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Altar Show and Tell

  So I’ve been re-arranging my altars a bit recently trying to find a configuration that works for me. I’ve pretty much settled on the follow for my full altar set up. I found this set of tables at an … Continue reading

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A Mages Life is the Life for Me: Whats been going on with me (April 2012 edition)

In the lack of anything interesting or important to write I figured I’d do a general “whats been going on with me” post.I’ve been a busy mage… I’m not sure when I started using that word. It was never a … Continue reading

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A is for Axis Mundi

“She is a tree of life . . . ” — Proverbs 3:18 I’ve come to the realization, that my supreme deity is the world tree. The honoring of trees and tree lore is a central component of Druidry and … Continue reading

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Hail to the Queen

For the past few weeks I’ve tried to settle in to opening myself up to other deity relationships. The truth is, I haven’t been feeling Hekate lately. I pray to her and I get crickets. I sit in front of … Continue reading

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Altar Egos

So I’ve been in a mad frenzy to re-arange my altars recently. They are always in a constant state of flux to begin with, but I’ve split them off into 3 seperate ones. i used to have one big altar … Continue reading

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The Phantom Queen

So awhile back I posted about my dream regarding The Morrigan. Despite advice to go for it, for the most part I had convinced myself that I really don’t want to, which for the most part is true. You see, … Continue reading

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