Revival Druidry
  • Hermetics
  • Traditional Witchcraft
  • Chaos Magic
  • Strategic Sorcery
  • Hekate as patron
  • Horned God as patron
  • Hellenic Gods in General
  • Celtic Gods in General
  • Saint Cyprian
  • Tarot
  • Lenmorand
  • Dowsing
  • Evocation
  • Planetary Gate Work
  • the NAP

Now I have my favorites just by reading the list, but I’ll be interested to see what my HGA things. Updates later this week.


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Planetary Disks Project

All set up for some Jupiter Magic

All set up for some Jupiter Magic

So almost exactly one year ago I was instructed by my S.A. to create a set of planetary disks. I received complete instructions on what they should look like. What I didn’t receive is what to do with them, but I think I’ve got that figured out. The process took me exactly one year to finish. The truth is… I’m not happy with them from an aesthetic point of view. They’re not my best work. They’re¬†sloppy, and I hurried through them near the middle to finish them. That being said, I’ve found that magical perfectionism is a flaw to a degree. I could spend all my time making sure something is “perfect” and pretty, or I could use what I have and go do some actual magic with them. This is a lesson I’ve been learning lately. If I wait until everything is perfect, and I have every single duck in place, I don’t get any actual magic done! I’d rather just do something with what I have right now and perfect it later.

The truth is, I will probably re-do each one per month this year as I attempt to gain initiation into each sphere in turn. However, for now these will do. I finished them yesterday (coincidentally the same day Jason Miller released his Planetary Magic Chapbook! Can’t want to get my hands on a copy and try them out together).

So what am I going to do with these disks? They are multi-purpose. They serve as giant talismans to bring the planetary forces into my life. I’ve used them to evoke planetary spirits by placing the crystal in the center rather than the table of practice. I can charge planetary talismans by placing the talisman in the center and charging it over a period of days, allowing it to be suffuced in planetary goodness. They can also serve as “gates” to astral project into. They can serve as focal points during planetary rites. I’m still discovering uses for them.

Each one has the following elements: the central point is the Magic Square of each planet, surrounded by Agrippa’s seal of the planet, sigils of the spirit and intelligence of the planet, Sigil of archangel, the Olympic spirit, Jason Millers planetary seal, and the “characters of the planet” that are taken from Agrippa’s 1st book of occult philosophy (Go look, I didn’t just make them up). ¬†Also each has a number of stones that are associated with the planet (ie 9 moonstones for the moon, 4 lapis for Jupiter, 3 obsidian for Saturn, etc). Also they are surrounded by 4 metal disks corresponding to each planet too.

So here are pics of each disk. You can click on each one for a larger picture. Also are a description of each one. So yeah, not my proudest work, but they are functional.

Moon: 9 Moon stones. Have ordered 9 bars of .999% silver to go on too, but they haven’t arrived yet.

Mercury: 7 stones to represent each planet + 1 stone from a crossroads. Disks of Brass.

Venus: 7 Rose Quartz. Will be adding  disks of copper soon.

Sun: 6 Tiger eye. Also will be adding bars of gold (someday).

Mars: 5 magnetic hematites, and 4 steel war pennies.

Jupiter: 4 Lapis Lazuli stones and disks of Tin.

Saturn: 3 Obsidian stones and disks of lead.

Disk of Venus

Disk of Venus

Disk of Mars

Disk of Mars

Disk of Sun

Disk of Sun

Disk of Jupiter

Disk of Jupiter

Disk of Saturn

Disk of Saturn

Disk of Mercury

Disk of Mercury


Disk of the Moon

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A Thought Experiment: Post-Apocalypse Magic

4645_post_apocalypticI have a big speech to write to present on Friday in front of the entire faculty which will be many of their first introduction to me and determine how they see me ever more, and am stressed out about it. So of course, I’m going to blog instead!

I’ve found myself wondering lately what would happen to magic should a true¬†global apocalypse happen. Lets not go with the zombies this time, how about something more like what happened in The Stand or perhaps a global EMP pulse that ruins all of our technology (I forget the name that series of books). Billions of humans die out. We are forced into tribal groups once more, possibly nomadic. I would bet any money we would see the rise of the magician shaman, people turning to him/her once more to get things done.

After a few generations this person would have access to bits of lore surviving from the previous civilization. What little literacy remained he would probably learn, seeking out scraps of magical lore. I think more likely is that popular forms of magic that are able to be passed down verbally would evolve and survive. I’m thinking here that Wicca would probably be prevalent. And not the traditional oath bound stuff, I’m taking Llewellyn based stuff here. Something that is practiced by thousands of Pagans before the fall and firmly entrenched in the praxis of it’s practitioners.

Also sigil tech seems pretty ubiquitous, even non-chaos practitioners use them. I know of very few magical folk who haven’t at least tried them. So lets put that in there as well. How about ¬†Hoodoo? A primarily verbal tradition to begin with, it would probably revert back to being so again, and the emphasis on roots and regionally available plants would help it to be practical for the post-apocalyptic magician.

Perhaps in his tribes travels he interacts and compares notes with another tribes mage, who has an ancient weathered ¬†print out of RO’s Angelic Grimiore, which has been handed down as a cherished relic from parent to child throughout the generations, each parent teaching their child Angelic Conjuration via Trithemius, making them memorize each conjuration before their coming of age ceremony (you know, those things we don’t have in our society any more). So our post-apocalyptic mage learns some of this and incorporates this into his repitiore.

So here you have this tribal magician who casts Wiccan circles and calls upon the 4 Greek elements, charges and empowers sigils, and likes to work with commonly found roots and plants to achieve his magic, and now calls on the ancients old benefactors in the form of archangels. Just eclectic as all hell.

You know what? I bet his magic would not only still work, but probably kick ass. You know what else I would bet? That the spirits would answer his call and adapt to his patch worked magical quilt. It would also evolve, he would learn of new spirits, new ways of doing things. Over even more generations his replacements would develop their own threads of magic, as would others from other tribes. Magic would continue to work, be somewhat based on what we know now and probably look similar to what we practice only superficially.

Eventually humanity would get their act together and civilization would rebuild itself, and someone would write down his own ancestors patchwork ¬†magical system and call it “tradition” and make an argument that that’s the ways it’s always been done and we should never do anything different. At that time ¬†people would probably argue about it on the newest post-apocalyptic version of the internet. eventually people would be telling each other how they are all doing it wrong and how only their ancestral tribes derivative is “correct”. ¬†Thus magical dogma will be born anew.

Now I should go write that speech. Thanks for indulging me.

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Sigil Dance

tribaldrums26323We can dance if you want to

you can leave your sigils behind

cause your sigils don’t dance,

and if they don’t dance,¬†

Well they’re no sigils of mine

–Men at work


Or something like that. That’s how that song goes right? In my ongoing quest to work with sigils I’ve discovered something that works for me… my sigils like to dance. I discovered this fact when I recently acquired a new ritual drum. I was doing a sigil shoal and figured that I would incorporate my new drum into the mix, drumming while I charge each sigil to aid in inhibitory gnosis. It all felt very… shamanic.

I started out drumming at a normal rhythmic cadence and eventually noticed two things:

1) As as drummed for each sigil, my rhythm would alter itself to a specific rhythm unique to each sigil. like I was zoning in on it’s own “special song”. This song was different for each sigil. I wasn’t making the rhythm myself either, I had to listen for it. I just knew when I hit the right rhythm because…

2) The sigils would start to dance. When I hit the right drumming rhythm they would “come alive” and start to twirl and dance with joy. They would turn on their axis, and wave their little sigilly appendages to and fro. I felt like they were interacting with me, rather than just being static images to be jammed into my mind.

It was about this time that I stopped thinking of my sigils as little drawings on a canvas, but rather unique individual spirits, each alive with joy. Each time I put incense on the burner it became an offering to the spirit of the sigil rather than just a way to alter my own consciousness. Suddenly my sigil work was less about jamming them down into my subconscious, and more about working with these ¬†little living entities. ¬†I don’t know if I created them, or if spirits came to accept the sigils I had created as their own, but it was clear this was an interaction, a collaboration, and that sigils just plain ¬†like to dance.

I will never look at my sigils the same way again. Give it a try. Play some music for your sigils in whatever way you do it best. See if yours like to dance too.

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Magic Washout

I find it interesting that when I looked at my reader this morning I saw at least 3 blog posts about how the last month or two has been a magical washout for many people. I’ve also heard individuals on other forms of social media say the same. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the same for me. The past 2 months has seen only minimal magical work in my temple other than participating in Her Sacred Fires and doing standard offerings. Its been frustrating!

I mentioned in the spring that I was going to do the Headless One Rite to figure out my S.A. (HGA whatever) situation. I did so, and I think adequately proved to myself that I had it all along, but then something popped, some sort of spiritual fuse tripped or something and I felt disconnected and spiritually dry for at least a month before I could even think of taking up the wand again. I’m attributing this to some sort of Crossing the Abyss phenomenon. Whatever it was, it sucked. I felt like I was missing one of my basic senses.

Also, the new job has been mega-stressful. I’d like to say that I was using magic to make my way easier, but I haven’t. I’ve barely had time to get settled into my new role and keep the family life in accord. Magic has taken a backseat these past two months. I’m finding myself coming to the Dark Moon and the new month of June with high hopes however.

I’ve had a renewed interest in Chaos Magic, not so much the old stuff, but it’s newest evolved post-chaos incarnation that seems to be the norm these days. I think I will always be a Chaote at my core no matter what system I am working.

I’ve been moved to finish up my damn planetary disks project I started a year ago, at the behest of my HGA. I’m putting the finishing touches on the Disk of the Moon, and then I plan to start evoking the planetary spirits again. I’ve been going back to basics with Jasons SS courses and re-familiarizing myself with that tech, which tends to serve as a baseline for everything I do these days anyway. Of course there is always Druidry, which may not always be in the forefront, but is always part of what I am doing some how.

Spiritually I’ve pretty much gone henotheisitic with Hekate. Almost. I’ve dedicated my temple space to be Her temple and swore more magical life altering oaths to her at Her Sacred Fires. We have a deal going on. Did you ever read the Terry Goodkind books (the first ones were great, but the last few got preachy and pedantic). Anyway in them, those loyal to the man character, Richard, swear an oath to him that keeps out the bad-guy dream walkers from getting into their head space. I have a similar thing with Hekate and other gods going on, so as not to be so “god-bothered”. It’s working well so far with one exception, Old Horney. My little god barrier seems to have no effect on him, so I’m still almost henotheisitc with Hekate, with a bit of Old Horney on the side.

I’ve begun writing my Hekate book, and am off to a good start. Submissions are starting to role in for the Hekate Prayer Book. Thanks all! I may not get back to you right away, but I will get back to you! Please keep them coming. As a matter of fact I’m going to be putting a blurb about it at the bottom of all my posts, so just be forewarned. ;). Thanks again to everyone who has been spreading the word.

That’s all for now. I have some more thoughts on paths and labels, etc but I will save it for another post when I have time. Wishing everyone a magic filled summer, no matter what your path.


Submit to the Hekatean Prayer book. Prayers, invocations, rituals, and artwork all needed!

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Hekate Literary Projects

Have I mentioned I’m writing a book? For awhile now I’ve been threatening¬†wanting to write a basic “Starting work with Hekate” book. I will be writing this for Moon Books Pagan Portals Series. It will be entitled Hekatean Witchcraft (working title). It’s likely to be a slim volume, mainly aimed at those who want to start working with Hekate in a witchcrafty way, as well as containing my own personal praxis with her. Though it is aimed at beginers, it will (hopefully) have more than a few gems for experianced practioners as well. It will contain some of the following:

  • History of Hekate
  • Hekate in the Chaldean Oracles
  • Rites and Rituals including: A basic Hekatean compass round, philactery, Protective chant, Hekatean Mojo bag, tools, ancestor work, creation of a devotional key, and Hekatean animal necromancy.
  • Working with Hekate though the year and festivals.
  • A special¬†section in which the reader will be given a complete Hekatean¬†path-working¬†for the purposes of meeting the goddess and petitioning¬†entrance¬†to her mysteries including an open astral temple with instructions on how to access it. This will serve as a safe place for new devotees to¬†experience¬†the goddess for the first time if they have not already done so. ¬†The path working will then be laid out in a format for either¬†memorization, ritualized reading, or audio recording.

I’m aiming to have it done by September, so I’m hoping for it to be out early Winter.

I’m also writing a chapter on Hekatean Witchcraft for Moon Book’s upcoming anthology celebrating 60 years of Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft Today.

Also, don’t forget about my Hekatean Prayer Book project! I’ve received a few submissions so far, but will need many many more if this is going to become a reality. So visualize me with a whip cracking above you yelling “SUBMIT”: The Hekatean Prayer Book Project

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The 4th Annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires

247657_10200932600538470_323811287_nFor those not aware, this weekend is the 4th Annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires. Wow 4 years already? Where did the time go? The rite is to be performed on the full moon where you live. Even though the official dates say 25th-26th, by my calculation the full moon here  in Wisconsin is on the 24th around 11:30pm, so that is when I will be performing the rite. Devotees around the world will be joining in wherever they live. If you feel so inclined  join us. information about performing the rite is here:

Also I just wanted to add a personal THANK YOU for everyone who has reblogged my Heaktean Prayer Book project. I¬†haven’t¬†been able to reply individually but a serious thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word.

Here is my shrine all set up for it.

Here is my shrine all set up for it.

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