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Altar Show and Tell

  So I’ve been re-arranging my altars a bit recently trying to find a configuration that works for me. I’ve pretty much settled on the follow for my full altar set up. I found this set of tables at an … Continue reading

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Book Review: Druidry and Meditation

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me free as a review copy by Moon books. This in no way has colored my view or this review. In short, if I didn’t like the book, I would say so. When I … Continue reading

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PBP: B is for Bardic Grade

When I first came to Druidry round about 2005, and was a brand spanking new Druidic seeker, within the space of a two months I had joined AODA, OBOD, and ADF. Mainly I wanted to get a good feeling of … Continue reading

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Alban Arthan 2011 (Winter Solstice)

  I retreat to my “power spot” on the beach, where I have been frequenting all summer. It’s a place where Earth, Sea, and Sky all meet. The once inviting water, now harsh and filled with threatening waves, the warm … Continue reading

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What the postman brought me…

Over the past week I’ve been getting some great stuff from the postman! Now all my packages are in and I’m very pleased with my recent acquisitions. On the top right corner you’ll see one of Sorceress Cagliastro’s Blood Sorcery … Continue reading

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The Road Home

A fresh start, room to grow, a new blog. These are the things that I want, need right now. Somewhere along the line I feel that I’ve lost my path. The side paths were too interesting and I had a … Continue reading

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